20 work life balance tips to make your life more qualified

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20 work life balance tips to make your life more qualified

20 work life balance tips to make your life more qualified

Maintain a work life balance or balance between your personal work is easy if you are a businessman, right? You can usually work from home and no one else you have to follow or you set, all this should be easy.

Unfortunately, it’s not always like that. In fact, many home entrepreneurs struggle to achieve a balance between work and balanced life. On the other hand, as a businessman they have full responsibility for developing their business.

Many entrepreneurs are trapped in routine activities that take time so they forget their personal life like family, time for yourself and also add skills or just channel hobbies.

Is that good? For a long time it is not good for you and relationships with people around you. Here are the top 20 tip to reach and maintain a good work life balance.

1. Play your strength

Don’t try and be everything for everyone. Focus on your strength and delegate the tasks that others can do. If you are not an expert in accounting or graphic design, use a freelance rather than wasting time.

2. Prioritize your time

You might have a list of assignments with 50 tasks in it, so you need to prioritize the task into four categories.

That’s like:

  • Urgent and important
  • Important but not urgent
  • Urgent but not important
  • Not urgent or important.

3. Know your peak and trough

Do you like to get up early? If yes, set heavy duty and high concentration in the morning. Don’t leave heavy duty until night and vice versa.

4. Plan personal time

When personal problems appear, you might be tempted to bury yourself in your work. Don’t do it if you don’t provide time for your personal life. Make sure you have your “ME TIME”, including for your family and your health and instill your mind that everything isn’t about money.

5. Set the working hours – and obey it

Set the working hours for yourself and do all the power to obey it. If not, before you realize it, you will continue to work until midnight every day, and in the end you will end in the hospital.

6. Find time for your finances

Whether you work for yourself or not, it’s important to feel confident about your finances. To do this, you need to have accounting software and use it since the first day to make it easier for you to monitor the entire financial process in the business.

Cash flow is one of the biggest challenges facing small businesses. You must start using accounting software from the start so you know what happened, financially from day to day.

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7. Manage your time, for the long term

Create a timeline based on your activities for a balanced work life balance. You can use certain computer programs can help in this case, or you can adjust the Excel spreadsheet or your own word table.

Place the date at the top and activity on the side. For each task into several components.

Include family commitments – such as holidays, birthday parties, etc. – So that you don’t forget that you don’t have to work for those days.

8. Make a good workspace for you

Working for yourself does tend to take a long time and not much stop time, so buy equipment that will support your health.

It includes getting a comfortable chair, ergonomic keyboard, buffer holder for your laptop, etc. Ergonomic assessment of your workspace is worth every penny.

9. Utilizing technology

Instead of driving and attending conventional meetings, use Skype or conference technology such as gotomeeting to make it easier for you to attend a meeting whenever and wherever you want.

10. Make sports as things to do

Easy to cancel the gym, run night, or yoga class because the client wants something finished tomorrow.

Instead, make sure the exercise is your priority as much as your clients and make money. A healthy body means a fresh mind, which means you will function better and complete the task in a shorter time.

11. Take the time to spend time

Invest in time tracking tools. There are many tools that you can use to track everything you start from the frequency and duration of the meeting, to pursue and change prospects.

Time tracking software allows you to quickly build an understanding of how long it takes for a task. That way, you can estimate effectively how long it will take for your next job assignment.

12. Know and guide your network

Prioritize your network growth and have a structured prospect / conversion system so you can track the time / cost needed to develop your network. Set benchmarks early and learn how to get a good network every time. Remember, bad clients will only throw away your time waste.

13. Do what you like

Take time for something you like – other than work – and give the appropriate time for your hobby. This will energize and refresh you, and allow you to maintain creative thinking that is important for every business owner.

14. Be a realistic

At the end of every working day, do a little self-analysis. Ask yourself what work today, what’s not, what’s wrong and how the problem can be repaired.

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Remember, there are thousands of businesses like yours who learn the same lessons every day. Don’t forget to utilize valuable resources around you, your partner to get help.

15. Step out

Working for yourself can make you lonely, so schedule a few phone calls or drink coffee with business owners or business partners who think the same to discuss ideas and offer support for each other.

16. Get a business coach

Find a business coach that is ready to help you to provide building input for you and your business simultaneously. That way, you can find out faster about how to get rid of bad habits and apply good habits for your business development.

17. Don’t always meet clients in the office

Don’t always agree to meet clients in their office. Instead, meet in the middle of the road, maybe in a cafe or restaurant. It will save your time and energy, not to mention the money spent on traveling.

18. Manage your mind

When fear or self-doubt or anxiety creeps in, do some improvements to your mental health such as meditation or reading business books.

Or, spend time with someone who will always support you.

19. Rest

Remember to spend time of rest throughout your day. Some tasks are easier than others, so if you find yourself having one hour, be realistic about whether you can “capable” to rest or not.

You might not have time every day to just sit and “silence”, but do your best to give yourself a lunch break.

Also, try to get up and stretch every 15 minutes. This will help you become clearer, more focused, and more productive.

20. Vacation

Take time for vacation and book rest time, at least every three months. Even the long weekend each quarter is better than not at all. But also make sure to tell your clients and customers as early as possible.


That’s the top 20 tips for presenting work life balances in your life and business. Being balanced is important for the quality of your life, don’t let you forget your health and people around you just to build a business that has no end.

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