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Marie Gervais, PhD. , CSTD. , MEd. , BEd.

bilingual, ECDip. , A. Mus, CEO, Shift Management Inc. is a Certified Canadian Training and Development Professional, a Certified EFT Coach, and a credentialed evaluator with the Canadian Evaluation Society. Through her company, Shift Management, Dr. Gervais provides managerial education and development to enterprise and industry through online courses and web teaching.

Her signature online certificates course, Supervisory Leadership, uses small group teaching mixed with utilized online content to have interaction participants in environment goals and growing place of business habits of excellence. Dr. Gervais’ work has gained a name for integration and inclusion of the diverse team of workers and she is a wanted speaker, writer and curriculum developer. Shift Management’s digital and multi media materials on topics starting from were successfully implemented with many populations and contexts. Marie Gervais has been featured in: Manufacturing Leadership Journal, The Business Code Podcast, Edmonton Woman Magazine, and Zen Workplace Mental Health Summit.

She has advanced courses and research projects for numerous expert associations and presented at engineering, production and accounting conferences. Her brand offers online learning and training on topics reminiscent of place of business verbal exchange, conflict decision, and dealing with an intercultural body of workers. Dr. Gervais podcast “Culture and Leadership Connections”, specializes in the groups that contributed to particular person leadership good fortune and is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and her website ast projects come with: Manufacturing leadership training videos and handbooks funded by Alberta Agriculture, Plant Manager Leadership and peer coaching initiatives, CPA Canadian Business Accounting for Internationally Trained Professionals eLearning course design, Work and Culture Online, four courses for foremen, industry management and control for Red Deer College’s Donald School of Business, the Immigrant Entrepreneur Mentorship Program, and over 20 multi media training classes for production, building, and energy sector middle and upper management studying.

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