10 Best SEO courses for bloggers 2022 ( ultimate guide)

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Blogging is not easy without a proper Guide. If you want to make money by blogging. Then you need to learn how to do proper blogging. Because blogging is not a website where you publish your content. In blogging, you need a lot of things like website development, SEO, article writing.

10 Best SEO courses for bloggers 2022 ( ultimate guide) 30

These are the main 3 things which you need to learn. But another lot of things which you need to consider is blogging. Which helps you to work properly. Before we dive into the list of best SEO courses for bloggers.

First I’ll give you some most important information. Which you need to learn before blogging. Like What is SEO, how this works, and what type of courses you need to choose. Because if you have a basic idea about these Quarries. Then you are able to choose the right course for you. If you have already knowledge about this. It’s good but must read these all things.

I know you have the knowledge and why you read this all information. Because You better understand and I promise you to learn a lot after this. So let’s start

What is SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It means optimizing your website that increases the chances of visibility in google. SEO has mainly three parts. On-page SEO, off-page SEO, Technical SEO. Onpage SEO means optimizing your website pages to increase the chances of ranking.

Best SEO courses for bloggers
10 Best SEO courses for bloggers 2022 ( ultimate guide) 31

In on-page SEO you need to do keyword research. Which is the most important part Of on-page SEO. If you have a strong grip on keyword research then you easily rank your website. Because without a keyword content is useless. SO in my term focus on keyword research that’s help you.

The next one is technical SEO. which means fixing website technical errors. WHich you found on a website like database errors, theme errors, 404 pages. Also the most important is website speed optimizations. These all are part of technical SEO. Some bloggers or digital marketers ask these are not important in SEO. if you are doing the best SEO courses for bloggers Then you get these types of knowledge.

Yes, this is not important. But in my term, This is the most important. Because this affects your website user experience. Now let’s talk about off-page SEO. Offpage SEO is the most important. But this only works if you’re doing a great on-page and Technical SEO. Offpage SEO is also called off-site SEO. SEO work that you cannot perform on your website.

But it helps you in SEO. Like social media promotion, Linking building, Content marketing. In short, every work which promotes your website that’s called off-page SEO. Most people ask you to make link building. But link building is the most sensitive part of SEO.

Because high-quality links increase your website ranking. And low-quality backlinks penalize your website. so you need to take care of making links. Also, The truth is link building is the black hat SEO technique. Which google cannot allow. Google hates the black hat technique. Don’t Make random backlinks without proper knowledge.

Why SEO important

Because if you have a small-cap business. Then you don’t have money to spend on your paid ads. SEO is the best option for you. Because with simple tweaks and proper guidance. You get a lot of customers from Google. That’s great for Strategy because you cannot pay a single penny on that customer.

Best SEO courses for bloggers
10 Best SEO courses for bloggers 2022 ( ultimate guide) 32

If your customers buy products from your website. That’s land on your website from google. Then you get a lot of profit. Because you can’t spend anything to get clients. Your competitors pay google for ranking and you get free of cost. For example, you have skills and you take courses on them.

And you set the course price at 100$. Then you have two options paid or free. Let’s discuss both because this will help you to better understand. In the paid one you make a course promo video and run ads on social media. or you make a landing page of that course and pay google to use search engine ads.

Then finally you analyze your ROI you see 50$ you spend on one customer. That means you get 50$ profit. Which is good for you but imagine you get 100 % profit. Yes, that’s possible with SEO. Now let’s discuss how this is done. like samely make videos but not course promo video. Make problem-solving videos and upload them on youtube, Instagram.

Put your courses link on your video’s description. As same make problem-solving content on your website. When your website ranks just add your courses link. then you get customers free of cost. Yes, I know SEO is a long process. But SEO is the passive way to earn online. Because you work one time is SEO. and your website rank.

How SEO works

Basically, SEO has main three steps. Which starts with keyword research. After keyword research, the next part is on-page SEO. The last thing is off-page SEO. These are the main thing In every SEO course, every person gives you training on that.

Best SEO courses for bloggers
10 Best SEO courses for bloggers 2022 ( ultimate guide) 33

The process of SEO starts with your right keyword. Basically, Google has three steps for ranking an article. The first one is crawling, When you publish your article. Google crawls your article for new information.

