10 Tips for Improving Customer Engagement

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10 Tips for Improving Customer Engagement

10 Tips for Improving Customer Engagement

10 Tips for Improving Customer Engagement

Do you care about your customers?

Many brands only care about how customers buy their services or products. Customer involvement may occupy the final position in their marketing strategy list.

Customer experience is not just sales and purchases but also how they feel heard, given satisfactory answers, assist in solving problems that occur, and feel the connection on the brand. It’s a good idea to start entering the strategy of increasing customer involvement in your marketing strategy list.

What is customer involvement?

According to Pride and Ferrel, consumer involvement is the reason consumers feel motivated to find information about a particular product and brand. Customers who feel involved will usually buy more, promote, and show their loyalty to one product or brand.

Businesses that focus on customer involvement focus more on value creation, not income extraction. There are more meaningful things compared to sales promotions namely satisfying customer experience, excellent content or products, and interactive customer service support.

How to Increase Customer Engagement

Some of the ways below can be used to increase customer involvement, so they can multiply the number of loyal and loyal customers to your product.

Use social media

If so far you only use social media only as a marketing tool, now it’s time for you to optimize its use.

One of the leading laptop brands, Lenovo, managed to optimize their social media as a way to increase customer involvement with their products.

Lenovo uses social media as a place to listen to suggestions and complaints from their customers. In this way, Lenovo knows new trends among customers far more than their competitors.

Lenovo managed to attract the attention of their customers after listening to their consumer conversations online such as color choices for laptops. This brand then uses this suggestion in making their products and the results: their customers get more relevant products.

By optimizing the use of social media from a promotional tool to be more focused on customers, Lenovo managed to gain the trust of their prospective customers and old customers.

Advice on free

Compared to paying a suggestion, customers certainly prefer to get it for free.

Darren Slaughter who runs a marketing agent who only serves home repair contractors explains their strategies in increasing customer involvement.

The most important way done by Darren is to write on the blog. There are around 1,500 posts on their website on construction marketing that help contractors do their marketing.

Customers who have problems will contact them and they will provide free assistance without convincing them to use Darren’s services.

If you don’t want to write as many as 1,500 articles, Carrie Wood, which is the head of marketing in Lease Ref, which reviews real estate rental advertisements also provides advice through writing on their company blog.

Carrie targets the writing to the dentist. Blog Lease Ref contains articles on dentist errors in updating their rental contracts. According to Carrie, dentists need a unique place with many types of equipment, they get more specific suggestions. Lease ref also advertises their blog through Facebook ads that direct them to blog posts that suit their needs.

This method can increase the traffic lease ref from dentists and many of its visitors become loyal customers.

Increase customer service

The leading guard in dealing with complaints or questions and suggestions from customers is Customer Service. Customers who feel helped and satisfied with their ministry will certainly use your product and will even promote your brand as one of the brands that have excellent and satisfying customer service.

In serving customers, it is important to remember that each customer wants you to understand their needs and that their needs are following your brand. Your staff must be very helpful and communicate well with customers. A study by New Voice Media found that around 42% of customers will switch to competitors if their calls are handled by staff who are not polite or not helpful.

Conservative companies certainly have difficulty closer to customers without changing your company’s formal tone and content. However, this can be overcome by using someone who understands your products and brands and is also a reliable communicator.

You can use the employee to be a leader who helps your brand closer to customers. Allow them to build your personality and promote your brand such as writing blogs, videos, speakers in seminars, publishing ebooks, or other ways that can help promote your brand and increase consumer involvement.

Show customers that you don’t pursue their money, but their beliefs and loyalty will be your brand. When customer service is your top priority, customers will more trust and greatly help you get new customers.

Create contests for product ideas in the future

Ask your customer’s opinion about the current product and suggestions or ideas for products in the future.

Don’t be surprised to see how high the customer desires to provide advice and ideas for your product. In this way, you can improve customer’s emotional relationships with your brand.

For example, Domino’s Pizza offers gifts for customers who create their pizza versions through were Domino’s, Pizza Mogul. Customers are then allowed to share and sell their recipes on social media.

Cooperating with consumers makes customers feel part of your company’s success. They will also be proud to know your company is successful and can make them one loyal customer.

Requests and gifts to improve satisfaction

Who doesn’t like to get something after doing something? When you send a request to give a review, follow customer satisfaction surveys, or contact customers who have long been inactive, provide gifts for the time they have provided.

Many brands provide discounts or coupons to customers who have previously made purchases. Not only customers feel happy to get something, but they will also feel a better relationship with your brand after giving a review.

In addition to reviews or surveys, you can give a thank you and gift for customers as appreciation has used your brand.

Give more attention to VIP customers, namely customers who have spent a lot of money shop for your product. Appreciation for customers like this can increase your sales and increase their trust.

