10 Google Apps that you must download from the Play Store

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10 Google Apps that you must download from the Play Store

10 Google Apps that you must download from the Play Store

You smartphone users, definitely want to have a variety of applications that can facilitate your daily work. Here we will give a list of Google Apps that you must download from the Play Store.

In addition to being a giant disaster engine with more than trillions of users around the world, Google also makes various applications useful for its users. Quiet, all applications that we recommend the following are also free of charge because it’s free from Google!

Google application recommendations that you must have

We summarize the 10 best Google Apps that we have stacked based on the priority of usability/benefits. See more!

Google Maps.

Compared to WAZE applications (Alternative Maps of Google), Google Maps provides more routes for different modes of transportation.

In addition, Google Maps also provides online transportation information (such as gojek and grab) which is equipped with time estimates and travel costs.

Google Maps is also integrated with Google Street View that can provide the latest photos from a location. Of course, this will make it easier for you to find locations accurately.

In the update, Google Maps also provides indoor maps (indoor maps) for crowded points such as malls and theme parks.

Google Mail

Google Mail, or better known as Gmail, is the most popular email application in the world with a total of 5 billion + downloads on the Google Play Store.

With this Google Mail application, you can access various other applications that have been integrated with Google.

In this application, there are also grouping features that divide your email into certain folders. This will make it easier for you to sort out which email is important, and which is not a priority.

In addition to using a Google account, you can also use POP3 and IMAP e-mail accounts, so that it simplifies non-Google email accounts users.

Google Search

Google Search is an application that is very helpful in various situations. This Google Application can help you find answers to almost all questions.

Even if you want to find out the title, singer, and lyrics of a song, you can find it with a voice search.

In addition, Google Search is also integrated with various other Google applications such as Google Maps, YouTube, Google Photos, and Google Discover. This will certainly make it easier for you to find the search needs and consumption of everyday content.

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Google Board

Google Board, or abbreviated as a board, is a board application tap for smartphones equipped with various useful features.

One of the most popular features is Voice Typing and Swipe Typing (Sliding Writing). Both of these features allow the Google Board application users to type quickly and easily.

In addition, you can also set various aspects of this board.

Aspects that can be arranged include the high keyboard, themes, language, spelling justification, dictionary, and writing language.

Google Drive

One of the main advantages of Google Drive as Cloud Storage is its integration with Google Docs and GSUITE (Google-based business email application).

This integration will certainly cause Google users to be increasingly loyal to Google products.

For free accounts, you will get a storage room of 15 GB. This capacity will also be reduced by the use of Gmail and Google Photos. If you run out of space, you can buy additional storage ranging from 100GB to 2 TB.

For those of you who often run out of storage space on your smartphone, you must download this Google Drive application.


The Snapseed application is the result of the Nik software Kembangan which was then acquired by Google. This one photo editor application is predicted as the main rival of VSCO and Photoshop Mobile which is a favorite of mobile photography fans.

Snapseed also offers advanced features such as brush, Heal, Clone Stamp, and others. Must download this Google One application for those of you who like photos with smartphones.

Google Primer

Google launches an application for smartphones to provide courses on digital marketing at a startup/pilot business.

Primary is a mobile application that aims for business experts to share knowledge, tips, quizzes, case studies, and insights in running a business.

The application from Google can help you get a customer and avoid business errors that often occur.

Learning about marketing that you can on Google Primers includes content marketing, media coverage, search engine marketing, and still other digital marketing materials.

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For business people, MSMEs and freelance must download the Google Primary application.

Google Keep

Google Keep is a Notebook (Notes) application made by Google released in 2013. This application can make it easier for you to record something in various formats, such as writing, hand graffiti, images, and sound.

Of course, this will facilitate your productivity. Google Keep also makes it easier for you to remember the ideas that are busy when outside.

One of the advantages of Google Keep is its availability on many devices at once. This allows you to synchronize records on the cellphone to be checked on the computer, and vice versa. So, you don’t need to look many times to see smartphones that can damage concentration.

Google Lens.

Google Lens is a visual search application that uses camera sensors to find the same image from the internet.

This application is very easy for you who often have difficulty looking for the names of goods you want to buy from online stores.

In addition, Google Lens can also read barcodes, QR CODE, and take text from the photos you take.

Google Translate

Google Translate has become a day-to-day translation solution for billions of users.

With technology development, now Google Translate can directly translate writing from your smartphone camera.

This is certainly very helpful for those of you who often travel abroad to read signs, menus, shop names, and so on.

In addition, there is also a translation feature of audio. So you can directly communicate in a foreign language.


Well, that’s some Google APSS that you must download on the Play Store. Some applications you can use to add insight, while others can facilitate your work every day.

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