The second step is indexing. Indexing is the step where google decides about your article. That is worth it for use or useless. Because their every sec there are a lot of blogs publish on the same topic. So google decides in this process which content is better for users. and save your article in his database for ranking.

The last step is ranking. WHich is the most important step. after crawling and indexing. Google will apply the 200 ranking factors. If your website meets that signals. Then your website Ranks on the desired position.

Important Tip: When your website meet these all 200 signal. Then google see which is the best website. because your website is not the only website. which meet the 200 signal. Another website is also has in the list. But if you target a keyword that has low competition. and you write great content with SEO.

Then Google doesn’t have another choice for ranking. Every Seo expert has their own experience and technique. My experience says in the start just focus on content with low competition keywords.

What is keyword research

Keyword research is the first step of SEO. WHich is the most important. Because your all SEO is useless without the right keyword. But What is a keyword? A phrase that you search in google for results is called keyword. The technique which you use to find the keywords. Also, the data of keywords like volume, CPC, the difficulty is called keyword research.

Types of keywords

There are two types of keywords. Long-tail keywords and short-tail keywords. Let’s start with short-tail keywords. Short tail keywords have one or two words keywords. Which cannot specify their intent like an egg. SEO is the keyword but what type of information a person needs.

This keyword cannot specify. It is possible a person needs SEO definition, SEO courses, or maybe SEO tools that person needs. The second type of long-tail keywords. Which has 2 or more words like SEO course. This specific the intent of the person. He needs SEO courses articles. That’s the basic difference between long-tail and short-tail keywords.

Useful for You: Free Keyword Research Tool

When you need to learn something with online courses. Then there are two options free and paid. What is the basic difference between free and paid? if you join the free course. It’s like you do some 3-month course. But If you are doing the paid course. it’s like a master class or a 2 to the 3-year diploma you are doing.

Best SEO courses for bloggers
10 Best SEO courses for bloggers 2022 ( ultimate guide) 34

That’s not mean paid courses are good and free ones are not good. Before joining, courses must check the person who gives you classes. Like if a person is well known and has a lot of achievements related to the topic. That’s mean that person gives you his lifetime experience in that course.

But your teachers cannot have achievement and only give you theoretical knowledge. That’s means that the course is useless for you. Paid or free does not matter. The thing which matters is your mentor. So choose the mentor which has knowledge related to your industry. Research your industry giant and do courses from that person.

But if you need to get knowledge related to blogging. Then just follow these courses which I am adding to this list. Because these are the best SEO courses for new bloggers.

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Best SEO courses for bloggers

Now it’s time to discuss the SEO courses for you. Here you get both free and paid courses list beginner to advance. It’s up to you to choose which you like. And which completes your intent. In every course of SEO, you get almost the same modules. Which is on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO.

These are the main thing about SEO. Which you learn from almost every instructor. But what is the difference between these courses? If all courses provide the same modules. The difference is the instructor.

Because every SEO expert has his own experience and his own technique. Which they find and provide you with these all techniques and experiences. Which they get is their online field.

1. Google Garage SEO course

The first course of best SEO courses for bloggers is Google garage. Google has a platform where you learn the basics of digital marketing. That’s free of cost also Google give you the certificate of that course. I also have that certificate that I get in 2019. IF you start your online journey.

Google Garage SEO course
10 Best SEO courses for bloggers 2022 ( ultimate guide) 35

Then my recommendation goes for this course. Because with this course you get a lot of basic information about everything especially SEO. After you learn from this course go for other paid or free. Why am I recommending you this course? because this course has a premium knowledge. Which you get from google.

Google garage has a full digital marketing course. But if you want to learn SEO then skip all modules. Just see the SEO module. Then after that go for the google SEO fundamentals course. Almost every person wants to rank their website. They use the google search engine. For that reason, if google has a course. You get a good baseline from this course.


  •  Intro to search engine optimization (SEO)
  • The importance of an SEO plan
  • The SEO process
  • How to choose keywords
  • Setting realistic SEO goals

2.Google SEO Fundamentals

The next course of best SEO courses for bloggers is Google SEO fundamentals. This is the best course to start your journey as an SEO expert. Because you get everything that you need to learn for SEO. Infect most of the people has a fear about the course. That’s fear is a course which they doing is worth it or worthless.

