10+ Marketing Trends 2021 that you must know

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10+ Marketing Trends 2021 that you must know

10 Marketing Trends 2021 that you must know

While still in early 2021, you need to understand marketing trends that might be more rampant this year so that your business is not eaten by technology evolution. A decade ago, the product value and product promotion on a mobile or through the application had just been glimpsed by marketers. Do not stop there, payments through new ways begin to be monitored along with the Role of Content Creator in creating an image or image of a brand.

Following the times, changes in marketing trends were increasingly significant when Artificial Intelligence (AI) began dominating the market competition. If you notice, the role of AI in marketing products or brands is also increasing after 2016. Then, what are the marketing trends that are likely to be loved by marketers in 2021?

Marketing Trends 2021.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI seems to be a prima donna among marketers. Research institutions, Gartner, have even estimated that in 2021, AI technology will be used by almost all software products. At present, at least AI is used by marketers to adjust the ads displayed to target markets online.

In addition, AI can also be used to analyze consumer behavior and find the best patterns. Then, AI also serves to collect data from the social media platform and upload blogs that can later be used to help a business know-how customers can find their products or services. You can start implementing these marketing trends by studying the analysis metrics of the website presented on Google Analytics. The following is the reason why you need AI that has been summarized by HABR.

Live chat or chatbot

Based on research from Gartner, Chatbot or Live Chat will dominate 85% of all communications run by the company in marketing. That is, smart communication that can respond to a message quickly today has become a trend that should be glimpsed by the marketer in 2021. What about your business, have started implementing this technique?

Personalize ad

It hasn’t moved far from the discussion about AI, personalized advertising is currently becoming a marketing trend that you can apply through the use of customer data analysis. Not only through the website, but you can also analyze data obtained from the results of advertising videos or engagement results from the content that you uploaded on various social media platforms.

Increasing the number of marketers who use AI technology makes customers need a more humane approach than numbers or automatic sentences that sound like a robot. Plus, the epsilon survey stated that 90% of internet users aged 18-64 years claimed that a personal approach was more attractive to them. No less important, the same research also states that 85% of consumers are more interested in subscribing to companies that can offer an experience that can be adjusted to its users.

Video Marketing.

People don’t like to see an ad directly displayed when you see an upload. Therefore, you can bridge the message of the ad you want to convey by attracting the attention of target targets with interesting video marketing. No need to long, you can start making a 1-2 minute video to captivate your target.

Talk about the target, you can not only address the target to B2C but through video marketing, your ad can also be aimed at B2B business relations. Because Impact research shows that 65% of managers of a company visit a website promoted and 39% of them call vendors after being convinced by video marketing. For your information, video marketing doesn’t merely about advertising, there are several types of video marketing that you can make, for example, Web Series, Live Video, Video Tutorials, and the like.

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An influencer is a person who can spread a message that is intended by a brand to the audience. The person chosen to be an influencer is them with a type of niche with a brand that wants to advertise. For example, if your business is engaged in the IT field, you can use influencers who often share technology-themed content.

Some strong reasons why you need to use influencers to capture the target market from your business is because influencers have become marketing trends that start skyrocketing since the middle of the past decade. In addition, the approach made will feel more personal to the target, because you offer to the right people with more amounts rather than advertising on your brand social media. How, interesting right?

Stories on social media

Maybe you have used this feature since 2013 when Snapchat was released in general. About three years later, Instagram also released the same feature nicknamed “Instagram Stories.” This development was followed by WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, then Youtube.

You can use the features provided by various social media platforms to give a touch of FEAR of Missing Out (FOMO) to your target. Because the content uploaded to Stories will only last for approximately 24 hours aka temporary so that your social media followers must be faster if you want to get the information they need from your business. Through this feature, you can also get awareness, engagement, and an increase in website traffic accompanied by affordable costs because you don’t need to incur additional costs if uploading content to this story feature.

Marketing content will continue to dominate SEO

Various websites are competing to increase their content ratings to reach the highest position in the Google search engine. The content that dominated SEO was still one of the marketing trends until 2021. It should not be left behind, you can also apply this to your business.

Besides being useful for increasing awareness for internet users, quality marketing content can also increase the credibility of the brand that you manage or the business you are running. However, Google’s senior webmaster trend analyst John Mueller suggested not too fixated on SEO rankings. Because, the most important thing in pursuing SEO rankings is not a search engine algorithm, but a fast website, relevant links, and weighted content written.

Social Commerce

If you often access Instagram social media through a mobile application, you should have found several stores that sell their products directly on Instagram accounts. How to identify it is easy, when you visit the profile, there will be a basket logo on the top right of the photo. When you open the photo and tap once in the image, there will be a product name and the price of the product displayed.

This is one of the marketing trends called “Social Commerce” or Shoppable Posts that have begun to be applied by Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, even Pinterest. Despite, unfortunately, some of these social media platforms have been immersed in competition for making social commerce on social media accounts. At present, you can still use this feature on Instagram by activating the Instagram shopping feature if your business account has been allowed to sell by Instagram.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

Everyone wants to be known by others, especially on social media whose purpose is indeed known. Therefore, you can use marketing trends as a potential source of marketing techniques if your target market is people who are included in the category of Millennial and Gen Z. Indirectly, Kaesang Pangarep, which has several business food and drinks have implemented away It’s been a few years ago through Twitter social media.

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However, the techniques made by Kaesang seem to only be optimal if your account already has many followers on social media. If not, you can implement a program carried out by Action Camera products, GoPro, namely repost photos taken by followers using GoPro products. The American company often uploaded content made by followers aka User-Generated Contents which made Gopro social media accounts have a high engagement value.


Search Engine Result Page has been like a fighting arena for websites that want to present the most useful articles or content that can attract visitors in search engines, especially Google. When an article is already ranked top, you can be beautiful. However, at this time the marketers and businessmen who pursued the SEO target had begun to glance at the position of zero or SERP position Zero.

Not much different from the SERP, Knowledge Graph Box is also one of the marketing trends which will be in demand by marketers due to the reliability offered. If you don’t know, “Knowledge Graph Box” is the box to the right of the SERP page that contains a summary of the information you need when using a search engine, for example like the image below. Having the same concept as SERP POSITION ZERO, Knowledge Graph Box is also a throne that is dreamed of various websites.

Website security

No less important, it turns out that the security of the website is also one of the marketing trends that are still targeted by marketers and business people in promoting products. Of course, because the speed of a website can provide a positive impact on credibility to business or organizational stability that uses a website as a means of communication. Starting from the convenience of visitors when accessing the website until the ease of search engine analyzes SEO quality into two advantages offered by a fast website.

There are some things you need to pay attention to if you want to have a fast website. First, make sure you have chosen the right hosting to always be reliable, then use the plugin to speed up the website so you don’t have to bother doing data optimization on the website, and don’t forget to look for a cloud hosting provider that can help you 24/7 when you face a problem on the website. Furthermore, make sure your website is safe so that data stored (both your death or visitor data) is not misused by irresponsible parties.


Some points on the list of marketing trends may be heard troublesome. But rather than feeling scared, you better use this opportunity to challenge yourself. Whatever is the way you want to practice, success must always be covered by fear of failure.

However, also limit yourself so that it is not too sinking in the marketing trends 2021 which might look still rather impossible for you, because the dynamism of the digital marketing world will continue to move quickly. These are some of the simplest marketing trends that you can apply. Don’t hesitate to keep trying and improvising, yes!

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