16 Digital Marketing Trends

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16 Digital Marketing Trends

16 Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing trends continue to grow. Why does that happen? Because as long as technology continues, digital marketing will also run smoothly so that it can develop rapidly. For those of you who are engaged in e-commerce or doing business on the internet, it is very crucial to know what business trends or developments occur today, especially for future time. This is why we make a special comprehensive discussion so you can anticipate it and review marketing strategies that you have been doing, whether it is appropriate or no longer following the existing developments.

Actually, what are the examples of digital marketing? Of course, it includes things like websites, social media, youtube, and advertisements on a search engine like Google. You can find out more digital marketing coverage by knowing what is the difference with traditional marketing.

Difference Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing

Both of them are equally meaningful. Marketing or commonly called marketing itself means a series of processes carried out to introduce products to the wider community in various ways. The purpose of this marketing activity is that the product will be in great demand by many people. That way, the definition of this marketing is broad, not only limited to the time of the introduction activity itself, but also related to what strategies are used, and how to provide satisfaction to consumers.

Then what’s the difference between digital marketing with the usual marketing done? Next, we will divide the difference based on three categories!

Marketing target

In general, the audience in Indonesia is more familiar with traditional marketing if the manufacturer markets its products. What are the examples commonly seen every day? Advertisements in large media like television and radio. Besides, they are also used to reading advertisements in magazines and newspapers. On the highway, the billboard board is installed everywhere to be seen by people passing by when driving or traveling.

On the other hand, using digital marketing, you can not only target local communities in one area but also reach people nationally and internationally. This is because you can use a wider channel, namely the Internet. People wherever they are, can you use the internet.

Cost and time

Marketing expenditures carried out traditionally can be said to be more expensive when compared to digital marketing. Why is that? Just let you expect how much money or advertising costs you have to spend to market your product or service on television, radio, or newspapers and magazines. They put up rates that are certainly not cheap, besides that you also have to bear the cost of producing advertisements that are not cheap too. Moreover, the process that must be passed to market in this traditional way takes a long time.

On the other hand, a digital marketing process can take place faster and more efficient expenses. You as a businessman can also adjust the costs and scale of your business in real-time. So, the cost of digital marketing is more flexible.


When viewed from the communication aspects that occur in traditional marketing, the interaction that occurs is one-way. For example, if you are a manufacturer installing advertisements on national television shows. Then the audience who witnesses your ad impressions cannot respond directly to you as a manufacturer. Similar to advertising on radio and print media such as newspapers and magazines. Listeners or readers also cannot interact directly with producers.

So what happened? As if you introduce to sell your products and services just like that and wait for the expectations of people will like and buy them. So it is unclear how the market response or sales prediction.

On the other hand, this digital marketing can last 2 directions. This digital marketing includes an effective strategy to captivate consumers and see the exact possibility of whether they are interested in the products and services that you have already offered.

Advantages of digital marketing

One of the advantages of using digital marketing is related to the evaluation of results. Why? This is because the results are far more easily measured when compared to traditional ordinary marketing.

Then what again? Besides, there is a connection with reach. Campaigns carried out digitally can reach unlimited audiences from various groups, especially about location. So, if you as a marketing division of a company want to conduct a campaign that focuses on local reach, you can also expand the opportunity by campaigning on the Internet to the whole world if you want it or if it is still following your marketing content.

Besides, if you want to target even more focused audiences, the desire can be realized easily. Why? Because of the determination of certain target audiences that have been conveniently. Determination of the target audience can be done without having to do a face-to-date survey that takes time, energy, and costs. What are the classifications? There are many very specific classifications, namely based on demographics, gender, location, age, and field of interest.

Digital marketing is also a real means, it is very interactive to reach out to the audience because it utilizes active social facilities. There are many direct contact that can occur between target audiences and business people. This means that your business can get immediate feedback from consumers which is very valuable to be able to advance or improve your business.

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If you have known what the advantages of marketing are done digitally, this is the right time to find out what trends or developments in 2018 so you can anticipate them and develop your business.

Here are 15 digital marketing trends that change

We will start the explanation based on the sequence of how influential digital marketing trends are on a global scale. See more to find out what changes in the world of digital marketing.

1. augmented reality (AR) integrated on social media

Because our mobile devices become more sophisticated and social networking applications are better integrated with AR, various brands or manufacturers will use it to be more involved with consumers or target audits. For example, by using a location where the target of the audience is, the brand or the company can make AR content sponsored, which can only be accessed at that place, at that time. Pokémon Go is a pioneer related to this trend, and there is a possibility that social media such as Instagram and Facebook will immediately integrate this technology into the platform.

2. Reduced influencer market

Large brands or companies do pour millions of rupiah to various influencers lately, but in general, they do not measure or do not see the results they can get from other marketing paths that are more effective. The influencer referred to here are well-known people both on social media and in their global expertise sort of athletes and artists. According to Forbes, the market for influencers is predicted to be reduced because only a few of these types of marketing provide results.

The market will switch to a more organic promotion because consumers act smarter, not as impulsive first. For example, when a social media user sees the use of products displayed in photos uploaded by a well-known artist account, the user is not directly interested in the product. This shows the market has now been smarter in shopping.

