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By B. L. OchmanMainstream media is in a major hurry to begin promoting ads on blogs. I was part of the Washington Post/Newsweek network a total bomb and feature recently been asked to hitch the Forbes Business and Financial Blog community.

I hope Forbes learns from Washington Post/Newsweek’s blog advertising errors. Blog commercials isn’t for everyoneThere’s money in blog ads, for advertisers and bloggers. But here’s the bottom line: devoid of great inventive — that’s in very short supply — blog advertisements will fail. And without first hand advantage of social media impact constructing — which, sorry to say, mainstream media still doesn’t have — blog advertisements will fail irrespective of who’s selling the ads. Don’t get me wrong, I love having ads on my blog, and I make good money from them through Blogads.

com. My blog, like many others, can produce great outcomes for advertisers who are looking to reach online influencers and those who follow them. With the right creative, no medium comes near blog advertisements in efficiency, effectiveness, focus or impact. But you can’t just re cycle classic advertisements onto blogs and expect new results. You can’t take traditional media metrics, content, or methods and throw them on blogs and expect great effects.

The secret sauceNBC ran some absolutely terrible ads in this and other high profile blogs earlier this year. The clickthru rates stunk, and I’m willing to bet their agency rotated and said “blog advertising doesn’t work. ” And that’s true, it doesn’t, unless you bear in mind social media, social gadgets, and blog readers. Washington Post/Newsweek, and now Forbes blog ads networks run on a traditional CPM model. But blogs aren’t classic media.

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There is no ideal size car for blog site visitors at the moment. One needs to combine and average the stats provided by Google, Urchin, Feedburner, Technorati, Site Meter and others to get a true image. Having run many high yield blog ads campaigns for consumers, I can prove that some blogs with a few thousand readers may give higher clickthru than better known blogs. That’s because blogs can be remarkably niche genuine. And now and again, blogs with high stats produce low clickthrus as a result of those blogs have too many ads for one to stand out.

I can also display that it’s never a good suggestion to buy all of the blogs in any blog ad community. A savvy blog media buyer will buy within and across networks and could pick blogs in keeping with their content, reach, and branding within the social media group. What’s Next Blog has been a member of Blogads. com network for several years. The agency, founded by Henry Copeland, saw the potential of ads on blogs long before most mainstream media and companies understood that blogs were more than just online teenage diaries.

Dear ability blog advertisers: Don’t trust basic ad businesses to create high yield inventive or media buys for blog advertisements. I’ve achieved common clicktru of 1. 5% and as high as 5% on blog advertisements campaigns for consumers including Cendant, American Greetings, and others. I’m available on a paid advisor basis to consult to any major corporation or mainstream media ad community that wants to know more about what makes ads work – and never work – on blogs. Call me: 212.

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