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Compared to 2015, global app usage grew by 11% in 2016. In old years, we’ve seen all app categories grow in tandem; though, for 2016 year the tale is different. In 2016 mobile apps began eating their very own, with session and time spent growth in some app classes occurring at the fee of others. While Messaging and Social apps use rose year over year by 44%, Personalization apps like emoji keyboards declined by 46%. One possible reason behind the steep decline is that Personalization features were more and more covered in operating techniques throughout the last year.

App Category Deep DiveWhen we looked into 2016’s most amazing classes, here’s how time spent trends shook out both globally and in Canada:Early focus for the Office of Inclusive Diversity has been on assessing and diagnosing existing culture, and on fortifying the Yahoo real business case for inclusion and diversity. A Strategic Inclusive Diversity Council has been formed to identify and drive inclusion related tasks, adding defining company values, achievement metrics and new company practices that optimize inclusion. Work is being done to restructure key strategies to maximise pipeline flow for underrepresented groups and confirm hiring, advertising and retention courses are fully inclusive. Employee concentrated courses were established to augment knowing about inclusive diversity and how to use that knowledge to positively impact our business.

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