15 Effective and easy ways to promote products online

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15 Effective and easy ways to promote products online

15 Effective and easy ways to promote products online

15 Effective and easy ways to promote products online

You are preparing to launch new products or want to promote existing products, but you are unsure of plans and how to do to promote on your product. This can be frustrating if you are unsure of what marketing ideas will be effective.

Do trial and error? The study revealed that 30% to 80% of new products failed. Imagine all your time and money will be wasted if you only promote your product blindly.

Don’t panic, we help you. To give appropriate attention to your product without risk, we have prepared a list of very effective ways on how to promote products online and provide tips to ensure success in products.

These tips will help you to make a successful product way, increase your reference traffic, and build brand familiarity – making it much easier for you to encourage your potential customers into a successful conversion.

1. Take the attention of visitors by pop up

Don’t let customers look elsewhere, everything must be in front of your own door. When your visitors enter your website, this is the perfect opportunity for you to promote your product.

Using pop ups with the product participation that you want to promote can be displayed when the first time the prospective customer visits your site to attract their attention. This is a way to promote an ingenious product to directly attract visitors to promotional products, requires them to realize it when they enter your site.

Don’t be afraid to be creative with your popup entry. You can also enter discounts that you cannot denied your visitors, make your popup entry more effective for conversion. Even if your visitors don’t act immediately on your offer, at least they already know your product.

2. Re-target visitors on the site first with the exit offers

Alternative to popups that appear when the user first visits your website is to let visitors explore your website first and then re-target them with the products they have explored before they leave your website.

The use of a reset targeting strategy in place is a very effective way to promote the product that has been explored by visitors but not successfully purchased. To do this, you can use the offer out or exit offer.

This is very similar to the offer at the beginning but the time and targeting is different. Exit offers will only be triggered after the buyer will leave your website without buying the product. It is a good strategy to keep reminding your visitors about the products they are interested in during their exploration phase.

3. Advertise your product on Google Shopping

With a growth of 31% Y / Y in advertising expectations in the quarter 2 years ago, Google Shopping has produced 59% of all clicks on Google search ads, continuing to win against text ads and other online marketing channels.

Google shopping is different from ordinary text ads. With text ads, you choose the targeted keywords that will trigger when the ad will appear. But with Google Shopping, Google controls the search query that will request your ad shown.

Visual representation of Google shopping ads with Google Shopping ads, you help buyers find your products faster when they trace on Google. Even though it has a similar resemblance with the optimization of a search engine or SEO, Google Shopping actually helps you only pay the most relevant clicks for you.

4. Take advantage of Instagram as much as possible

Instagram no doubt is one of the most suitable marketing channels for intelligent marketers because of the very visual narratives it gives.

This is a good thing because people, especially buyers, are very dependent on visual products when making purchasing decisions.

And, what is the use of visual cues what is more effective than promoting your product on Instagram? You can use shipment that can be purchased to mark your product on Instagram by using product labels in their shipment and product stickers in Stories.

So, every time Instagram user knocks on product tags, they can see product images, product descriptions, prices, and links to direct them to the product website. Advertise in IG Stories also attracted the attention of marketers and online sellers because of its dynamic and interesting nature.

5. Send product samples to influencers

Influencer marketing has carved its position as one of the most effective ways about promoting products online because it is proven to produce a customer retention rate of 37% higher than other acquisition channels.

Mega influencers can be expensive, as an alternative, you can reach special influencers to help you promote your product.

Special influencers do not have many followers compared to mega influencers, but they are highly respected in the niche industry by certain target markets – making your campaign more effective and impact.

Niche influencers usually do not require monetary payments for product posts. But, they ask for free samples as alternative payments. You can also use the promo influencer code that they can share with their followers.

These codes can be used by their followers when buying products on your site. Influencers are then given a prize for each payment made using the code.

6. Use upselling and cross-selling to promote the product

Upselling and cross-selling techniques can help you hit two birds with one stone. Just sell or sell cross products other than what your current customers see, you have promoted Upsell / Cross-Sell products while increasing the average order value.

Intelligent marketers and sellers utilize buyers’ interest and behavior to recommend similar products or complement what their customers have just seen. There are many ways to use upselling and cross-selling offers such as recommending it on the buyer’s basket page.

7. Start blogging with certain niches

Make a particular niche blog is a medium to long term strategy on how to promote products online. Special blogging allows you to produce special content that is very relevant to your target audience. Like a blog in this online Accurate.

On Blog Accurate online, we discuss and create blog posts with niche-targeted niches such as the theme of accounting software, accounting, marketing, business and the like that can increase visitors who need knowledge about it and according to our target.

