10 search engines besides Google that are good and safe

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10 search engines besides Google that are good and safe

10 search engines besides Google that are good and safe

Living in the rapid era of technology development makes us, internet users, don’t want to be bothered with various things, including when looking for something. Fortunately, currently, the internet with all “miracles” has provided various platforms to facilitate search data or information. If you have known Google, this time Froggyads will discuss search engines besides Google that you might not know.

Formed in 1998, Google has now become a major search engine used by around 78% of internet users compared to 4 other search engines with 4.5 billion searches in 2012. But, considering the security of the data you provided to Google turned out to be recorded and spread to advertisers, maybe right now you want to try the search engine besides Google. Starting from Yahoo! Search to Swisscows, here are 10 search engines other than Google with their respective advantages that can support your activities on the search engine.

Yahoo! Search

The search engine created in 1995 became Google’s competitors in the early 2000s. Besides being a search engine, Yahoo! Also has other services, like Yahoo! Mail, News, Finance, Sports, and Answers that you can use to get various kinds of information.

At present, Yahoo! Already working with Bing and Microsoft to provide more relevant search results, this can be seen from the similarity of Yahoo! Search with Bing, the search engine background is always changing.


DuckDuckGo is one of the safest and simple and simple Google search engines that you can use. Following the tagline, “Privacy, simplified,” DuckDuckgo guarantees the privacy of the data you provide when searching so that your search traces will not be detected by advertisers. Therefore, every keyword you are looking for will display popular and general results.


Similar to Google, Bing provides various kinds of information that you can find on one page, such as images, videos, or news related to the keywords you are looking for. Bing has a view of the start page similar to Yahoo! Search, the background is not static. Given that Bing works with Microsoft, you can find a menu to access Microsoft programs, such as MSN, Outlook, and various Microsoft Office programs on the start page.

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Yandex is a Russian-made search engine created in 1997. Through a commitment to help consumers run business in the online and offline world better, Yandex provides features that you can use as a substitute for Google. Not only becoming a search engine, but Yandex also displays its services on the search engine search page, such as images, videos, emails, maps, translators to AppMetrica which are equivalent to Google Analytics.


This one search engine is often referred to as “the Google China.” Because Baidu has mastered more than half of the market share in China in 2018. Besides Baidu, internet users in Panda land using Bilibili as a video-sharing application to replace YouTube. You can also use this search engine to learn Mandarin because every Baidu search page uses Han (Hanzi) script.


In addition to being committed to maintaining data security and user privacy, Swisscows also equipped their website with strict content censorship so it was safe for families. Just like Google, Swisscows also display search results based on general information, images, videos, music, and translation.

Besides, search engines that store data in Switzerland also offer Swisscows Digest, namely machines that can extract information from an article or writing and divide it into keywords and important paragraphs. Of course, this feature can trim the time you need to analyze content contents.


Although it is ranked 38.215 per October 2019, it does not mean you can’t rely on Dogpile. Because, Dogpile search results are a compilation of several search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, Yandex, and MSN. Although the look looks rather old, Dogpile claimed that they could display 50% of search results more than other search engines.


Just like Duckduckgo, Gibiru has also committed to maintaining the security of the data you have. This commitment is marked by some information that Gibiru aired on its main website. In contrast to Google, Gibiru admitted that they only received commissions when users purchased a website that was searched through Gibiru and they did not sell data to benefit.

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StartPage believes that personal data should only be saved alone, not stored in Big Data, therefore, StartPage guarantees that they do not take the data we provide in their search engines. This search engine buys the search feature provided by Google and uses their facilities to eliminate the Personalized ADS which is usually used by Google.

As a result, StartPage deeply puts forward users to be encouraged to search without fear of being detected, “We want you to like nobody’s watching and search like nobody’s watching.”


Don’t let you misuse ask.com with ask.fm yes. Although currently Ask.Fm has been acquired by Ask.com, but both websites are very different. If Ask.com is a search engine, it is different from Ask.Fm which is more like social media. There are two types of search results that you can browse through Ask.com, namely General Information (Answers) or Video. But unfortunately, even though it’s not as bad as Google, Ask.com instead fulfills its original page with online advertisements.

We all know, there is no one eternal things, including search engines. Maybe you also know some Google services which are finally removed because of lacking interest. Now what, have you entered into search engine qualifications when intending to leave Google?

But, if you still advertise businesses on the Google search site, don’t worry, there are still many internet users who don’t want to be bothered with services that they don’t know. To learn the search engine algorithm other than Google above and enter the initial search page, it’s a good idea if you make and redesign your website to faster and look attractive.

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