What Is Facebook Ads

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What Is Facebook Ads

What Is Facebook Ads

There is one surefire way you can do to market products/services with effective results. You can take advantage of advertising services offered by Facebook called Facebook Ads. Learn more through the article below.

What is Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads is a Facebook-made advertising business that is presented to Facebook users based on user activity, demographic information, device usage information, advertisements and information provided by their marketing partners, and other online activities conducted by users outside of Facebook.

Benefits of Facebook Ads

Here are some of the benefits you can get if you place an ad through Facebook Ads.

  • Effective Targeting

Facebook offers a large number of targeting and retargeting options so that you can display ads to a target audience that has been defined in detail (according to demographics, location, behavior, in a similar audience, etc.).

Facebook can make it easier for you to handle ad campaigns on various social media, with features that are very easy to use. Why is it easy to use? Because it was created to guide you in setting up an ad campaign. Simply follow the steps taught, you can run various advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, and Messenger, both on mobile and desktop screens. You only need to set your preferences according to your business interests.

You can also enter pixel tracking into pages on your website to estimate user interest so you can target ads according to your ideal customers.

  • Broad Target Range

Cellular traffic is now very important because smartphone usage is increasing and 4G data networks are growing, even now we are moving to 5G. Many people glance at smartphones and access social media even during their important work, just look at the people around you. The presence of Facebook Ads in the end also allows you to gain access to your cellphone audience so that the advertising message that you install must reach their mobile screens.

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Speaking of Facebook, active users per month have now reached more than 2.41 billion as of 30 June 2019. More than 2.7 billion users access applications or services from Facebook subsidiaries on smartphones every day, and this number continues to grow. So, Facebook Ads seems to be one of the media marketing products that you deserve to try.

  • Advanced Analysis for Next Targeting

Facebook also does not focus solely on analytics and reporting for the ads it does. Instead of struggling to see how high your conversion rate is and how the results of other social metrics, with Facebook Ads you can adjust your ad planning according to what you want.

When managing a Facebook page, you can access this data via the “Insight” tab which shows metrics such as page views, post range, interactions, videos, and so on. You can check this metric from one to the last 28 days. Besides, you can also measure your pages with competition metrics to see how well your ad targeting is targeted.

This data visibility can help you adjust your ad campaigns according to your needs, rather than just finding out if it’s the effectiveness of the media you are using.

  • Increase Brand Awareness

Facebook users check their news feed several times a day. This is what allows your target market to repeatedly receive exposure to an advertisement that you have previously installed.

Even if your audience doesn’t click at the start, the ad can potentially help you build trust by leaving the ad always running for a longer period. If market confidence has been built, you can also create opportunities for retargeting in the future.

  • Increase CTR (Click Through Rate)
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The quality and accuracy of the results of Facebook ads also continue to improve. Why? Because Facebook is constantly improving its advertising and business tools so Facebook can be said to be consistently learning various things related to using Facebook Ads appropriately. Now, with a constant increase in targeting and creative results, you can interact directly with the audience you want to reach. Besides, the audience also has the freedom to be creative with several types of advertisements that you can choose and display to prospective customers or your customers.

After reading this article, you have got important info about what Facebook Ads are, such as what are the benefits for your business. When your website gets a lot of traffic to increase traffic, make sure your website meets security standards so that it doesn’t slow down or error when serving visitors by ensuring that your website is using Froggy’s Ads services.