11 Online Marketing Tools that you must use for business

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11 Online Marketing Tools that you must use for business

Today, marketing techniques by utilizing online technology are a common thing carried out by various business scales. On this occasion, we will discuss the online marketing tools that you can use to do marketing activities with online media.

If you intend to build a business then you have to control product marketing activities that you can do, and online marketing techniques are techniques that you must understand. You can use various tools for your marketing activities.

Online Marketing Tools that you have to use

1. Canva

When you want to start doing business, then try to build your brand’s identity first by specifying the brand name and its meaning, vision-mission, logo to the font or vibe details you want to show through your brand.

Therefore, Canva has prepared more than 50 thousand templates that you can use for free to design your brand or product display. Starting from the poster package, business cards, logo packages and fonts, brochures, flyers, template menu lists, as well as various images that you can choose with various sizes for social media.

2. Trello

After determining how the brand and display of your product, it’s time for you to do planning activities. In addition to social media, you can also use Trello to carry out the organizing activities all the preparations you need to market a brand.

You can also take advantage of this website to create a checklist, upload files or photos, and invite other members to collaborate with you.

3. Hootsuite

You can use this web feature to carry out organizing activities on your business social media, whether for uploading purposes, responses from social media followers or customers from a variety of social media platforms that you can use for your activities or marketing interests.

If your business does not involve many accounts on social media on the same platform, then you can use a professional package for Rp. 400 thousand per month. However, if your business is a agency inside, it must take care of the social media owned by clients, then use a team package, business, or enterprise for Rp 1.8 million per month.

But, if the Hootsuite is still considered expensive, then you can use the buffer. The buffer application also offers many of the same services, but at a more friendly price, they also provide a price list that you can customize with your business needs. You can start using a 200 thousand Pro package, or premium and business packages that are priced at prices starting at 900 thousand.

4. Semrush, Ahrefs, Google Trends

If you have managed Visual Brand and Social Media, now it’s time to start making a business website. After creating a website, you can use the three online marketing tools above to determine your business keywords.

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Try starting by visiting the website above. Besides being able to display useful information for your audience, you can also increase brand awareness if your website manages to occupy the first page on the search engine.

5. Yoast SEO

Online Marketing Tools This one shaped plugin or software code that is useful for running certain functions on your WordPress CMS. This plugin serves to determine the keyword focus and analyze the contents of your article to be more easier to detect by search engines.

This feature will help increase your website ranking so that you can increase so that your business can also experience an increase in brand awareness on the Internet.

6. Unsplash

This website provides hundreds of thousands of professional photos, so you can maximize the content you make to be able to complete the entire visual marketing display, such as building images, food, or nature, and various experimental photos that you can use.

Unsplash also even provides free photos, although credit inclusion is more appreciated by this website. The photos provided by this website are also original files with very high quality.

7. GetResponse

When you have started uploading various content related to your website business, make sure that your prospective audience can get that information. You can use the Email Online Marketing Tool.


Email is a way of the most personal approach, therefore, try to create content and email language that is more friendly and not rigid, so that e-mail recipients feel confident that your product is something they really need.

8. Facebook Pixel

In order for your online marketing tools to be more complete, try to analyze websites to check the development of your website. Two online marketing tools that you can use are Facebook pixels and Google Analytics.

Even though it has the same function, but there is one difference between these two tools, namely Google Analytic is a code that you have to input on your website manually, while Facebook pixels must be installed in the form of plugins on your website.

9. Google Ads

Google ADS is a Marketing Tools that you can use to create ad campaigns for your business. You can use these tools to create ads in text, video, visual displays, and storefronts for your various products. Various types of Google ads that you can use to do your campaign activities are:

  • Google Adwords

With Google AdWords, you can create a Google search engine placing your website page top ranked on search engines when internet users search for keywords that match the product you are offering.

  • Google Display Network (GDN)
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The Google Advertising feature will display your ad more attractively, because GDN will provide a slot to place a banner or posters on a website that is indeed relevant to your brand or product. However, you must make a banner or poster with a variety of sizes so that it can be on display on the relevant site.

10. Facebook ADS and Twitter ads

Besides Google Ads, there are other DUAT tools that are useful for installing advertisements that you can use on social media, namely Facebook ADS and also Twitter ads. Facebook Ads is a service from Facebook that you can use for account promotion activities or your uploads on social media, such as Instagram and Facebook.

You can also do advertising on Twitter ADS Manager in two ways, namely promote methods that can upload the previous tweet you can set and you schedule before, the second is Quick Promoting to promote certain tweets.

11. Slack

Communication is the main key in all life forms, including in business. Slack is one of the applications that you can make to communicate, both for life or business.

You can communicate with your coworkers at any time and with many ways. Why is the slack important? Because you certainly need your own space to talk about other things outside of work, and if you use one application, it will certainly be a mess.

Therefore Slack is very important. Slack appears with various adjustments so it can be more fun, but still formal and serious.

This tool allows you to be able to make many of the Saluate names. The channel in question is like a group, where you can communicate with friends who are in the group. You can also make channels per division such as #TimDeveloper, #Timmarketing etc. All you can use in one place.

Another thing that is able to make this application so strong is the convenience, because this tool has been integrated with all software that might have been used by your team. Slack is a very efficient and fun application, so your team can be easier to communicate.


So, have you started to understand and choose what marketing tools can you use to launch your business activities online?

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