10 Ways to Make Money from YouTube

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10 Ways to Make Money from YouTube

10 Ways to Make Money from YouTube

There are lots of articles that promise you that the ways they convey are how to make money from YouTube. However, you need to be vigilant because most tips offered are only a series of cliche motivational words, you can only change your way of thinking or discussing things on the surface.

Do not give up! We will explain directly on target if you are serious about wanting to get money from YouTube!

Making money from YouTube can be said to be easily difficult, maybe listening to some tips on how to make money from youtube below can help you to build your YouTube channel.

1. Make Youtube Channel

How to get the first money from youtube is by creating an account first on YouTube if you don’t have it yet. Try signing in to YouTube (you can use a Google account to enter and register, compared to fill in all data form again from the start).

Then make your channel. Think about what name is interesting for your YouTube channel and how the concept of your channel, how the theme or channel character is compared to similar channels or channels.

2. Monetizing Youtube Channel

How to Monetize Youtube is not too complicated. Try signing in to your YouTube account, select the “Account Information” menu located on the top right, and click “Creator Studio”. Then, on the menu on the left, select “Channel” and click “Status and Features”. Finally, select “Enable Monetisation”. Then approve the existing agreement. That’s how you make a youtube channel you can make money or their monetization.

3. Connect YouTube Channel to Adsense

After activating the monetization on your Youtube Channel, you need to do the Associate and Approved Adsense Account to your YouTube account. Later there will be a Youtube Analytic feature that you can use to track your income, which will be able to pay off only if you complete or follow the existing Youtube Payment Threshold.

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4. Optimizing monetization function

To get money from YouTube by optimizing your Youtube Channel, some of the following criteria need to fulfill or follow:

  • Video must be user-friendly
  • The content must be your original work to be promoted
  • Copyrighted Videos that you are plagiarized from the internet will not produce anything so it’s better to undo your intention to do the plagiarization
  • Your video must pay attention to the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines that have been made by Youtube
  • Once your video is activated the monetization function, some ads will appear in your next video.

5. Promote online stores via video

How to get money from the next youtube related to the Conversion rate. If you are responsible for a particular company or business, you can make your YouTube channel an opportunity to increase your Conversion Rate.

Make content that shows how good and interesting products you want to highlight through soft promotion. Then link to your Product Page in your YouTube Video Description column.


This is often done by Vloggers who want to sell something subtly. For example, in music videos usually many of the specific products used by the main stars or singers.

6. Selling videos on video sales websites

Getting money from YouTube can also sell your videos on a commercial website that provides the means for you video-maker to sell your work. So, on YouTube, you can upload a show in the form of a teaser and direct your audience to pay if you want to watch the full version.

7. Direct Traffic to the affiliate link

Affiliate marketing is an opportunity to make money online which is very popular. The problem is that so many affiliate marketers do not present how the details of the efforts needed to generate considerable income.

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Compared to rely on existing blogs to direct people to the affiliate link, try making a cool YouTube channel and use it as a catalyst that can point to the affiliate link.

Along with the development of a growing visual niche, where people begin to lazy to read long-length text, you can also grow your business more rapidly.

8. Interesting Sponsorship

If you observe the famous Youtuber successful on the internet, you must know that in almost all of their YouTube video content there are always sponsorship and advertisement elements. These two aspects they use to make money from YouTube.

9. Live streaming on YouTube

Later, if you already have enough fanbases or fans, you can hold meetings and greet. You might make a routine schedule so that your community can grow.

This activity is done to improve your engagement with your loyal subscribers or audiences. Later, you can also sell products or promote other content during the event and take advantage of this opportunity to get to know who your niche market is more.

10. Make creative and unique videos

You need to think beyond the habit if you want to produce an interesting video to watch from the beginning to the end of the show, then shared again by people until finally being viral content. Next, we will provide examples of the most widely watched videos by people and can make more money than YouTube.

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