10 Secrets of Opening a Successful Grocery Store

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10 Secrets of Opening a Successful Grocery Store

10 Secrets of Opening a Successful Grocery Store

10 Secrets of Opening a Successful Grocery Store

The grocery store can be interpreted as a small shop that is the majority in rural areas even though there are also in urban areas. However, this store is still rarely found in urban areas. Because indeed in the urban area of ​​a supermarket-based majority shopping. Where this supermarket certainly has a cheaper price than a small shop.

Not only in the countryside the owner of this shop is a lot of success, but there are also in urban areas. Although the success of the grocery store in urban areas is still minimal compared to the countryside. Because city people prefer to supermarkets for shopping. The following is exposure to 10 secrets to open a successful grocery store.

1. Strategic place

The first thing is the secret to opening a grocery store so that it can succeed is to choose a strategic place. Where this place is one of the keys if you want to succeed in opening the store. The selection of a very strategic place for this business is a place located in residential areas.

But it is better if indeed the owner of this shop has a house close to residential areas. So that this shop entrepreneur no longer needs to rent a place because it can open the store in front of the house. Because renting a shop or place to open a store requires a lot of capital.

2. Do a survey

The secret of the next success is to conduct a survey first. Where the survey in question is see the needs needed by the surrounding community. Because this can indeed be needed if time is urgent. So that the surrounding community will buy to the grocery store.

On the grounds that the store is the closest place to buy these needs. So it doesn’t take a long time to get these needs. Because indeed these needs must be in a short time to use. In the sense to get the item can save time.

3. Customize it with capital

Capital is necessary and must be owned before opening the store. Because basically this capital is indeed the main thing that must be and considered before opening a business. So this capital must be adjusted to the type of business to be opened because it is feared that the capital is insufficient.

So that this business owner will conduct a capital loan to other people to add business capital. However, it is strongly recommended if the effort to be opened must be in accordance with the capital possessed. Because later it will have a lot of advantages so that the profit will be used to add grocery efforts.

4. Determine the type of product

In determining this type of product it is very clear that the product that will be sold is containing basic necessities and other items. Because it is basically basically to open a grocery store containing basic necessities, drinks, and other needs. So it can be said that this store is a versatile store.

Versatile because it has many types needed items already available according to the needs of the community. Not only that, the price offered is also relatively cheap and has a close distance. In addition, the determination of the type of product for the store is also not used as a difficult problem.

5. Prepare a list of goods to be sold and adjust the price

Next is to prepare a list of items to be sold in the store. Where making this list aims to later there are no forgotten items for sale. Because the contents of this list contain the names of goods to be sold later from small and large goods.

Not only that, this list is also very useful in considering the capital owned. Because in making a list of goods, the price considerations are usually included from the item. In addition, the determination of sales prices can also be adjusted so that they can get a lot of profits.

6. Find a wholesale place

To get a bigger advantage, it’s best to find a place for suppliers of goods that offer cheap prices. Before opening this business is looking for a large grocery store. But it is necessary to know that if the store is used as a supplier of goods can use a wholesale system.

With the aim of using not much capital to meet the goods in the store. But it will benefit a lot or big if it has opened the store owned. The wholesale store is chosen as a supplyer of goods that have a long period of time. But for needs such as rice, vegetables, and so on can buy directly in farmers.

7. Store decoration

The secret of the next success is to provide interesting store decorations so that buyers can be interested in coming to the shop opened. Where the decoration of the store should be compiling goods sold based on the type of goods. With the aim that buyers can feel comfortable when shopping at the store.

Should shop owners make shops with decorations similar to supermarkets in urban areas in general. Where the decoration of this shop can be equipped with AC facilities used as a substitute for a fan. The very important thing is done by always checking the expiration date of goods.

8. Give the best service for consumers

Serving good service to consumers is to provide very good servants for consumers. Where store owners must make consumers come to the store as kings who need good service. This service can be used as one of the positive values ​​for the store.

Not only that, customers or consumers can also be loyal to shopping in the shop opened without moving to other stores. Where other stores are also stores that sell the same items with stores owned. However, if the service provided by another store is better then the customer will move to the store.

9. Provide a warehouse

The warehouse is a place that is usually used as a place to store inventory of goods such as warehouses in the store. Where this warehouse has a function to store stock items owned for the grocery store. So that if the store already has a shortage of goods can immediately take items in the warehouse.

But before, every shop should be recorded for stock incoming goods and goods out. Usually the placement of this warehouse is on the back for each store. But for small stores it is usually rarely found a warehouse to store the goods as inventory.

10. Do promotions and often provide discounts

For shop owners who are still beginners should make promotions first before opening the store officially. Where this promotion is very useful for getting many advantages and also getting customers. This promotion is usually done through online and offline.

In addition, it often provides discounts to customers with certain items. Where determining discounts or discounts is also seen from profit or loss of the item discount. So if the item discounts, business owners still benefit though not large.

That is exposure to 10 successful secrets that must be done before opening the shop business. Where this business can succeed if it has prepared these 10 things to open this business. However, this is often forgotten by prospective shop owners when they want to open a new store.

As you know that opening a grocery store will sell various kinds of products such as basic necessities, drinks and so on. Therefore you need to be more careful about counting various kinds of sales of your sales so that there is no error.

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