11 Tips and Tricks to Build a Selling and Profit Building Shop

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11 Tips and Tricks to Build a Selling and Profit Building Shop

11 Tips and Tricks to Build a Selling and Profit Building Shop

For those who are still confused about opening what business is suitable for now, opening the building shop business can be the best choice. This business is quite likely because development doesn’t seem to stop. Even the rural who used to just make a makeshift home, now trying to make changes.

With competitions to build houses as good as possible. Because of building materials that are always selling, of course the number of competitors is increasing. So that the building material shop remains, it needs its own way. For those who want business in this field, here are 10 tips and tricks to build a sell-selling and profitable building shop.

10 Tips for Building Building Stores

1. Choose a strategic location location

The first tips and tricks so that the best building shop and profit is to choose the right business location. In this case a strategic location. Strategically here is not just a matter of crowded people. Make sure to choose a place in not far from the residential area where it requires building materials.

If the location of the store in the residential area, of course the opportunity to buy building materials will be greater. Residents settlements maybe someone wants to repair the house, or want to build a new house, definitely need building materials. Other if the location around the industrial area for example, then small settlements will look for building materials.

2. If it’s still early opening a business, hold a launch

For those who still open the building material business, it’s good to do a small launch. For example by making a large banner in front of a building shop, so that many people are better known. There is no harm in installing a congratulated greeting bouquets that are commonly sent by colleagues so that they become their own attraction.

Besides that because it’s still new, try to give a promo. For example, wearing a price discount on consumers who want to buy within a certain extent. Not just a discount. Can also be done by giving bonuses such as umbrellas, or calendars with the logo name of the building material store owned.

3. Pay attention to market needs

In order to remain in demand, try to always pay attention to market needs. Note if the condition is a season of people build a house, then try to provide building materials. For example cement, bricks, sand, iron, and others. Another if during the rainy season. Generally many people experience water channel damage.

In this case the pipe is the item that needs to be provided. Another example is during the celebration of independence day. Requests for building materials such as paint will definitely increase. So always try to provide building materials according to the changing market needs accordingly season.

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4. Give friendly service

Providing friendly service is important, as well as a mistake that is often done by building shop entrepreneurs. Most of them will only serve well consumers who definitely buy. But for buyers who only ask sometimes ignored. This is what makes the shop lonely.

In addition, it should be sure to inform the quality of goods to consumers honestly. There are some products that are expensive but good quality. Goods with medium quality, the price is much cheaper. Give freedom for consumers to choose. Honesty will make consumers believe in the quality of the products sold.

5. Choose quality building materials

Be sure to sell building materials with the highest quality. This will affect the strength, durability, and building security. For example sand, make sure to choose a sharp and no mudflow.

For pebbles to choose hard and a little hollow and have a sharp shape. The quality of good goods means increasingly making consumers satisfied after buying.

6. Give complete facilities

Also try to provide complete facilities. Most important for consumers is parking lots. Provide parking lots that are quite extensive, at least fit to accommodate cars, trucks, or motorbikes belonging to customers. Don’t forget no need to set parking fees. This will make customers feel comfortable buying in your building shop.

7. Give friendly prices

The price of the price is indeed a consumer consideration to buy a product, including building materials. They tend to buy building materials at cheaper prices with the same quality goods. For this reason, building shop entrepreneurs need to think about the right pricing questions.


To set the right price, you can do a little observation to a competing store. Try to sell goods at a price a little cheaper than competitors. This will make customers more interested in buying. Even though fortunately it’s not much, but if the buyer is crowded, it will still accumulate.

8. Try to complete the list of building shop items

Want a building shop business to keep selling well? The easiest way is to try to complete merchandise. Not only sell materials to build buildings. Think also to sell cables, pipes, hoses, hoes, pumps, paralon, and others. The more complete, consumers will not run to the shop next door because those sought are available.

9. Select the right supplier

The way so that the building store reaches maximum profit is to choose the right supplier. Can search through the internet, or maybe having an acquaintance of building material entrepreneurs will be better. Most importantly, make sure if the supplier can be trusted, experienced, and can provide good quality materials.

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Not only in collaboration with the best suppliers. You can also build relationships with project contractors, foremen, or building contractors. They are the most need for building materials, because they work in their fields.

10. Perform promotions with aggressively

Finally so that the building shop remains in demand is doing a promotion with vig. This promotion is very important so that more people know the effort being pioneered. Today’s promotion is a lot of ways online both online and offline.

11. Use the bookkeeping

You need to know that the bookkeeping is very important for your building shop, because with the bookkeeping you can see sales stocks, financial statements such as business profit and loss, your cash flow and much more. But if your bookkeeping still uses manual bookkeeping will be very difficult and ineffective.

Therefore you need accounting software that can help you record sales stocks and your business financial statements. Not only that with the existence of your business accounting software it will easier to see financial data and profit and loss of your business.

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