10 Best Google tools for SEO Your Site

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10 Best Google tools for SEO Your Site

10 Best Google tools for SEO Your Site

As one of the most popular search engines and widely used by users throughout the world, Google has released a lot of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools that are useful for webmasters to optimize their websites. With so much fierce competition among countless sites in the internet world, site owners need this tool for search engine optimization. Thus, you can get your website ranked high in search results and achieve better online visibility while increasing your blog visitors.

In the following, I have summarized the 10 best Google tools that you can use for SEO website optimization, which with the help of this tool analysis users can create an SEO friendly website easily and compete in the top rankings in Google search results.

Google Planner

Google Planner, keywords are specific words or phrases that are short and describe the main topic of your content. An appropriate keyword can not only help readers understand your article statement easily, but also attract crawls to effectively crawl your posts. With this tool, you can decide which is most suitable for your particular article with little effort.

You only need to type the words that relate to your post, then this tool can bring up a list of similar keywords that have been searched by many people for many times, along with monthly search statistics, the level of competition, and the value of ads.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a website tracking tool that allows webmasters to keep up with site traffic. With this, website owners can clearly know how many visitors have seen your site every day, see visitor activity to your site, and how they enter the website. In addition to detailed visitor information, webmasters can also find out page loading speed, and conversion rates.

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Google Advanced Image Search

Google Advanced Image Search, image component is one of the most important ingredients for each post, for that it can add great diversity to web content and also make visitors feel welcome. This tool makes it easy for you to find your favorite images. You can search by adding a few related words, and narrow down the choices by deciding on the size, color, aspect ratio, format, and more. Of course this tool can help you speed up in searching for images. Apart from that, all is completely free.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console as the name suggests, this tool is an online service offered by Google for webmasters. This helps users check indexing status, optimize the site for better SEO, set the crawl rate, find out broken links, set preferred domains, and more. This way, users can find out if your site is healthy and Google-friendly, and can improve the site according to diagnostic results.

Google Website Optimizer

Google Website Optimizer is another site optimization tool that is friendly to Google users, helping webmasters easily test website content. As such, they can improve page views and enhance the reading experience easily. This tool utilizes the power of several advanced technologies that test all elements present as HTML code for web pages, such as fonts, titles, images and calls to action.

Google Trends

Google Trends is very important for webmasters to know the current trends on the Internet, so they can write around hot topics to attract the attention of readers. To achieve this goal easily, Google Trends is very helpful. This is an online facility that shows how often certain terms are searched for in various regions in various languages ‚Äč‚Äčaround the world. With it, the user can get a clear graph that comes with both the horizontal axis and the vertical axis, which shows the start time and look for the frequency of each item.

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Google Ad Planner

Google Ad Planner is one of the most commonly used ways for webmasters to make money online, but how to use this method effectively for maximum profit? Google Ad Planner can handle this disturbance. That way, users can find out the best ad placement on a website, decide on the best budget range, choose the right keyword ads, and easily calculate bids.


SEOQuake is an analytical tool for SEO on Google Chrome, and there are also add ons in firefox to help webmasters optimize and promote their sites for better SEO. It appears the ranking of web pages, Alexa, and many other SEO parameters; nofollow link highlights and text density;, check and compare URLs. Thus, users can get various information about the site from various aspects, thus improving your site in the right direction.

Google AdWords Traffic Estimator

Traffics Estimator can help webmasters estimate the value of certain keywords for advertising. With it, users can find out about keyword competition, the number of monthly searches, and suggested bids. If the results are not satisfactory, the user can choose from several alternatives by clicking on the keyword group.

Google Insights For Search

Google Insights offers Google services similar to Google Trends, providing users with insight into search trends on the Google search engine. Offering a visual representation on maps of various countries, allows webmasters to find out the interests of the region easily. In addition, users can narrow their choices simply by selecting a category.