3. The Importance of User Experience

Finding customers or doing marketing based on data is indeed a good or extraordinary thing, but how this existing data can be applied to a user experience to be a benchmark for digital marketing success in 2018. So, try to fight for the data that you get in Translation to prospective clients or new users produces other innovations related to your products and services. Also, try learning the path or what process is passed by the buyer before transacting with you.

4. Ads must be more targeted with special goals

People now have a minimal span or focus. Why? Because they are flooded with so many ads every day. In our opinion, you must focus more on targeting your ad. With digital marketing, this is an easy thing if you are more observant to see your market. Try to target very specific conversion goals, whether it’s experience on mobile and desktop devices. We also think that advertising platforms on mobile devices will show very rapid growth in 2018.

5. Live videos on social media

Videos will continue to be a digital marketing trend in 2018 but not just videos, live videos in particular. Each social media platform has recently developed live video features and adds new features every month to their platform. Direct video is a great way to connect with your audience. Try utilizing various social media from your brand to use this trend feature.

6. User interface conversation

Conversations, such as Alexa Amazon, Google Assistant, Cortana Microsoft, Chatbots, and others, will continue to be in their consumer routines and daily lives. This is why you find a virtual assistant marketed by manufacturers around you. Have you heard of the name Vira from Bank BCA? It also includes one example. Interface conversations for this user are very natural and can allow brands to interact closer to consumers. Why do consumers like it? Because they want information, or guidelines for transactions that are more easily understood as well as entertaining.

7. Video Marketing.

Videos are the most popular and most influential form of digital content for the current business world. If done correctly, marketing through this video can have a positive impact on your business. As consumer attention is reduced to boring content, marketers are very dependent on making video content to increase their rankings on search engines, increase customer involvement, and increase their branded traffic.

8. Personalized campaign

Starting from email marketing, to installing digital advertising, customers will greatly appreciate and trust personalized campaigns. Notice how you can personalize your campaigns. The best way is to position customers or target your audience as a close friend. The effect of this personalization is certainly extraordinary, there will be an increase in customer involvement here, or commonly called customer engagement so that your customers are more loyal and market your products and services to relations or relatives.

9. Contextual targeting strategies

In the context of general data protection regulations (commonly called GDPR), indeed we cannot expect many questions to trace customer behavioral and prospective buyers. So, it will be more complicated for advertising technology vendors to track internet user behavior with cookies. The audience’s targeting strategy will be replaced by a context targeting strategy. Then advertisers must understand the context of their respective pages, which aim to be secure targeting.

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10. Experiments and analysis of metrics to measure results

As a smart digital marketer, you must continue to approach the ROI. So you need to identify all old metrics – the old metric is like BPS impressions, CPC clicks, CPL prospects, and even pixel CPPs. With too many channels and even other Martech tools that need to be considered, marketers must run experiments as effectively and attacked as possible to measure the results.

11. Make authentic ads

For those of you who want to increase your market coverage, the relevance of your brand and the involvement of customers or users as a whole will be very influential if there is in the application of advertising. This authentic ad can be the latest digital marketing strategy considering the market has now developed its intelligence in behaving. Involved with your audience by utilizing their native language (if necessary regional languages, not international or foreign languages) or use other aspects to expand the opportunities for your marketing success that has been targeted with a particular focus.

12. Digital integration with the real world

We believe that in 2021, the digital world will no longer stand as a separate or separate field of the real world every day. We will see it becoming more integrated into real-life experiences and both will become unitless units in everyday life. We have started to see this in sports such as football matches, where an online experience that has begun before the ball event took place and continued during the event. Most male lenders, active tweet or status updates on Facebook before watching the league. So, we think, maybe you can do something about the tendency that starts there is related to your business.

13. Voice Search (Voice Search)

Google says that 20% of search from its mobile device is a sound search, and that number only increases along with certain habits of gadget users. They are accustomed to asking Alexa, Siri, and other virtual voice assistants to find out about what to buy. Marketers need to prepare themselves for this new tendency by making content capable of capturing this kind of search type.

14. Predictive Interface Algorithm

Application programming is wide open for algorithms from learning machines, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence (AI). This allows existing businesses to better predict marketing expenses better in optimizing the entire budget. This is great progress, considering marketers often biased their methodology.

15. Various types of new marketing content

With a new format that develops every day and video popularity increases among users or markets, content marketing is no longer a matter of writing blogs or interesting reviews from customers. Sound search will change many content strategies so that it aims to get footage of features or interactive tutorials that can be said to users when they complete ordinary and complicated tasks. So, content will be more interactive and integrated with other UI features.

16. Shoppable Post on Social Media

The social media users in Indonesia year to year are increasing. According to websindo.com, there are more than 130 million Facebook users and more than 60 million Instagram users. The number of users will not stop at that number but will continue to grow. Therefore, a lot of marketers from 4 years behind already use social media to market their products.

Social media responded to this by adding features such as products from a brand that can be directly ordered on the social media. One very popular social media is Instagram, launching the Instagram checkout feature. This feature makes users who want to buy a product from the brand they are looking for without leaving or closing Instagram applications.


Through this article, you have got complete info about the latest digital marketing trends. In essence, trends that change follow the development of technology and are related to existing market needs. These digital marketing trends are important to note so that your business, especially those engaged in e-commerce can anticipate any changes or developments that will come so that your business success opportunities are growing. After knowing some trends we convey above, you also need to review how exactly your digital marketing strategy in the past few years and what should be repaired.

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