Propeller Ads Review on Average Pricing and Conversion Rates

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On the bad end, when you run a SmartCPA crusade, the performance of your campaign is analyzed. If it falls below a definite threshold of functionality, it transitions into a CPM campaign, type of. Basically, if the campaign is a success, you only pay for the activities taken. That’s how something like Facebook works; the impressions are free however the actions cost money, though ideally the price is still below what you get out of the action in return. On any other hand, if the campaign is not successful, you may be charged for the impressions as if it was a CPM campaign.

This means that you can’t intentionally run a bad crusade to get free impressions and make the most the system. Another problem is that you’re not given more than a few exact focused on. I know we’re spoiled with such things as Facebook’s focused on, and I don’t expect that level of detail out of smaller third party networks. But for a network that’s closely concentrated on mobile traffic like Propeller, you’d think they might be more true with device focused on. You can choose to target just Android, and just Android 4 or 5 or whatever, but that you could’t target sub models. This is vital if you’re pitching an offer it truly is more relevant to a particular edition than another edition.

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