2 Things That Keep Your Engagement Marketing Not Working

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2 Things That Keep Your Engagement Marketing Not Working

Engagement marketing is the use of strategic and quality content to captivate the audience and create meaningful interactions over time.

Today the average person sees 3,000 messages every day, and they have learned to ignore them. Out of 3000 messages, a person only remembers 4. A lot of people just don’t like marketing, and they also ignore paid advertising. Then, what should marketers do?

Every modern marketer needs to cut a lot of noise online and start looking for new ways to connect with the target audience more meaningfully. Not just a new marketing strategy, but a new way of thinking about how your brand can communicate with your audience.

When Engagement Marketing Doesn’t Work

Some marketers are skeptical of engagement marketing, and some have believed that this strategy is not suitable for their type of business or industry. What are the facts? Then what is the solution?

1. Engagement Marketing Will Not Succeed because Your Target Audience Is Not Seeking Information About Your Product / Service

If your business sells new products, additional services, and the like, your target audience may not be scouring the internet to find out about your products. After all, they won’t seek answers to questions they don’t have.

Those in this zone feel they have to try something, at least with interruption marketing to get buyers’ attention and entice them to find out more.

Statistically, the effectiveness of traditional marketing continues to decline, but this is not due to the industry you are in. Maybe it’s true that your target audience hasn’t realized they need you, so they’re not looking for you. But certainly, they are looking for something.

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You can use engagement marketing to grab attention and earn trust by answering the questions they have and helping them make decisions.

For example, many real estate professionals are successful in engaging their target audience with a variety of resources and content based on geographic regions. Insurance professionals lure their target audience with content on ways to save money and protect their assets.

PPC advertising and similar strategies might come in handy, but they’re just the first touch to get your target audience to learn about your product. Content marketing will be better suited for building relationships and earning their trust.

2. Engagement Marketing Won’t Work because Your Product Is Boring

If your business sells energy drinks and sponsors extreme sports events, it will be easy to build engagement with your audience. However, if you sell accounting software, it will be much more difficult.

Many marketers admit that they can’t blog, entertain on social media, or have compelling online conversations about auto-deposit or copy paper, so inbound marketing just won’t work.

Again, if your target audience is connected to the internet, you may be able to find them.

They may be people who are frustrated with their current accounting software, so they don’t need your entertainment. Yes, they need a solution. Your job is to answer their questions and reduce their worries about making the switch (from your old system to your new system).

If they are office admins who are tired of phone calls, then they will appreciate your jokes about boring office life on social media.

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Show that you care about your product, service, or target audience through any suitable marketing channel. Trust that you will find creative ways to be attractive.

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