2 Main Marketing Strategies For Tour & Travel Business

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2 Main Marketing Strategies For Tour & Travel Business

The global tourism market is huge, generating over $ 1.3 trillion in revenue annually. In 2019, digital tourism package sales totaled $ 755 billion (more than half of the industry’s total revenue).

With a very large audience and extraordinary profit potential, the tourism sector is very competitive. Therefore, brands must use innovative digital marketing strategies to stand out from their competitors.

And here are 2 online marketing strategies so you can be successful in the tourism industry.

Always be Centered on Your Audience

This may sound like a lesson from Marketing 101, but it’s this factor that is often overlooked. It is impossible to create a successful marketing strategy without knowing who your target audience is.

Moreover, the tourism industry focuses on customer experience as a measure of success, the marketing strategy must be focused on the right target audience, or you will not succeed.

Identifying the Target Audience

Think about the travel products you sell; is the product being sold to families, young couples, backpackers, or a mix of demographics? From there, you can begin to define the characteristics that make up the personality of your target audience.


Say, for example, that most of your products are best suited for young couples. Knowing this information, there are several characteristics of customers that can be targeted.

For example, people under 35 years, those without children, and newly married couples. A honeymoon vacation would be a perfect offering, and it makes perfect sense for you to focus a few marketing strategies on a specific niche.

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Be empathetic

Being empathetic will help to put yourself in the shoes of your target audience.

For example, imagine yourself as a mother or father planning a trip for your family. Which destination will provide the best mix of activity, entertainment, and benefits? How do you know all this?

The first answer is of course Google, and you will probably get recommendations for the best destinations along with reviews from other users.

So, before you undertake any other marketing activities, make sure you already know who your target customers are and have empathy for them.

Identifying Valuable Times when Booking

Generally, when someone is going on a tour, they have planned it. You may know some people who suddenly decide to take a vacation, but this is not common.

The process of arranging a trip, from determining tourist destinations, researching, comparing prices, to booking requires a long process and consideration.

Understanding the customer’s journey in their travel booking process will help you. Google breaks it down into four stages:


During the initial phase, potential tourists are open to all possibilities. They haven’t made the final decisions about where to go and what to do. In other words, they are looking for ideas.


At the planning stage, potential travelers have defined destinations, but they are still flexible about dates, hotels, and activities.


Date, travel time, and accommodation preferences have been determined. Time for potential tourists to place an order.


Travelers are on the go and share their experiences online. At this stage, they may still be looking for other activities at the destination.

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Think of creative ways to target potential travelers at each stage of the booking they go through. For example, if your product is city tours, you need to influence visitors to choose one of your destinations, tell them the best times to visit, and show how easy the booking process is.

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