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Monet Engine Inc adds commercials generation items and amenities including its server advertising trade, the Monet Engine APIs, and the Monet Engine websites the “Monet Engine Services” or “Services”. Our items and services enable publishers of websites and mobile functions “apps” to show advertisements on their sites and apps, from advertisers that have an interest in selling their items or services. g. iOS or Android, carrier name, IP address, mobile browser e.

g. Chrome, Safari, applications using the Monet Engine Services and the edition of such purposes, and identifiers assigned to your device, such as its iOS Identifier for Advertising IDFA, Android Advertising ID, or unique device identifier a bunch uniquely allotted to your device by your device company. • The geo place of your device using GPS or other geo location data, when region facilities have been enabled for the mobile app or website that uses the Monet Engine Services. • Log records, including the app or website visited, session start/stop time, time zone, and community connection type e. g.

, WiFi, mobile, and cookie documents. • Information that Monet Engine Customers and other third events have collected and share with Monet Engine, inclusive of information about recreation in their facilities. This may come with the content material you view or searches you made, the language you prefer, or other non personally picking demographic or interest documents, to help in making the ads served to you more correct. • Information about ads served, viewed, or clicked on, consisting of the sort of ad, where the ad was served, no matter if you clicked on it, and whether you visited the advertiser’s website or purchased the product or service advertised. • Ad Reporting and Conversions: Reporting to advertisers information about when and the way users have been uncovered to their ads, clicked on their ads, or visited their website, and reporting to publishers information about when and the way ads were shown on their homes and were clicked on. • Serving ads: Allowing publishers to offer advertisements stock in their mobile apps and internet sites, and advertisers to bid on and fill that stock.

• Interest Based Advertising: Allowing Monet Engine and Monet Engine Customers to deduce pursuits and serve ads to users in accordance with their app and website endeavor and inferred pursuits. Monet Engine’s policies limit Monet Engine Customers from sending or targeting advertisements in accordance with files that we accept as true with sensitive, inclusive of race, religion, politics, sex life, or health. • Geo Targeting: Where permitted by the user’s device, enabling Monet Engine and Monet Engine Customers to serve ads in response to a user’s location. • Frequency Capping: Preventing users from seeing a similar ad too repeatedly. • Providing and Improving Our Services: Auditing, studying, and analyzing data so as to maintain, protect, and get better our Services and grow new amenities, and to ensure that our applied sciences function properly.

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• Fraud Detection and Prevention: Identifying invalid clicks or ad queries and masking Monet Engine and Monet Engine Customers from fraudulent behavior. • We share combination or non for my part identifiable files about the use of our Services with Monet Engine Customers. For instance, we present advertisers reviews appearing how many users viewed or clicked on their ads. We also present publishers reviews about the forms of ads served to their apps. • We share with data companions who help Monet Engine Customers to get well the performance of their bids or stock on our mobile advertising trade. • We share with advertiser clients data so that they can decide no matter if to bid on ad stock or serve an commercial and judge one of the best ad for that device.


Monet Engine Customers are obligated to use the archives they acquire in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. • We share archives within our company family to present, perceive, or get well their or our amenities. • We share archives as defined in Section 3 of this privacy policy. • We share with partners who help with anti fraud, fine, and safety efforts to make sure the security, security, privacy, and accuracy of the Monet Engine ecosystem. Your iOS mobile device could provide a “Limit Ad Tracking” putting. On Android devices, your settings may enable you to “Opt out of Interest Based Ads.

” When you have got opted out using this placing on a device, Monet Engine will not use in app information collected from that device to infer your interests or serve ads to that device which are focused in keeping with your inferred interests. Your mobile web browser may provide a “Do Not Track” browser setting. When you have enabled this placing to your browser, Monet Engine will not use mobile web browsing archives from that browser to deduce your pursuits or serve ads to that device that are concentrating on in response to your inferred pursuits. Monet Engine calls for its advertisements customers to honor opt out choices expressed using these controls. To become a Monet Engine Customer, you could be asked to provide bound private files, adding your name, email address, physical address, phone number, and corporate name. You also may be asked to present non-public archives in bound fields on this online page.

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Registration files is used to give you the Monet Engine Services and to send promotional data concerning the Monet Engine Services. To opt out of receiving promotional records, please follow the unsubscribe commands in any of our promotional emails or contact us at . If you are a registered user of our Services, we come up with account tools to access, accurate, or modify non-public files you have got provided to us in arrangement along with your account. If you wish to delete your account, you could do so by contacting . Please be advised that we don’t manage and are not guilty for the privacy practices of any third party, including, but not restricted to, Monet Engine Customers and any website or service that links to or from our online page or the Monet Engine Services. We require Monet Engine Customers to preserve a privacy policy that fully and accurately discloses their data collection practices, but we can’t control the actions of Monet Engine Customers, so please be sure to review the privacy guidelines of any internet sites and functions that you could use.

The Monet site may comprise links to other sites. Monet Engine is not guilty for the privacy practices or content material of those other sites. When you allow our site or view a element of 1/3 party’s site through our site, we inspire you to read the privacy guidelines of each such site.