10 Online Marketing Tips that are suitable for beginners

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10 Online Marketing Tips that are suitable for beginners

10 Online Marketing Tips that are suitable for beginners

More than some people use the internet in everyday life. The high internet user opens opportunities for marketers to run an online marketing strategy. With this strategy, product introduction and marketing can be done more massively and broadly.

Online Marketing itself is one of the very effective ways to introduce a product to prospective consumers. By using the internet as a Media Marketing, marketers can reach consumers more specifically without the need to spend large costs.

Not only that, marketing online can also be done by anyone. Well, for marketers who have just plunged into the world of online marketing, the following tips for launching marketing strategies online:

1. Build a consumer database

The first thing to do when going to do online marketing is collecting and making a consumer database. Before doing marketing, it is important for marketers to know the characteristics of consumers.

Through the database collected, marketers can map potential consumers. In addition, marketers can also make existing databases as a basis for offering and making marketing content.

2. Consumer oriented

A good marketing plan must make consumers the main focus, as well as marketing online. For this reason, marketers must understand what consumers want.

For starters, marketers can simulate about how consumers can find the product brand offered, then what makes consumers be attracted to product brands and how consumers decide to buy products.

By conducting the simulation, marketers can at least find out the outline of consumer psychological conditions. It is important to do so that marketing carried out can target consumers appropriately.

3. Make a website

After understanding the consumer mindset both, marketers can start marketing. One of the easiest ways to do online marketing is creating a website. Through the website, the products offered will be more convincing.

In digital marketing, websites act like stores in the real world. Through the website, marketers can accommodate all traffic ranging from social media to email marketing.

In addition, the website can also display information about the products offered completely. By utilizing websites as marketing media, marketers can capture more consumers, because most consumers trust products marketed through websites than social media alone.

4. Make a Content Marketing

The main objective of a marketer to do marketing online is to increase consumer awareness about the product brand offered. One way that can be taken is to make a content marketing.

In order for consumers to realize and be interested in the products offered, Content Marketing must be made as attractive as possible. There are many forms of content marketing that can be made from writing, infographics to videos. Each type of content marketing has its own uniqueness and advantages.

One thing that needs to be considered when creating a content marketing, namely that the content marketing aims to increase brand awareness or consumer awareness of a product. Therefore, as much as possible avoid product deals when making a content marketing.

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5. Increase Traffic with SEO

Even though the website is the right media to do digital marketing, but if the website traffic is quiet, then it has no meaning. Therefore, marketers must ensure that website traffic is always crowded. One of the easiest way is to optimize SEO.

If the website can optimize SEO well, it is likely that the website can appear on the first page of search engines. The emergence of websites on search engines is an advantage because most consumers begin product search through search engines.

6. Make email marketing

Email marketing is a strategy that is quite effective in capturing consumers or increasing consumer awareness of a product. Unlike other online marketing media, email marketing targets more personally, namely through the inbox.

Almost everyone who has an email will check the inbox when logging into the email. Therefore, the products offered can be directly read by consumers when opening an email. Consumers can even subscribe to email marketing from products if the subject and content written are able to attract consumer attention.

7. Do marketing through social media

More than some internet users have social media, because social media can be a perfect marketing place. However, to achieve success in marketing products through social media, the right strategy is needed.

Before starting to market the product via social media, marketers need to know in advance which social media is widely used by prospective consumers. After determining effective social media, marketers can begin to do marketing through social media.


What needs to be considered when doing social media marketing, ensuring that posted content must be interesting and entertaining. Then, as much as possible avoid using a lot of text and multiply images. This can help attract consumer attention.

8. Utilizing Affiliate Marketing

One way online marketing that can be done by beginners is affiliated with others. This affiliate marketing itself is not something new in the online marketing world.

The way affiliate marketing works is very easy to understand. Marketers can work with anyone and when coworkers can sell products to consumers, marketers or product owners can provide commissions to colleagues.

9. Cooperation with influencers

In collaboration with influencers can help products marketed known by prospective consumers extensively and massively. This is because influencers have a follower that is not small. Not only that, influencer followers are usually often observed by followers as well as their posts.

If the business and products offered are still relatively new, better marketers to work with micro influencers. That way, marketers don’t need to spend too much even though the marketing process keeps running.

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10. Join and active in the online community

For a beginner in the online marketing world, joining an online community related to industry or fields experienced is a brilliant idea. In an online community, marketers can meet with various people or prospective consumers.

From there, marketers can get a lot of information relating to the needs, interests and desires of consumers of a product. Not only that, in the online community, marketers can also find out the problems faced by consumers related products and suggestions from consumers.

Then, using the information used, marketers can improve product quality so that it is more glimpsed.


With the number of internet users and the time spent by users to surf the virtual world, online marketing is a strategy that is very suitable for introducing a product. More if marketers use the right approach.

Online marketing can basically be done by anyone. During marketers can apply the tips above, the marketing that is done will be easier to achieve success, even though marketers are only a beginner.

In addition to the marketing process, another important thing is done in the development of sustainable business is to carry out a good bookkeeping process and according to the applicable standards.

Unfortunately, there are still many business people who don’t realize the importance of the bookkeeping and accounting processes in business, especially to determine the financial health of their business.

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