10 businesses for students, interested in trying?

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10 businesses for students, interested in trying?

10 businesses for students interested in trying

The lecture is a time when you don’t have much time to relax because by becoming a student, you should have become “expert” students. This means, you can adjust your own time and you can also start looking for ways to get a source of income in the narrow-time free time. Therefore, Dewaweb will discuss 10 businesses for students specifically made for you.

Besides being a means of building relationships, you can also use the world of lectures as a means of developing yourself. Starting from thinking more critically, creative to think out of the box.

For your lecture period not to be in vain by just spending time on campus, you can try several types of businesses for the following students to find luck that might build your career in the future.

Business Options for Students

Types and Print Services Tasks

The task of college is closely related to writing. You can take advantage of this opportunity to open Types and Print Task Task Services. In addition to helping other people, the business for this student can also help you get used to typing a large number. But, don’t forget to do your job too, huh!


If you like teaching or helping others learn, it looks like you can run this one business. Look for friends who also like to teach and invite them to work together to open tutoring. If you don’t bother, you can also open private tutoring services for school children.

Trip Services

Do you like walking, especially abroad? If yes, this business is one of the business ideas that suits you. Given the services of entrusting or a business that is currently trending, it doesn’t hurt if you use this opportunity to benefit.

Buy baggage with a rather large amount to accommodate depiction items and don’t forget to understand the rules of import goods to your country so you can handle problems that might be faced at the airport.

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Laptop / Computer Service

The problem of laptops or computer errors will often be experienced by students, and not everyone understands how to repair damage to their electronic devices. This is one of the opportunities you can take if you understand the ins and outs of a computer or laptop.

Not only to handle software problems, but you can also learn how to deal with problems on hardware so that when you experience it, you already know what to do.

Graphic design

If you can afford and like to design certain styles, business for students this one must try. Open graphic design services at affordable prices that can hook friends on your campus.

But, make sure you already have a capable tool, like a laptop, computer, or tablet, huh! After that, also for social media accounts or websites to promote the results of your work so that more and more people get the awareness of your business.


Whatever department you are traveling to, you must be able to write. Not only preparing to face the final assignment in the form of scientific work aka thesis, but writing can also help you express your thoughts into writing so that other people can be understood.

You can review, create poems, tips on the topic you like, or essays according to your interests, then put your writing on the website. Later, this website will be a portfolio page that you can use to apply for work or use according to your needs.

Tour Guide

Jakarta Good Guide is one of the services you can enjoy and use as a means of developing public speaking skills. Because this service is a pay-as-you-wish-tour that will bring visitors to walk around several parts of the capital city of Jakarta.

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You can try this service first, then you can register to become one of the tour guides. Speaking ability is the ability that students need to have, therefore, business for students this one seems to be suitable for you!

Online Web Programmer

If you choose a lecture department relevant to web programming, this idea is a suitable choice. What’s more, if programming is one of the hobbies you want to pursue. This business idea can be one way you can learn to do business or just add snack money.

Beverage food business

Business for students requires a greater commitment than other businesses. Therefore, make sure you have a compact team with one of the same vision and enthusiasm so you can face various obstacles that will be faced.

There are several businesses that you can use as a source of inspiration, one example is the processed banana business “Bananugget” which was founded by Natanael Winata when he was in the third-semester lecture in Jakarta.

Website creation services

No less important, this business also requires a fairly large commitment. Moreover, if you get orders from the brand that are in the development stage. The optimal website is one of the success factors of a business.

Therefore, make sure you can provide the best service accompanied by the use of the best hosting services that can guarantee the speed and security of the website to always be reliable.


How, from various types of businesses that you can run as a student, what will you do? Or maybe, have you ever tried some of them? Whatever you choose, make sure your business or business is run correctly, huh!

Don’t forget too, education is one of the important things that you must be your priority, therefore, don’t let you waste the opportunity to study. Balance your business activities with college activities. Good luck!