14 websites for creating the best online logo design

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14 websites for creating the best online logo design

14 websites for creating the best online logo design

The logo is important for a brand or business. However, maybe you need to spend more costs if you want to use professional graphic design services. Therefore, there are several alternatives that you can use to create logos online. Check out the website recommendations for the best and free online logos below.

Website Recommendations Create the Best Online Logo

The logo design is important when you want to build an image, both for your business or identity. Because the logo can make you or your business better known by the audience to increase credibility. In addition, the logo can also be a representation of the project you are working on, both the study project or business project that you have long wanted to run.

However, considering the services for online logos no longer fit the budget or design team that you have is quite busy with their duties, maybe you need to find a way to handle this, which is relying on a website to create a logo online. Here are 14 Website Recommendations Create the best online logo that you can use for free.


Canva is often relied on to design various things, ranging from posters, banners, banners, even online logos. Not only that, but you can also use Canva to design social media templates, flyers, brochures, invitations, business cards, and so on.

If you want to create a logo, Canva has a free and paid version. You only need to enter a company or business name, then start creating with one of the existing templates. Then you can change the form of the logo, the color to font according to your needs.

You can also choose a graph stock provided by Canva for free. However, if the desired graph is not following the will, you can upload a picture from your computer.

Unfortunately, considering there are many people who use Canva to create an online logo design, then there is a possibility that LOGO will look similar to the design results of others. Therefore, creativity your logo as well as possible, huh!

Graphic Springs.

Graphic Springs provides a variety of graphics that you can choose directly. You only need to enter the brand name or company, specify the tagline if necessary, then search and select the logo according to the category you want. You can also add some form (shapes) as you wish

Although you can use this online logo website for free, if you want to download the design results in the PNG, SVG, or JPG format you need to pay the US $ 19.99 for lifetime access to the logo that you have made in Graphic Springs.

Online Logo Maker.

Online Logo Maker claims to have made more than 2.3 million logos. That is, the website for this one online logo has no doubt. Besides having an interface similar to graphic springs, the use of an online logos maker is also no less easy.

How to use it, you only need to click on “Start Logo Maker” or “Create My Logo”, then select from hundreds of clipart or “symbol” that has been provided from the online Logo Maker Library. Then, modify the candidate logo, from the color of the symbol, fonts to other forms to the logo design as you wish. When it’s finished, click “Save & Download”.

Besides using a symbol asset from an online logo maker, you can also upload your picture. Even so, you will only get low-quality logos. If you want to get higher image quality with various visual formats, you need to use a premium account by paying to start at the US $ 29.


Designhill is a site for online logos that can make it easier for you to create a logo for free. This site is a crowdsourcing platform that is quite famous in the design field on the Internet. Having thousands of logo designs that you can choose, Designhill is the mainstay of business managers and graphic designers who want to create a logo for their brands or websites.

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The manufacturing process is easy, you only need to enter a brand name or website, then click Generate Logos, or you can choose hundreds of templates manually. However, your time will be made up more if you choose a manual because you have to find a logo that suits your wishes by category.

After finding the right logo, you can modify it again according to your wishes. Some things you can adjust are background colors, fonts for brands, and taglines until the logo icon is used. When it’s finished, you can print the results for various things, such as letters, merchandise, social media images to business cards.


When you want to develop a business and finalize the concept, some creative processes might occur. Then, maybe you will need a logo to patent your brand. Therefore, you can use Hatchful Hatchful to facilitate the manufacture of your logo.

Hatchful which was originally named Oberlo Logo Maker has more or less similar features such as other online logo sites. This site provides a variety of templates with very interesting font or additional icons for you to try and use to create a logo.

Although the variation of the editor logo is not as much as the site creates another online logo, Hatchful has advantages, namely, you can download the design results without spending at all aka free! You only need to register an account and click “Download Logo” to download the design results.

