11 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

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11 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Almost all major brands have used marketing strategies through social media. However, there are still many business brands that make mistakes in their use. Every social media marketing requires a different approach, strategy, and way of using it. In order not to make the same mistakes, you must avoid the following things when using social media marketing for business.

Create the Wrong Content Strategy

The content will encourage conversation or interaction with the audience, then this interaction will build a good relationship between the audience and your brand to increase potential leads that will result in conversion to sales. The wrong content strategy will make the audience feel reluctant to want to know more about a product which leads to lower sales and the value of ROI (Return On Investment) for your business.

Not Utilizing Company Assets

What is meant by assets here is not the company’s capital in the form of money or shares, but elements such as email lists, blogs, websites, and social media supporting data such as infographics. All of these assets will help you because they have a big influence on the use of social media for business.

Forgetting the Human Element

Treat your followers like in the real world by building good relationships. Remember, all content including text, images, video, and audio must represent your brand image. For that, make sure to stay human in using social media for business. Use pictures or sentences that are generally acceptable to the general public, without leaving the impression that they violate politeness or are inappropriate.

Ignore the Visitor

The faster you respond to visitors’ comments or responses, the happier they will be with your brand service. When visitors leave comments, make sure you reply to them. Don’t forget to be friendly in response to positive or negative comments. Visitors are the prospects you should prioritize.

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Do not Have Long-Term Commitments

Many business brands are passionate about using social media marketing, but only for a moment. After a month or two, their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages are back inactive and forgotten. Usually, this happens due to the absence of human resources prepared by the company to be in charge of managing their social media. So, try to include social media as an important part of your business every day.

Wrong in Using Social Media

Make sure that the branding you do is appropriate and consistent for all social media platforms. Adjust all content for each existing social media, including the type and size of the content. For example, the size of the images you can upload on Instagram is different than on Facebook or Twitter. Or the video content duration is limited for Instagram but not on Facebook. Regardless of all that, make sure that your branding is consistent and clear so that it can be recognized by everyone who sees it from several different social media platforms.

Inconsistent Branding

Using different strategies and approaches for branding on many social media platforms can bring your business down. The reason is, this will confuse the public and not recognize your brand. Using different types of content for each social media platform is fine, but cannot be done for branding efforts.

Too Serious and Rigid

People use social media for fun and get rid of boredom, this should also apply to your business brand. It’s best to avoid creating content that is too serious. Your goal to be active on social media is not only to sell but also to build a brand that is interesting to see. This is what in the long run will have a positive impact.

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Not Providing Complete Information

When creating a social media marketing strategy be it on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other platforms, don’t forget to include brief and complete information about your business brand. How can social media users know and want to relate to you if they don’t know who you are?

Unqualified Content

Not only quantity, but you also have to pay attention to the quality of content for social media. Find out what the netizens or netizens are talking about. And whatever the audience wants to know about your brand. Without quality information and displays, you will lose your followers.

Not Updating

Remember to always update the appearance of your social media pages. For example, changing the cover page and profile photo regularly. Do this so that your followers don’t get bored leaving your social media page.

By avoiding the 11 social media marketing mistakes above, you can now start growing your business through the right marketing strategy on the several social media platforms that you need.

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