Google SEO Fundamentals
10 Best SEO courses for bloggers 2022 ( ultimate guide) 36

But if that course provides by google then you don’t need any fear. Because Google provides legit and perfect knowledge. I mean that’s a 100 % best course. If you are doing this. Google SEO fundamentals course has 4-week base learning. Every weak you get your next Lesson. When you complete the previous lesson.

After this course, you have enough knowledge to start your website. And get your website famous by getting traffic.


  • Getting Started and Introduction to On-page SEO
  • Introduction to Off-page SEO
  • Introduction to Technical SEO
  • Keyword Theory & Research

3.Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialization

The next course of best SEO courses for bloggers is SEO specialization. SEO specialization course provided by UCdavis ( University of California ). After this course, you are able to optimize your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialization
10 Best SEO courses for bloggers 2022 ( ultimate guide) 37

Also, you understand how google works as well as how SEO works. SEO specialization course provides you on-page, off-page, technical SEO Comprehensive Guide. After this, you are able to make a website. Optimize your website for search engines. Also, you are able to conduct SEO audits.

These are the skills which you learn from This course. Which you can apply In your digital marketing careerBut learn this course in the sequence. because this is not one course this is the list of 5 courses which you learn in this course.

But before this course make your base strong. Get some basic knowledge about SEO. Because this is the advanced course of SEO.

First learn the basics of SEO like what is SEO, How SEO works, what is a search engine. you get all the information from google and youtube. If you have a strong basic then you understand the specialization course.


  • Introduction to Google SEO
  • Google SEO Fundamentals
  • Optimizing a Website for Google Search
  • Advanced Content and Social Tactics to Optimize SEO
  • Google SEO Capstone Project

4. SEO Unlocked ( Neil Patel )

The next course of best SEO courses for bloggers is seo unlocked. SEO unblocked is the Neil Patel course. Neil Patel is the guru of seo and founder of ubersuggust. Ubersuggust is the SEO tool.

SEO Unlocked
10 Best SEO courses for bloggers 2022 ( ultimate guide) 38

where you can analyze your website, also keyword research. At the start, ubersuggust is the free tool. But now ubersuggust is the paid one. SEO unlocked is the free course by Neil Patel. This course has a 7 weeks basis guide. Why I recommend you this course to you. Because Neil Patel is the one of the best enterpernure.

Who doing SEO since he was 16 years old. The best part Neil Patel makes this course free of cost. And gives you all his 20-year experience with you free of cost. Please do that this will give you an idea of how SEO works.


  • Introduction to SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • On-page seo
  • Off-page seo
  • SEO audit
  • Intro Content
  • Advance Content Marketing
  • 10 Commandments
  • How to Edit Content
  • How to Supercharge Content

5. SEO Fundamentals Course ( Semrush )

SEO Fundamentals Course ( Semrush )
10 Best SEO courses for bloggers 2022 ( ultimate guide) 39

The Next course is seo fundamentals by semrush. Like ubersuggust semrush is1 of the best tool in the online industry. If you are a newbie then you don’t know about this tool. But if you have enough knowledge.

Then you know about this tool. Semrush has a lot of free courses. Also, you get the certificate from semrush academy.SEO fundamentals are the Course of semrush. Where you learn about seo basics like keyword research, on-page seo off page seo.

The best part is if you join this course. Also, you get a chance to learn how to use the semrush tool. And after that when you afford that tool you buy and use it. SEO Fundamentals has 4 modules of 4 hours with 36 Lessons.


  • Search engine basics
  • Technical SEO
  • Link signals
  • On-page signals

6. SEO Essential ( MOZ Academy )

The next course is SEO Essential Certification by Moz Academy. Moz is one of the best SEO and web analytical services provider. Basically in the starting Moz is just a blog related to SEO. After that Moz become a multi-dollar business.

 SEO Essential by moz
10 Best SEO courses for bloggers 2022 ( ultimate guide) 40

If you have a little knowledge about SEO. Then you must know about DA, PA. Moz introduce DA, PA concept. This gives us an idea about our website authority. SEO essential is a paid course. But you get a high-level knowledge about this course. If you need a proper SEO certification that also helps you to get a job.

