SEO Veteran Is Joining Duct Tape Marketing Network

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In terms of search engine optimization, volume based link building is dead and unnatural link constructing is dying. For years, Google preached about content material being king, while all the while moneymaking volume based link building. Thankfully, with sophisticated web spam combating set of rules updates akin to Penguin and Panda, back room link building is gone and now content really is king. In order to create and execute a fantastic content material driven SEO approach and to succeed in the recent age of search engine optimization, we SEOs need a much better, more comprehensive understanding of small business marketing.

It’s just that easy. John Jantsch and Duct Tape Marketing are two of probably the most trusted names if not THE most depended on names in small company marketing. Yet my niches, specifically SEO and internet marketing, be afflicted by reputational issues. Years of hard sell cold calling and deceptive advertising practices by thousands of home and offshore service suppliers promising SEO gold have tarnished our industry. So many small agencies were burned by Internet advertising companies that SEO is perceived as snake oil. While I think my own firm’s history, track record, online visibility and client references help to overcome industry popularity issues, becoming a Duct Tape Marketing Certified SEO and web advancement expert will encourage self belief and trust.

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