10 favorable home business opportunities

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10 favorable home business opportunities

10 favorable home business opportunities

Home business opportunities with small capital ‘may sound less promising for some people. Many large businesses starting from houses with not so large capital. However, if done earnestly, home business opportunities can deliver you become a larger business owner.

Although it is called “small capital”, but you still must have capital. Not only about the matter, but the capital in question can also be in the form of business knowledge. There are two business categories that you can run, namely offline and online businesses. Besides the category, you can also find profitable business inspiration from this article.

Offline home business

Since the Pandemic Covid-19 began to affect normal activities, inevitably the public must be able to survive not to leave the house. Therefore, some profitable business ideas that can be done from this house might be an inspiration for you.

Although not entirely offline, because you have to use the internet to promote yourself and communicate with customers, but at least the production activities of some of the following home business opportunities can be done without the internet or offline.

Culinary business

Selling food is one of the favorable home business opportunities, considering that everyone needs food. Determine the market that you will target and find out how to promote your food products, for example, promotions on Instagram. Don’t forget, make sure the food ingredients you use hygienic and quality.

Laundry Clothing Business

If you have a washing machine, it doesn’t hurt if you offer a clothing laundry business calculated per kilogram. It would be better if you have additional capital in the form of a washing machine or budget to buy a special laundry washing machine. But most importantly, make sure that you can guarantee the cleanliness of the clothes you have washed, huh!

Clothing maker

Do you have a passion for the field of fashion? If yes, maybe this is your chance to develop yourself. Make some samples of clothes first and promote them on social media. Then after receiving several orders, you can start producing your design results in a larger amount.

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Decorative fish farming

This home business opportunity can provide a big advantage if done properly. However, of course, you have to understand the target market and the types of fish that are usually sold along with the price range. Also, make sure you understand how to take care of the correct fish.

Electronic goods repair services

Not everyone understands how to repair electronic goods. At the same time, all electronic items will be damaged in time. If you have the ability or understanding in repairing electronic goods, why not be used to benefit? Not bad, right?

Event Organizer.

Although after the commencement of a pandemic some many events or events are canceled, slowly this business can return to breathing. However, you must know how to ensure the event can run successfully and the health protocol is still being carried out.

This business may require a little initial capital. Therefore, you can outsmart it by renting some items from other places. But still, the originality of the idea must be from you.

Home business online

Not only offline, but there are also various types of online businesses that you can do without the need to leave the house. But don’t forget, prepare an internet connection and an adequate device, huh! After that, see some favorable home business opportunities.

Make a store online

When your trading soul is no longer stopped and at the same time there are many services that you can maximize, it’s time for you to hone the ability to sell online. You can make your online store.

If you don’t have enough capital to produce yourself, maybe you can run a business with a reseller or dropship system. However, make sure you understand how to promote the product on social media.

Virtual Photographer

Have you ever heard of virtual photography? This term began to be famous for several months since the public was required to isolate themselves at home. Without limited by distance, photography activities turned out to still be done virtually through video calls. Maybe you can also hone your photographic skills with this home business opportunity.

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Website Make Services

Given that many people start making their business from home, you can take advantage of this situation to open services to make and manage websites. Besides not requiring large capital, you can also hone your skills about websites, both SEO basics, and website designing.

Even though you are not obliged to master coding and programming, but at least you have to understand the concept and how to create a website. In addition, don’t forget to use the cheap and trusted cloud hosting services from Dewaweb which are guaranteed to be fast, safe, and always reliable, huh!

Graphic Design Services

The amount of time spent while you can use it at home to try this profitable business, especially if you have an interest in graphic design. Not only opening graphic design services according to the request of others, but you can also make a design according to your wishes that can be printed as other shirts, mugs, or merchandise. Interested?

Freelance writer

This home business opportunity is perfect for those of you who like to write. How not, if it becomes a freelance writer, you will write more often with various topics according to your client’s request. Surely it will be a challenge, right?


Are you interested in trying one of the 10 businesses above? Or maybe, have you tried it? Whatever home business opportunities you choose, don’t forget to stay focused and serious when doing it. Learning from the failure of others is also no less important than seeing the success of others. For your business to grow and increase the number of customers you don’t forget to advertise through the Froggy Ads service, you can start by advertising your product, so that later you can improve visitors in your online business portal. FROGGY ADS is an online advertising service that can help you control all your product campaigns. Helps you target the targeting target you want and give you many choices to market your product.