Thus, this ensures that you attract quality visitors. You can promote your product on your niche blog by mentioning it in your content. It becomes a gate for your potential customers to pay attention and realize what you have to offer.

8. Partnering for guest posts

In addition to having a blog with the niche itself, you can also reach bloggers or other businesses to partner for several guest posts or guest posts.

Guest blogging is the best way to introduce your product to a new audience by utilizing your existing partner blog visitors.

Many blogers already have established followers that are relevant to your niche so that when you contribute to them, their audience tends to be the same as the type of customer who is interested in your product.

Choose a blog that has a role in a strong and unique industry, quality followers, high involvement, and brand relevance. Write a unique and interesting topic to arouse your readers’ interest. Then, mention your products smoothly without having to “sell”. Make sure the product promotion sounds organic and according to the topic.

9. Promote products using bundles

Two items will be better than one? In the case of bundling products, it’s definitely yes. Art bundling products may seem like a strategy to maximize the average order value, but actually more than that.

The product package occurs when you group individual items that can be sold separately into one merchandise for sale.

Now, you can use bundling to promote relatively new products or may be less well known. All you can do is pair your best-selling item and use its popularity to highlight newly added products or slow moves.

If you really think about it, that’s a smart way to promote other products that are usually not noticed or sought by people. In addition, buyers consider bundled products more valuable because they are considered an additional advantage.

10. Invite people to share

A strong reference program can increase the strength of the mouth of the mouth to the mouth that really works well when you want to introduce your product to other people who might have never heard before.

What you want is that people start sharing your products to friends, family, and colleagues. In general, people believe the recommendations of the people they know so you want to direct customers and visitors to start talking about your products to their loved ones.

Traditionally, you can provide incentives to people who refer to your product, but you can even increase it by rewarding the people who refer and the person referenced. If you have a product to be exhibited, you can also use it as a referral incentive.

11. Run a free product giveaway contest

Product gifts are a fun and interesting way about promoting products online. Because of the contest element, people can be excited and start talking about your brands and products. Thus, this can help you introduce your product to a new audience at a relatively low cost.

The typical Giveaway contest uses free products as gifts instead of email addresses or follow social media. Who doesn’t like to get products for free? But, make sure you enter viral factors in the mechanism of your contest like asking them to share contests to their friends and family.

More and more people see your contest, the more products and your brand are exposed to a new audience.

12. Encourage content made by users

User-made content or User Generated Content (UGC) is everything that is posted by customers online such as reviews, photos, videos, or testimonials about a brand or product.

The most interesting of UGC is its authenticity. Because customers make their own comments about your product, they are more reliable than branded posts.

You want to encourage your customers to share positive reviews about your products online, especially in their social media posts. In this way when they post good feedback about your product, their followers will know the features and benefits of your product.

13. Take advantage of gifts

Giving a very popular gift during the holidays because this is a gift season. People are looking for gift ideas, therefore, gift guides are useful content for them.

But you can also use this tactic as a way to promote products online throughout the year.

You can make your own gift guide, enter your product into the mixture. Then, promote on your website. In addition, you can also find a leading gift guide curator that has an audience similar to your target customer profile.

Most of the gift guide curators need product samples to be sent in return for so that your product is displayed in their gift guide. You can easily find it by doing a simple Google search. Select the gift guide curator based on the type and size of the audience, the level of involvement, reputation, and the relevance of their brands.

14. Answer the question on the question and answer site

If you are familiar with Quora, then you already have an overview of what the Q & A site is. The question and answer website is very popular for online users today because it allows them to ask random questions, want to get answers from other users.

You can also use this question and answer site to promote your product. How? By just looking for questions related to your brand, you can answer it sincerely with practical solutions to their problems. Then, you can recommend your product with high tastes in your answer.

15. Send personalized emails

If you are looking for an effective way to promote products online, email marketing should not be ignored. Email still has the best marketing ROI with an average of 4400%, exceeding social, TV and paid searches.

However, traditional email marketing will not be any use now given the email volume received by the customer every day. So, consider preparing an personalized email campaign.

Effective email campaigns are automatic email circuits triggered by certain user actions that can be sent based on a predetermined timeline such as welcome email, basket neglect reminder, order confirmation, etc. This is also called email drips.


Those are some way to promote effective products and can be adapted by your business that is planning to launch a product.

Promotional strategies must be in line with the planning and purpose of your overall business, also make sure you prepare a sufficient budget and according to the plan you make so that your business goals are achieved.

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