Programmatic Myths and Facts You Should Know Knorex

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FACT: True in advance on as many publishers were checking out water and naturally only fielded their so called remnant inventory. Publishers commonly reserve their best and top class inventory for own promoting. One often false impression this is Programmatic Advertising is only restricted to open public sale bidding ie via real time bidding. In fact, Programmatic Advertising does hinder programmatic direct and private exchanges where a wide variety of stock can be purchased programmatically including the “premium” placements that had prior to now been held deepest and via PMP inner most marketplace or also called preferred deals, refer to the chart below:With programmatic campaigns, you do not target for the last stage of a purchase order cycle, but which you can begin to target the correct audiences at the proper moment with the personalised messages from the earliest of a shopper purchase journey. So right from the recognition of the product to final purchase and post usage review, programmatic ads comes handy to make sure continuous dialogue with the meant customer.

With Dynamic Creative Optimization DCO, and right placement with applicable content material, every step of purchaser determination making adventure can be lined to finally uplift the brand engagement.

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