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ngіn Menjadі Blogger Sukses Fokuslah dengan Waktu TutorialsWB


Want to Be a Successful Blogger, Focus on Time – TutorialsWB | Learn PHP Programming Language

Until now, the opportunity to become a successful blogger is still a tremendous attraction for many young people. Various success stories from someone who used to be just an ordinary person who had nothing but by blogging later became possessing abundant wealth into a very tempting motivation.
To be a successful blogger requires a very long process and struggle. You have to realize that first, that success may not be obtained in an instant way. To be a successful blogger, you need to learn a lot from people who are really qualified so that you get knowledge that is really useful.
Well, in this post, sometimes many bloggers get stuck. They like to learn or take knowledge from many people, the desire to get as much knowledge as possible actually backfires on them because it makes them forget to practice it. There is a new ebook from Mastah A taken, from Mastah B to students, and so on without any follow-up with any practice at all.
1. Too Many Theories Will Confuse You
What is important is not how much you have a new ebook or theory, but what matters is that you put it into practice. It’s just as useless you have a million knowledge but never put it into practice. And usually, the more you have new theories or knowledge, the more confused you will be.
So from now on, any little blogging knowledge you can or you have, immediately put it into practice. Don’t wait to pile up first and then put it into practice, believe me, most theories will actually make you even more confused.
2. One theory, then practice and see the results
When you read various theories from many ebooks, then the best thing is to immediately put them into practice. More than one theory is then put into practice rather than piling up a lot of theory but zero practice. And the most important thing is to see the results, don’t just practice. Because a theory that other people have succeeded in carrying out, but you may not succeed in doing it.
So you have to take note of the research you have done through the theory you put into practice, if the theory you run turns out to be a failure and has no effect, then it’s time for you to move on to the next theory.
3. One Theory Can Be Opposite To Another Theory
What you need to pay attention to next is, sometimes there are several theories that can conflict between one theory and another. This is because usually the sharing of knowledge is in accordance with what is practiced and in. From this experience, of course, each person has different experiences so that various theories are generated which are different and sometimes contradictory.
Well, if you take in too many theories from these many people without putting them into practice while confusing, of course it will be messy if applied to your blog. So from that, and it’s very important to study every theory you have, don’t swallow it raw.
4. You Will Run Out of Time Just To Collect New Theories
Gathering a lot of knowledge from various sources is very good. However, the activities you do should not let you run out of time so that you will find it difficult to develop your own blog. Because after all, learning a lot of blogging theory takes up a lot of your time and energy.
Immediately change your thinking pattern, learn a theory correctly from a teacher, then practice and see how it develops on your blog. After that just move on to the next level to add knowledge.
that’s the discussion aboutі If you want to be a successful blogger, focus on time. Hope it’s useful


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