Then Moz SEO certification is best for you because Moz has great authority. When you get to experience SEO then you really know the level of Moz certification. SEO Essential is just not a single SEO course. It’s a 6 courses group where you get details knowledge about SEO.


  • Understanding Fundamentals
  • Develop a Keyword Strategy
  • Onpage Optimization strategy
  • Link Building Strategy
  • Report creating Strategy
  • Final Exam

7. SEO Certification Course ( Hubspot )

The next course of best SEO courses for bloggers is Seo certification by Hubspot. Like Moz, HubSpot is also a big player in the marketing field. HubSpot SEO course gives you a free certificate. Which is also considerable for the job.

SEO Certification Course
10 Best SEO courses for bloggers 2022 ( ultimate guide) 41

Like other courses, Hubspot also provides you with a detailed guide about SEO. Like fundamentals of SEO, keyword research, link building, on-page optimization, If you want to do work as an SEO expert. Then this is a course that makes your base strong.

After this course, you are able to understand what is SEO, how SEO works. This is a free course but it has very potential. Hubspot course I recommend you strongly. Because I also have done this course. In this course, you not only get lectures about SEO. Even you get Quezziz. Which tests your SEO knowledge.

After this course also you know different marketing tools. Which also helps you In your SEO journey. Because the HubSpot course is not a specific tool course. Like in the market there are a lot of courses. WHich only use one tool in his entire course. Which is paid and you can’t afford that course as a beginner. Must try this course it’s my strong recommendation.


  • SEO Basics
  • On-page & Technical SEO
  • Keyword research
  • Linking building
  • Website optimization
  • SEO Reporting

8. Yoast SEO Course

The next course of best SEO courses for bloggers is Yoast SEO Course. IF you are using WordPress then you really know about Yoast. But if you don’t know what is WordPress? WordPress is a CMS ( Content Management System ) is a free platform. Where you make your website free of cost.

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Yoast SEO Course
10 Best SEO courses for bloggers 2022 ( ultimate guide) 42

And Yoast is a plugin that you can use to optimize your website on-page SEO. Just think of a plugin that helps you in your on-page SEO. Also make your SEO easily than just realizing the level, of course, provided by Yoast.

This is the second course which I recommend you to do as a beginner. Because this is a course that helps you to understand the Yoast SEO plugin. Because with this plugin you make your SEO easy. Hubspot and Yoast are the courses that make your base strong.

Yoast seo course is very easy to learn by great professionals. Which makes seo easy to learn for you as a beginner. Also, you can follow easily the steps of seo and comprehensive guide. Also the best part you get complete seo templates. which you can use in your journey.

When you signup for this course. Also, you get multiple free courses. which is also good for you especially the WordPress course. Because with seo you also learn WordPress. I think this is a great opportunity. so use it.


  • What is seo
  • content seo
  • Technical SEO

9. SEO Foundation ( Linkedin )

The next course of best SEO courses for bloggers is seo foundation by LinkedIn. The Linkedin academy is one of the great. because this will provide you also free courses. But the best and most considerable course is “SEO Foundation”. But why do you need to choose this course?

SEO Foundation
10 Best SEO courses for bloggers 2022 ( ultimate guide) 43

Because the course covers everything about seo. it starts with a search engine Guide and provides you with a complete guide about seo. If you are a newbie or professional must try this one. It’s not recommended for a person who has already learned the basics about seo. But it is considerable if you want to upgrade your seo skills.

Because LinkedIn seo foundation course is a complete design for a newbie. But the drawback is when you join this course. You have one month to complete this course. After one month the content will lock and you need to pay to access that content. I think that’s bad but the content is amazing. If you complete this course in one month then must check this.


  • SEO Overview
  • Keyword research
  • Content optimization
  • Technical seo
  • Long term content planning
  • Link building
  • Measuring seo
  • Local seo

10. Stupid Simple SEO Course

The last course of best SEO courses for bloggers is stupid simple SEO. This is the last course which I am adding to this list. Like my all other courses which I am adding to this list. This course is also great for bloggers.