Spread customer reviews on social media

The social media you have can be used for various things other than to promote the products you offer. You can use it to interact with customers directly, listen to complaints and suggestions, making social media a means of self-approach to customers.

Top social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can be your choice to spread reviews from your customers. Positive reviews will certainly build trust in prospective customers to use your services or product. Prospective customers will certainly be more trusting reviews of other customers than advertising.

Adding a review on Facebook helps increase the duration of customers on your site by as much as 9.9% and 35% if distributed on Twitter. The traffic of a review involves customers more than other traffic-increasing strategies. You can easily show a high level of customer satisfaction as one of the positive values ​​of your brand.

Social Q & A for easy customers

If in non-digital customers the customer will immediately ask employees regarding their opinion of a product, now in the digital era it is replaced by the Social Q & A where customers wherever they can immediately ask about the function of a product or help solve their problems What you sell.

This method provides an opportunity for customers who have previously made a purchase to provide answers or reviews. By providing answers to personal experience, the answer is considered more reliable. It also helps grow connections and trust in your brand.

This strategy is also called a customer-to-customer engagement or involvement between fellow customers. Prospective customers will be more likely to buy your product if you see positive answers from previous customers who have used the products they will buy. Old customers will also remember how their experience uses your product and will likely buy your brand products.

Build Customer Community

Your trusted customers may actively follow the development of your brand on social media. This customer is the most important customer that will help you become an Advocates Brand through mouth-to-mouth promotion.

Building a customer community is one of the most effective but often forgotten ways. Many customers might not always shop for your product but can be your product representative through mouth-to-mouth promotion that helps raise traffic.

You can filter potential customers to help become a customer community leader. Give prizes such as coupons on social media as appreciation for customers who actively follow your social media. Customers who use this coupon can be your Advocate candidate.

Customers can use ways like writing on your company’s blog which is tailored to your brand theme. One good example is Free People. Their fans know the desire of their marketing target so they can create content that attracts new customers.

Similar to 7 points, writing or reviews of fellow customers can build trust in your product.

Use a negative review as a mainstay weapon

Maybe you are confused by the sentence above. Yes, the way you deal with comments and negative reviews can be positive if you do it right.

In the face of complaints of your customers, show that you care and want to help them get to find their problem solutions. Customers who feel their complaints are well responded to and their problems are resolved, will be more likely to return to using your product. In addition, they will also promote not only your brand but also the service of customers you have.

The quality of customer service in serving complaints or negative comments has a very large impact on increasing customer satisfaction and involvement. New customers or prospective customers will feel relieved when seeing complaints of customers handled well and quickly.

Although sometimes it is difficult, honest negative reviews can be one of your business drivers to continue to improve and become the most important drivers of changes in the business.

Do Amal activities

When building a business, you need to have a charity plan as part of the Giving Back to Community program or return to the community.

When customers know that your business is involved in helping the community, they will become more loyal and likely to participate in charity.

One example that you can imitate is Dollardays International. Dollar days have often held many lotions for their customers where the winner is a non-profit organization. For example, Dollardays asked his customers to point to an animal shelter that deserves to win a $ 2,000 shopping voucher. Last December, Dollardays asked consumers to appoint a lucky non-profit organization to get 300 pairs of socks.

At the time the lottery has been completed, the Dollardays client will feel happy because it has helped appoint an organization that deserves the lottery which makes them feel that they have helped with charity.

But keep in mind that your business is a business that still needs profit. Make sure the organization you help with according to what your business offers. Also, make sure the community is at least knowing your charity activities.

For example, if you have a car wash business, you can offer free car wash to local charities that donate a car. Or if you have an animal store, you can hold free animal checks for animal shelters around you.

Doing charitable activities that match your business will more interesting than sending money anonymously every month to a random charity. This is not an egotist thing but a way to help you survive in the business you live.

Customer involvement is not a definite goal but a trip because this strategy will not stop and will continue to grow as the industry develops around you. Listen to requests, complaints, and suggestions from customers to help you find the right way to increase their trust in your brand. Companies that listen to customers are more likely to have many loyal customers.

When customers like your brand, they might return to buy your product. If the customer loves your brand, they will prefer to use your product compared to competitor products.

When customers feel they can not use your brand, not only make them faithful customers but they will also help promote your products to all their friends and relatives.

In the end, whatever the strategy you use, always do it consistently. Give them a consistent experience starting from their first interaction to become loyal customers of your product.

This method will make your brand valued with their trust and loyalty. This is the reason why customer involvement is very important in marketing strategies. For your business to grow and increase the number of customers you don’t forget to advertise through the Froggy Ads service, you can start by advertising your product, so that later you can improve visitors in your online business portal. FROGGY ADS is an online advertising service that can help you control all your product campaigns. Helps you target the targeting target you want and give you many choices to market your product.