10 online marketing tools needed when starting a business

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10 online marketing tools needed when starting a business

10 online marketing tools needed when starting a business

Do you want to build a business? Or did you get an offer to become a digital marketer or digital marketer from a business, both your friends or other people? At present, business marketing through online technology has become commonplace by small to medium businesses. This time, Froggyads will discuss the online marketing tools that you can use to market using online media (online).

If you intend to build a business, you also have to be able to control the marketing of the products you will offer. Online marketing is a technique that you need to understand. Don’t be afraid first, these 10 tools might help you. This time we will place you as a business owner who also does marketing for your business.

Canva to build visual brands

When you want to start a business, build your brand’s identity first by determining the name of the brand and its meaning, vision-mission, logo to details such as the font, or Vibe you want to show through your brand. Therefore, Canva has prepared more than 50 thousand templates that you can use for free to design your brand’s display. Starting from logo packages and fonts, posters, business cards, brochures, flyers, templates for menus, as well as various images that you can choose in a variety of sizes for social media.

Trello to organize various plans

After determining how the look and “the nature of your brand, it’s time to plan. Not only for social media, but you can also use Trello to organize all the preparations you need to market the brand. You can also use this one website to make a checklist, upload photos or files, and invite members on your business management list to collaborate.

Hootsuite to manage social media

You can use this website to organize your business’s social media, both for upload, response to social media followers, or customers from various social media platforms that you use to market business.

If your business does not involve many social media accounts on the same platform, you can choose a professional package that is only priced at $19 per month. But, if your business is an agency that takes care of social media owned by clients, use a team package, business, or enterprise with prices ranging from $599 per month.

Semrush / ahrefs / google trends to determine keywords

If Visual Brand and Social Media have been managed, this is the time to start building a business website that you can start by buying a cloud hosting package plus a domain first. After that, you can only use the three websites above to determine your business keywords.

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Start by clicking on each website through the heading above. In addition to providing useful information for the audience, you can also increase brand awareness if your website manages to rank on the first page of the Google search engine.

Yoast SEO To Rank Website Ranking

More technically, this feature is a plugin or software code to run certain functions on the Content Management System (CMS) that you can add after you have a website. The Yoast plugin serves to determine the focus keyword and analyze the contents of the article on your website so that it is easier to detect by SEO on the search engine. This feature can help rank your website up so your business can also experience an increase in brand awareness on the Internet.

Unsplash for photo sources

The website provides hundreds of thousands of professional photos you can use to maximize the content you make to complete your visual marketing appearance, ranging from pictures of food, building, or nature, and experimental photos you can use. Unsplash provides photos with CC: 0 (free without credit to photographers at all), although Credit Participation will be more appreciated. Don’t worry, photos provided in Unsplash are original files with high quality.

Email Marketing Tools: Mailchimp / GetResponse / Sendinblue

When you have started uploading some of your business-related content to the website, make sure your prospective audience gets this information. You can use Email Marketing Tools from three sources on the heading. Email is a way of the most personal approach, therefore, make content and email language that is friendly and not rigid so that the recipient of the email feels that your product is something they need.

Google AnalyticsFacebook Pixel for Website Analysis

Eits, your task is not finished. After equipping the website with various marketing tools above, analyze the website to check the development of your website. Two online marketing tools include Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. Although both serve to analyze the number and behavior of website visitors, but there is one difference between these two tools, which is if Google Analytics is a code attached to the website, it is different from Facebook pixels installed in the form of plugins for the website.

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Google ads for online advertising

Google ADS is a marketing tool that you can use to make campaigns for your business. These tools can make advertisements in the form of visual display, text, video, even storefronts for some of your products. Some types of Google ads that you can apply to implement your campaign are:

  • Google Adwords.

Through Google Adwords, you can make Google put your website top in the search engine when internet users search for keywords that are relevant to the products you offer.

  • Google Display Network (GDN)

This one Google Advertising feature can display your ad more interesting again because GDN provides a slot to put a banner or posters on the website that is relevant to your business, even though you must be able to provide a banner/posters in various sizes to be displayed on the site you are headed.

Facebook ads and Twitter ads for online advertising alternatives

Besides Google Ads, there are two advertising tools that you can use on social media, namely Facebook and Twitter. Facebook ads is a Facebook service that you can use to promote your account or upload on related social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp, an explanation of Facebook ads you can read here.

Not only Facebook, but you can also do promotions on the Twitter Ads Manager through two choices; Promote modes that can upload the tweet you have set up and schedule before, and Quick Promotes to promote certain tweets.


How, have you started to understand what marketing tools can be used to market your business online? When you have created a visual brand for business, even business planning and social media, remember to keep making a website. Pro-tip: Depending on how your strategy, you don’t need to immediately create a website when you first build a business, but however your strategy is an important element to increase your business credibility in the eyes of customers.

For your business to grow and increase the number of customers you don’t forget to advertise through the Froggy Ads service, you can start by advertising your product, so that later you can improve visitors in your online business portal. FROGGY ADS is an online advertising service that can help you control all your product campaigns. Helps you target the targeting target you want and give you many choices to market your product.