10 proven online marketing strategies and mandatory

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10 proven online marketing strategies and mandatory

10 proven online marketing strategies and mandatory

Currently in an all-digital era all turn to the online method. Starting from ordering goods, shipping, payment to marketing is also carried out online. As entrepreneurs, of course you are required to have insight into broad online marketing strategies that can help increase awareness and product turnover sold.

Want to know online marketing strategies that can be adapted by your business? The following are the 10 online marketing strategies, it must be tried by entrepreneurs. Both beginner entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who have been experienced for years.

1. Content marketing.

The first online marketing strategy is Content Marketing. Content Marketing is a strategy carried out by business actors by providing information relating to the business that is being involved.

The information provided can be a history of dealing with products or product raw materials, unique facts, variety of types, benefits and tips for storing and maintaining the product.

Information delivered with this strategy can be packaged in the form of narrative articles, images such as infographics and comics, as well as tutorial videos and reviews.

Then, the information is uploaded through the official social media account of the company or the product. Usually the useful information will be reuploaded and repost in a variety of social media such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and many more.

2. Visual Marketing.

The second online marketing strategy is through Visual Marketing. Visual Marketing is actually part of the Content Marketing that focuses on visual media such as illustration images and digital graphics, photos and videos.

Visual marketing techniques are developed further because 1 image is able to tell the whole state of a variety of viewpoints.

Moreover, reading interest in text-shaped content is very minimal in Indonesia. So, visual media is more effective especially for audiovisual media. In a picture or video can represent the overall detail of the information you want to deliver.

Usually, to make this kind of thing search for graphic designers, video editors, or graduates of visual communication design to increase awareness of the products to be sold.

Then, the visual media can be distributed through Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and the official product website.

3. Mobile Marketing.

Next is a mobile marketing as a digital era marketing strategy specifically for audiences with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

This mobile marketing is the development of Content Marketing after research on order methods that are carried out by consumers through smartphones than PCs.

Where the mobile display is a customized website display, but the display of web applications and media displayed with mobile mode will feel more user friendly.

4. Continuous Marketing.

Continuous Marketing is a continuous or sustainable marketing marketing on social media. For continuous marketing it is usually offered by the social media platform.

Usually, social media applications already have algorithms for target audiences ranging from gender, age range, interest, and range areas.

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As an entrepreneur who will use this online marketing strategy, it should be noted that it should have valid data along with the analysis. In order for inputting the audience criteria targeted in accordance with the target market that really has the potential to buy marketed products.

This is because the cost of doing this strategy is also quite high.

5. Integrated Digital Marketing

Next is Integrated Digital Marketing. From its name it can be imagined if this strategy utilizes all aspects of digital resources to market products.

Digital resources in the form of websites, blogs, applications, social media, and YouTube channels as a media to reach a wider market.

The digital resources contain product reviews, tutorials, order canals, to customer service. This is done to attract an audience of a product, the more complete digital resources owned, it will provide the impression of the company is a credible company and quality products.

6. Personalized Marketing.

There are also Personalized Marketing, which can be interpreted with personal marketing so that the products offered are likely to be needed by the target audience with a demographic approach.

This marketing process makes your prospective consumers feel more appreciated because of a personal approach. This method itself must pay attention to more detailed data and social media user algorithms that are the target audience.

In order for this method to be more effective, it is needed by IT experts to test existing data, marketing experts related to target markets to be intended, and content experts related to information and visual arrangement of the products offered.

7. Affiliate Marketing

The term affiliate marketing refers to online marketing strategies conducted by two parties to benefit together.

This method is usually done by fellow entrepreneurs who collaborate like shoe stores with shoe washing services. The two fields of the business have the same target market and audience. In addition, the relationship between the two fields of the business is interconnected so that by mutual reference can be one of the effective strategies.

Then, besides cooperating with business owners, working with influencers, both bloggers, vloggers, youtuber, even celebrities are one form of affiliate marketing.

Influencers can recommend products or services on their social media, then provide referral codes as a form of cooperation. Next, every sale with the referral code, influencer will obtain the results for the results or commission.

8. Search Engine Optimization

Then, there are online marketing strategies by optimizing the website. This method is often called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

This is done so that the company’s website or product can appear first in search of search engines like Google. When the website is at the top, it is likely that the audience will visit the website and have the potential to buy products.

For this marketing strategy usually uses articles with certain keywords and long-determined words.

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Then using Meta Tags, namely giving a title tag with a meta description that functions to simplify the search engine in understanding the contents of a website. As well as, use backlinks that are useful for referring to the website they have.

9. Search Engine Marketing

Next, there is a Search Engine Marketing. Overview of Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization are indeed similar to using search engines as their tools.

However, for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an online marketing strategy by placing website ads in the top position in search engines.

Usually, the cost is relatively higher when compared to SEO, because there are target keywords that will apply globally and locally.

10. Social Media Marketing

The last is social media marketing. Of all many online marketing strategies, social media marketing is the easiest to implement. Because almost everyone has a media starting from WhatsApp, Line, Facebook, Twitter, and which is on the rise at this time is Instagram.

Social Media Marketing depends very much on Content Marketing. If the content marketing contains the right information, it can be ascertained that social media marketing will run smoothly. Because the majority of new customers are obtained through this strategy.


Well, 10 online marketing strategies above must be tried. Because it is proven to be effective in bringing new customers and increasing awareness of products and services sold. Don’t forget also to evaluate every promotion.

Also make sure you have mature planning for budgeting marketing costs to get optimal results.

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