10 Product Marketing Strategies with the Most Attractive Discounts

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10 Product Marketing Strategies with the Most Attractive Discounts

As we all know that discounts are one of the most preferred things, especially for those who like shopping. Various discount promos are provided by malls, supermarkets, restaurants, and modern stores which make it always crowded with consumers who want to get cheaper prices. Even though the price is already marked up, most people are still interested in the discount label.

Discounts or rebates are one of the product marketing strategies in business that have proven to be still effective today. Many business people from small to large levels use this strategy. Consumers do not need these goods, but, because there is a discount label, these consumers become forgetful. Indeed, the strategy of providing discounts can make consumers act more consumptive.

However, in its application, discounts need to carry out a correct and precise strategy so that sales turnover can increase so that the benefits obtained can increase. Then how to do the best-discounted marketing strategy?

Discount Time

The first strategy is to provide discounts at certain times. For example, giving shopping discounts in the middle of the night, or giving discounts with certain time limits. By providing such a time limit, it will certainly attract more consumers to come shopping. Such as “75% discount for purchases above 22.00”.

Early Month Discount

The beginning of the month is the time when most workers are paid a salary. So, giving a discount at the beginning of each month will be more effective, because surely the money from the salary is still not much used for daily needs. For example, “20% discount on all items for every 1-5 date”.

Discount For Birthday

Many have applied discounts for those who are celebrating birthdays. This discount is often found in cafes, restaurants, beauty clinics. Usually, the conditions submitted only show the KTP to check whether the truth is the same or not. For example, “50% discount for those who have birthdays in May”.

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Discount by name

Some restaurants already use a name-based discount strategy like this. Usually, the names chosen are familiar so that many people get a discount. For example, “For visitors named Agus, Adi, Dwi, Eko, Putri, Ayu, Eka, today get a discount on a meal and drink package”. Using this strategy will be more attractive to potential customers, especially those whose names are included in the discount promo.

Buy One Get One Discount

This one-get-one discount strategy is most often found in malls or supermarkets. Indeed, usually the price has been increased first before being discounted, but for those who don’t know about the price, this is certainly very attractive. For example, “Buy trousers one get one free for purchases over $ 40”.

Post and Discount

Provide a 25% discount for those who post products they will buy through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others accompanied by interesting words about the product purchased and tagging at least 5 friends on their social media accounts. This method has proven to be effective in attracting consumers, especially young people, besides that by posting on social media and tagging friends this can also make free promotions of our business, if 100 people buy a day it means 500 people know the product.

Credit Card User Discounts

The strategy of providing discounts for credit card users is widely used today because many people currently use credit cards. Indeed, credit card users will be spoiled by attractive promos every time. Moreover, it is usually found in malls, restaurants, and online stores. For example, “20% discount for credit card users with a minimum purchase of $ 200”.

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Cashback Discount

Cashback is giving a discount in the form of change, not a discount like a discount. By giving cashback to every buyer who comes, this is no less attractive than a discount, especially when cashback is given directly in cash. For example, “Get $ 50 cash back for every purchase of a Honda Vario 150cc motorcycle”.

Discount Group

Discount group is to give discounts to people who come more than one person. For example, “Invite 5 of your friends and get a 20% discount for every purchase of food and drinks”. This method is considered effective enough to attract consumers to come, especially for those who want to eat with friends at a lower cost. This strategy can also make business turnover increase, usually those who come alone now become clustered.

Member Discount

For those who have a member card, they will usually be treated more preferably than ordinary consumers, such as by giving discounts, points, raffles for every purchase. This member’s strategy aims to keep the business customers owned from moving places, this reason is what makes members treated specifically. To become a member, the requirements are usually not difficult, you only need to prepare your identity card and administrative fees.

Thus the discussion about product marketing strategies by providing the most attractive discounts. Then which discount strategy will you apply to your business? If you have gotten the strategy, don’t forget to advertise through the Froggy Ads service, you can start by advertising your products so that later you can increase visitors on your online business portal. Froggy Ads is an online advertising service that can help you control all your product campaigns. helps you target your desired marketing target and provides you with multiple options for marketing your product.