Free Logo Design

The site for creating this one online logo is also no less useful for creating a logo for free. Free Logo Design allows you to design using the templates they provide. Even though it uses a template, but you can still modify the entire template to suit your needs.

If you want to save the results of your logo design, you can create an account first. You can also download the results of the logo design by entering an email, then your made logo will be sent to registered emails with the size for the website. Uniquely, in the free logo design, you can provide arch accents (curve) in writing on your logo.

Tailor Brands.

The site for this one online logo will lead you in making a logo. You will be asked to fill in data such as the name of the brand, tagline, the industry that is involved in the font style. Then, Tailor Brands will bring up the results of the logo they choose according to your brand’s interest, but you need to log in first to be able to choose and customize your logo design.

When it’s finished, you can save your design results. However, considering you only use an ordinary account, then you can only download images with a limited format, namely for Pinterest Icon, Android, and iOS applications, normal favicons appear on the browser tab, and letterhead to create marketing emails.


The site Create the next online logo is a logomaker that frees you for creating. How not, when you visit the main page, an empty page will appear that can be directly used to create a logo from zero using millions of clipart and graphs they have.

Although the features are quite complete, this free service only gives you a small quality logo design. But calm, you can still get your artificial logo with a variety of high-quality visual formats if you want to pay the US $ 19 for the original file.

Namecheap logo maker.

NameCheap Logo Maker will help you create a logo gradually, starting from the selection of the font type, the color you want to use, and icons that match the brand name. Then, you can modify the results as you wish, starting from color, font, icon to layout. After that, select the results of the customization design suggested by Namecheap according to your choice.

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For additional information, Namecheap will be more suitable if you only need writing to the logo, without specific icons. If you have finished designing, you can log in or create a Namecheap account logo Maker to save, download, or share a logo.

Master’s logo

In addition to brand or business, you can also use the logo to build personal identity, one way is to use the master logo service. On the site Create this online logo, you can determine whether your logo for personal branding, organizations, companies, or business. Then, you only need to answer questions that match the logo you want.

After that, the Master’s logo will provide several logo recommendations based on your choice. You can modify the results of the master logo recommendation before finally saved. Don’t forget, you have to log in or create an account first to save the logo design results.


Website recommendations Create the next online logo is logster. Here, you only need to enter the name of the brand that will be used as a logo and tagline if necessary, select the desired color tone, then wait until the logster displays some of their recommendations. You can save the results of this logster design recommendation for free!


Looka is a website that is intended to form a brand image, including the feature for online logos. If you want to create a logo, you need to enter the brand name, then select the commanded industry and some logos and colors that reflect the brand, then Looka will display the logo that corresponds to the criteria you provided.

After choosing your favorite logo, you can do additional customization if necessary. When it’s finished, you can share it through social media, or download the results that have been made. However, you need a premium account if you want to download it directly.

Brand Crowd.

Brand Crowd can also be used for logos online. How to use it is very easy, you only need to type your brand name or business, then the brand Crowd system will adjust the template according to the name you entered. After that, you can modify the logo as desired.

In the following example, we use a brand example named “Doggy Cooky”, then several recommendations for templates related to cookies and dogs (doggy). Next, you only need to provide the additional design as desired, starting from changing the color of the logo, font to color for the name of the brand.

Then, if you want to download and use the logo, you need to pay to start at the US $ 15. But if you don’t want to pay, at least you get an inspiration to determine, what kind of brand logo you want.


The site recommendation for the last online logo is Designevo. No less interesting than other sites, Designevo can also help you make a unique logo for your brand with thousands of templates they provide. You can choose one of the templates based on the business category, then check the logo that is most relevant to your business and customize it.


Thus 14 site recommendations Create an online logo that you can use as a media creating a logo. Now, you can be creative as free as possible to find your best logo. One thing you need to remember, the logo is the representation of the image you form, then make sure you make it relevant and leave a good impression for your audience.

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