Stupid Simple SEO Course
10 Best SEO courses for bloggers 2022 ( ultimate guide) 44

Who wants to get traffic to your website and want to make money online. Then also check this course this will also help you. This course is created by Mike Pearson. Who is the founder of Stupid simple SEO website? Mike is a great person who makes a lot of money online with his websites.

All the courses which I am adding to this list are designed for beginners. But this Stupid seo simple course is a course. Which mainly focuses on how to rank on google as soon as possible and get website traffic.


  • Website Optimize
  • Site Structure
  • Keyword research
  • Content Creation
  • Link building

Top FAQ’s

Now after the list of all seo courses. I am adding some common faq which clear your some thought This will also help you to better understand seo related concepts.

What is in the SEO course?

SEO is a process to optimize your website to rank on google. SEO means Search engine optimization. In seo course, you get all the practice and material. Which gives you the knowledge about seo. After that, you are able to rank your website. and get traffic on your website and make money.

How do I learn SEO for free?

It’s very easy to learn seo. in the market there are a lot of courses you can do. some are free some are paid. it’s up to you which one you like. In this list, I have added that most courses are free. Also, the quality is amazing. Because most of the courses are provided by marketing industry experts like Moz, Hubspot, Neil Patel, semrush, LinkedIn. Choose one a start your journey in the seo field.

Is SEO a good career?

The short answer is Yes If you learn seo right now. Then don’t worry seo cannot die in the future. If SEO is to die then Google has to die and that’s can’t happen. So just chill out and learn seo. Because I have 5 years experience in seo.

I see seo evolve with time but cannot die. The simple is you need to upgrade yourself in seo. Because every day googles changed their algorithm for a better experience. And you need to learn new strategies to maintain your website.

and if the new algorithm affects your website. then you need to change your website and optimize your website according to the new updates.

Does SEO require coding

No, you don’t need coding knowledge for seo. But if you have basic website-making language knowledge then that is great. because some technical seo need language knowledge. So if you have time to Learn then must learn the basics of HTML, Java, PHP.

Do SEO jobs pay well?

yes with the report of builtin.com. An average person who has seo skills makes $52,865. But with my experience and a lot of research. This number is too unrealistic. The number is between $10,000 to 20,000.

This is the salary you get in the USA, UK, Canada, Europe. but the salary depends on the company where you get a job. If you get a job in high profile company. Then the numbers may be high. But if you get jobs in a small agency type company. Then maybe your salary has less than $10,000. It totally depends on your company and on your skills.

Is SEO difficult to learn?

It totally depends on your willpower. If you will power strong and you have a quality focus. Then the seo learning easy for you. Also, it depends on your critical thinking. How much time do you need to take to understand the topic? if you cannot have these skills. Then maybe seo is difficult for you. In my term seo is easy to learn.

Are SEO jobs in demand?

Yes, now in 2022 after the corona crisis. Most companies understand the importance of digital marketing. In digital marketing, there are two ways paid or free. most companies are scared to spend money on digital marketing. Then they want to hire some person which gets results in free. and seo is the way to get free traffic.

How much time Need to Learn seo

In a day 1 hour is enough to learn seo. if you easily understand seo concepts. Then 1 hour is enough for you. But you are the person which can’t easily learn seo. Then you need to increase your time. Also, a maximum of 6 months need to learn seo. After 6 months you are able to apply seo and you rank low volume keywords.

Final Thought

If you are a person which needs to make money free. Then the seo skills are best for you. Because with the seo you are a god of digital marketing. Because you are able to rank your website. And if your website ranks on google.

Then you make money easily. But if you are a person which has skills like critical thinking, patience, and strong willpower. Then you are a person who understands seo easily and loves to do seo. But if you cannot have these skills. so my recommendation is just to learn other think like PPC, social media marketing.

Because seo takes time to give you desire results. and you need a lot of patience. but that does not mean you cannot have these skills. you can’t learn seo. of course, you learn seo. But you cannot enjoy seo.

SO before starting an SEO course just think can you do that. If the answer is yes. Then good to go. So Now if you decide to learn seo just choose the course from the list of best SEO courses for bloggers to start your learning. Which is suitable for you and start your learning.

Thanks for Reading

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