3 Critical Elements of an Effective Customer Journey

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3 Critical Elements of an Effective Customer Journey

3 Critical Elements of an Effective Customer Journey

The customer journey map is a description of the various steps your customers take to finally buy your product. Starting from the first time they get to know your product to how they feel after buying your product.

The customer journey map can help policymakers in a company to deepen their understanding of the behavior, thoughts, and feelings of their consumers in all marketing channels used.

The following are 3 important elements in a customer journey map that you need to know so that you can better understand your customers.

1. Seeing from a consumer’s point of view, not from a business point of view

A customer journey map that is built from a customer’s point of view will use the customer experience as the basis. This trip is based on what the customer does. You will find out what they think and feel when they interact with your brand across the various marketing channels you have.

Customer journey maps must be designed with customers in mind and based on in-depth research about their experiences. This trip map should indicate which segment or persona is being modeled. In essence, the travel map must be built on an understanding of their behavior, thoughts, and feelings when passing through the journey map that you create.

2. Understand how consumers perceive and experience their goals, needs, and expectations

The customer journey map must have a purpose and must also be acted upon. Actionable travel maps can accurately identify consumers’ emotions, both positive and negative along their journey.

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“Purpose” has to do with why they came into contact with one of your marketing channels. “Need” has to do with what they are looking for. While expectations are related to how your product can solve the problems they face.

3. Illustrate Current or Future Customer Journeys across Multiple Marketing Channels (Not Just One)

Many companies are run with a silos mentality (departments tend to be closed off to one another, lacking coordination) – each of which focuses on optimization of your marketing funnel, touchpoints, or a specific aspect of your customer experience.

Not infrequently, every department or division within a company designs and measures customer experience independently and without any inter-division coordination. However, you need to remember that customers perceive that all their interactions with the company are a connected unit.

By illustrating all the marketing channels and touchpoints connected, it will help your business to:

  • Look for potential gaps in the customer journey between the multiple touchpoints and marketing channels you have.
  • Analyze the impact of these gaps.
  • Provides insights on how to deliver the optimal customer experience across touchpoints and marketing channels.

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