12 Best Native Ads Networks To Increase Blog Revenue

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12 Best Native Ads Networks To Increase Blog Revenue

12 Best Native Ads Networks To Increase Blog Revenue

12 Best Native Ads Networks To Increase Blog Revenue

The diversity of online ad formats allows bloggers to choose one of them, or put several of them together. So far, the first ad format that adorns a lot of blog space is PPC or CPM-based ads that appear in the form of banners. Now, publishers can install native ads (native ads) that have a display like a widget.

Native ads are one of the many ad formats that lately are applied by publishers on their websites or blogs. In terms of appearance, native ads almost resemble blog content. However, from the design that is almost the same as the blog content, it actually gets a lot of clicks from visitors so that the CTR of ads tends to be high, especially if the ad content that appears is very relevant to the article.

Well, for those of you who want to try to monetize your blog using native ads, here are 12 of the best native ads networks that you can consider:

  • Revcontent

Revcontent is one of the fastest growing native ads networks. Although a number of the same ad networks were present earlier, and even 5 years after Outbrain and Taboola, they quickly pursued and even shifted the two most popular native ads networks. A source also mentioned, Revcontent network has exceeded Amazon and YouTube users. Some of the names of their exclusive partnerships include Newsweek, International Business Times, The Christian Post, Diply, Heavy.com, etc.


  • Mgid

MGID is also one of the native-based advertising companies that pays its publisher based on CPM and CPC, so MGID will also be very fitting when installed on a site (blog) that has a high enough traffic because the CPC value is also quite high.

Ads in the form of native images with a choice of formats that you can set yourself and are very fitting installed in the widget below the article or in the sidebar.

  • Outbrain

One of the first native ad networks to enter the market. Outbrain began marketing its services in 2006. An advertising product that can reach like wider and increase web traffic by distributing their content in large media companies such as Hearst, Slate, New York Post, The Daily Telegraph, CNN, ESPN, Fortune, Atlantic Media, Time and many more. Outbrain employs behavioral targeting to increase user engagement and provide recommendations for several types of media, including online, video and mobile.

  • Taboola

Taboola is one of Outbrain’s main competitors. Taboola is a content marketing platform and one of the most popular native ad networks that provides widgets for online publishers to display promoted content including articles, videos, and slideshows. BBC, USA Today, Mail Online, TMZ, Business Insider, NBC News, Chicago Tribune, and Boston Globe. Overall, Taboola and Outbrain have a side in common.

While the quality of the content recommended at Outbrain is usually higher than Taboola because they implement a filtering system to identify spam content or not quality content.

  • Nativo

Another native ads network that is growing is Nativo. This native ads network can be used as an alternative by publishers if they are reluctant to use Revcontent, Outbrain or Taboola. Until this article I wrote, there are more than 300 brands and 350 publishers who have used the Nativo platform. The characteristic of Nativo is the content recommendation system, where Nativo presents advertiser content in feeds.

  • TripleLift

Nativo is not the only newcomer to the native ads industry. TripleLift is one of the new players who have managed to get a place. TripleLift currently has more than 400 advertisers and more than 2300 publishers. Advertisers incorporated in the TripleLif network include Microsoft, Nissan, GAP, JetBlue, Kraft, Land Rover, Campbell, AT&T, USA Today, Atlantic Media, eHow, Hearst, and many more. The way TripleLift works is not much different from other native ads networks, where advertisers can create content-based campaigns and then place them on publisher sites.

  • Adnow

One of the best Native Ads ads based in London, UK, presents Native Ads type ads that are almost very similar to site content (blogs). This ad is fit to be displayed below the posts such as related posts.

Not just fitting placed below the article, ads from Adnow can also be placed in the sidebar. Ads from Adnow can also be combined with other ads such as Google Adsense and other ad providers.

The Adnow ad script is also very light on the Blog and does not cause damage or interfere with the appearance of other ads.

Adnow supports a variety of languages, including Indonesian. One account manager will also be prepared for you after registering and being accepted as an Adnow publisher. This account manager will also serve you with advertising instructions.

  • Payclick

PayClick is an international company that operates in the sector in the Native Advertising advertising market that is expanding in Indonesia. Same Regarding Adnow payClick This type of native ads ads are almost very similar and integrated with the Blog article. The advertisements that appear mostly are promoting the sale of products such as smelling health. PayClick is an alternative for those who want to increase our income in cyberspace and PayClick can also be paired with Adnow in one blog.

These ads are also generally placed under the posts so that they are very similar to related posts, so you can attach the remaining empty ad slots from other types of ad providers.

  • Yahoo Gemini

Yahoo Gemini is a marketplace service that can be used independently by advertisers to manage ad content that will be embedded in search results and is free according to desired criteria. An example of an advertisement is in the illustration below. Can be seen, one of the advertisers has pinned its product ads on news search results on Yahoo Mobile

  • NativeAds.com

Nativeads.com is one of the most popular premium advertising networks. The best thing about Native Ads is the fact that it is compatible with Google AdSense. They run a moderated approval process, and you can use your approval within 24 hours. This ad does not offer high per click rates. So, if you are looking for a high-paying native ad network, this ad network may be quite disappointing for you.

Prices usually range around 1 cent to 3 cents per click. However, this is a stable and secure native ad network with clear rules and guidelines. Thus, you can expect a healthy and long-lasting relationship with them.


  • Content Ad

Content.ad is a very popular ad network and can be compared with leaders in the advertising market such as Outbrain, Taboola, and Revcontent. They have a large network of quality publishers and advertisers.

This clan network runs an easy approval process. So, Content.ad is a good choice if your website is not approved by Taboola, Revcontent, or Outbrain. Additionally, you can look for a 100% fill rate. Currently serving more than 20 billion page views a month.

  • Earnify

Earnify is another very popular advertising company. Publishers can see up to an unparalleled revenue share along with a fast payment process and full control on advertising. On the other hand, Advertisers get superior targeting and exceptional traffic quality.

Earnify uses the CPA revenue model and reviews the site before approving it. It provides a real-time reporting system. Payments are made using Net 21 basis. The payment option is Payoneer, and the minimum payment threshold is $ 20. It is suitable for high traffic sites.