Know the Concept and Application of Digital Marketing

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Know the Concept and Application of Digital Marketing

Know the Concept and Application of Digital Marketing

Have you ever seen a company brand or product that carries out digital campaigns or online campaigns? Or maybe you’ve also seen it through a company’s website and social media? Lately, all of these things of course you often see. These things are called digital marketing. Concept and Application of Digital marketing is done to boost product sales of a brand.

As technology advances, trends in the business world are also increasingly varied. One of them is digital marketing trends. Then, how important is a digital marketing applied in a business that sells certain products? To answer that question, you can listen to the explanation below in order to understand it clearly.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a marketing activity or promotion of a brand or product using digital media or the internet. The purpose of digital marketing is to attract consumers and potential customers quickly. As we know, technology and internet acceptance in the community is very broad so it is not surprising that digital marketing activities are the first choice for companies.

As a result, companies compete with each other to create interesting content to be displayed in marketing in cyberspace.

The Advantages of Digital Marketing

The number of digital marketing used by companies, proves that digital marketing has many advantages and benefits that can be obtained. Here are some of the advantages of digital marketing compared to conventional marketing.

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1. Spread Speed

Marketing strategies using digital media can be done very quickly, even in seconds. In addition, digital marketing can also be measured in realtime and precisely.

2. Ease of Evaluation

By using online media, the results of marketing activities can be immediately known. Information such as how long your product was watched, how many people saw your product, what percentage of sales conversions from each ad and so on. After knowing such information, then you can evaluate which ads are good and bad. So you can improve for the next period.

3. Broader Reach

The next advantage is the geographical reach of broad digital marketing. You can spread your brand or product throughout the world with just a few easy steps by utilizing the internet.

4. Cheap and Effective

Compared to traditional marketing, of course digital marketing is much cheaper and effective. Budget costs saved can be up to 40%, according to Gartner’s Digital Marketing Spend Report. In addition, the survey also showed that 28% of small entrepreneurs would move to digital because it proved to be more effective.

5. Build a Brand Name

Digital marketing helps you build brand names well. The existence of cyberspace with the presence of your brand is very important because people will do an online search before buying your product.

Types of Digital Marketing

1. Website

The website is very instrumental in showing the professionalism of the company, helping consumers find out about your business, economical promotions and easy business media.

2. Search Engine Marketing

Efforts to create a company website are easy to find in the search engine system. Search Engine Marketing is divided into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). SEO is done by yourself with a longer and cheaper time while SEM is paid but faster.

3. Social Media Marketing

Circulate platforms on social media like Facebook and Twitter because it can be done at a minimal cost or even free. This of course can enhance the company’s brand.

4. Online Advertising

Media promotion via the internet for a fee. This can get consumers faster and more satisfying but somewhat more expensive than the previous type.


5. Email Marketing

You can tell the latest information about ongoing promotions as well as the latest products or services.

6. Video Marketing

In this way, you can immediately explain about your business, explain the product and how to use it, and display customer testimonials.

How to start digital marketing?

After knowing a few basic concepts of digital marketing, are you interested to try it? To start marketing using digital media, there are several things you need to prepare.

  • First, prepare the tools used to do the marketing. Some tools that can be used in digital marketing such as: websites, social media accounts, brand and product identities, blog uploads, online tracks (reviews, customer feedback, etc.). In the world of digital marketing, these tools are assets for you, so take care of them.
  • Second, prepare content that is interesting and shareable. Content can be in the form of photos, videos, text or others. You also have to determine marketing goals and target markets that are tailored to the content.
  • Third, you can start uploading and then evaluate each upload on every social media you have, determine which ones provide feedback and focus on some assets that provide good feedback for your business.
  • The next step that can be done is to enter and join a public marketplace forum. Keep your business profile good, because it will affect the brand image.

Strategic Ways of Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is an effort to optimize a site so that it gets the top ranking from search results. To be ranked top, you need to understand how the search engine system. Media that can be used like websites, blogs and indographics.

Content Marketing

Plan, create and share content about the company. This is to attract readers to know the business and motivate them to become buyers. This content can be created in the form of uploaded blogs, social media, articles, e-books, indographics and online brochures.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a technique of automating repetitive tasks. Tasks such as workflows, content uploads and campaign reports. This automation can be done on digital channels such as email and social media.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

PPC is a way to drive traffic to your site for every click. For example Google AdWords, you pay and get the top slot of every search on Google and are charged every click. In addition, there are also Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Sponsored Links.

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Native Advertising

The form of paid content that is displayed in a form that is similar to the media content and placement. Content that looks and functions like part of related media. For example Promoted Post on Instagram and Facebook.

Affiliate Marketing

You partner with other people’s services or sites to make a commission by referring readers or visitors to your business. For example Hosting video ads with Youtube.

Social Media Marketing

You promote brands and content on social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook Messenger. Social media is a means to exaggerate a brand. However, at first just focus on one social media to shorten the time, cost, human resources and knowledge. Then determine the personality you use in social media, such as formal or semi-formal.

What is the digital marketing budget?

Whether digital marketing is expensive or not depends on the type of digital marketing used by your company. If digital marketing such as SEO and content certainly do not spend a lot of budget. However, if digital marketing such as online brochures and e-mails of course require certain costs.

After knowing about digital marketing, for the success and smooth running of your business, of course, must also be supported by good financial planning. Performing calculations, reporting, and financial analysis are supporting activities to carry out marketing strategies.