How to Make Money from Blog Travel

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How to Make Money from Blog Travel

How to Make Money from Blog Travel

On the internet today, you can find various kinds of blogs. Starting from lifestyle blogs to blog travel. In addition, blogs today are not merely someone’s diary in the online world. You can also get people from writing a blog.

A lot of you have read a blog about travel. Maybe you think how this blogger travel can travel to various locations in one year and only get income from their blog? Do travel bloggers get that much money until they can walk almost every day?

Well, in this article, we will discuss how you can get money from a travel blog.

Every travel blogger has different ways to get income. The blogging industry itself does not have a uniform work method. Each blogger has his way to make money. Usually, bloggers see what their skills they can offer to the reader.

How to Make Money from Blog Travel

Before we started discussing the methods, there was one advice that was always given by Full-Time Blogger to people who just want to start monetizing their blog:

Don’t expect you to get a big income immediately. Blogging takes time and patience to be able to succeed.

Become a Freelance Writer.

As already mentioned above, to make money from a blog, you should look for what skills you can offer to the reader. Most bloggers certainly have writing skills. Therefore, Freelance Writer is the job you can do to support your blog’s travel.

Most blogger travel writes for online publications and you will be paid for each of your writing. In addition, if you have your blog travel, publications will be more interested in choosing you as their freelance writer because you have your audience range and can help promote the publication.

By writing for other publications, you can also build your portfolio. This can help you get a higher pay with your audience and portfolio range as a consideration.

If you are interested in becoming a freelance writer that focuses on traveling topics, you can use Lonely Planet Pathfinder to start and look for the audience for your blog.

Advertising on your blog

You must have seen ADS on the blog, right? Well, Advertising on a blog is one way of travel blogger gets income. Before you put Advertising on your blog, there are some things you should pay attention to.

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If you want to start installing ADS on your blog, you must have a website that is self-hosted with the best hosting.

If you create a blog on that is free, you cannot install ADS except using their internal AdWords System. So it’s a good idea to make your WordPress website. Besides that, you certainly need your domain.

One tool that you can use to install the ADS on your blog is Google Adsense. With Google Adsense, you can get money without you need to hardly choose Ads that you want to install.

AdSense works by utilizing targeted advertising in the form of text, images, videos, and interactive ads related to your blog content.

Make Sponsor Content

One other way to get money from your traveling blog is to make content and advertorials sponsored by a particular brand or company. This is one type of content that is carried out by travel bloggers. Usually, you will be asked to discuss their brand in one of your posts.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one way to get passive revenues that are widely used by bloggers. Indeed to earn income from affiliate marketing, you need website traffic and a blog audience who believe in you.

If you are confused about what form of affiliate marketing, maybe when reading a blog, you’ve seen the links that are included in the blog writer when recommending something.

Usually, the link is an affiliate link and the blogger will get a commission. To increase your audience’s trust, you should only recommend the product or service you use, like, and indeed believing.

Websites such as and Airbnb have an affiliate program that you can try using. For local websites, you can try the Affiliate program owned by In addition, there is also an affiliate network website named Awin or formerly known as the Affiliate Window.

Awin has more than 6,000 advertisers so you can certainly find the affiliate marketing program that suits your niche. For your blog travel, the Affiliate Marketing and program are two of the many affiliate marketing programs that you can find.

Sell ​​the results of your photography during traveling

Photography is certainly a big part of traveling. If you walk, you take a lot of photos, right? Well, from the photos you take there might be what you feel good about so you can sell.

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If you find it difficult to sell your photos directly through social media, you can use the Stock Photo platform. Many people get passive income in this way.

Sometimes there are indeed rules that you must follow so that your photos are accepted, but if your photos are accepted, of course, this is a decent income.

Websites that are often used by bloggers travel to sell their photos are Shutterstock. Maybe you have also heard this name.

With Shutterstock, you can upload photos as much as possible. Then you will get around $ 0.25 per download and there is no limit to how many times your photo can be downloaded.

Maybe in your shadow, this looks a little, but if your photo is a photo of areas that are rarely on the internet, you can get a profit. If you can get 1000 downloads in a month, you can get an additional income of $ 250. Not bad, right?

Press Trips.

Out there, there is much travel sponsored by Tourism Boards. Usually, they will pay for your full trip, so you don’t need to pay for transport or accommodation.

Usually, from a trip like this, they expect you to write on your blog about this trip. Of course, writing blogs is not an easy thing; You need to write, edit, take photos, upload photos, and promote content to Social Media. But if you like writing a blog, this sounds like an ideal job right?

Press trips are not something easy to get. Usually, they want to see your online presence before they offer it. They will also see how much your audience and how wide your audience range is.


In this article, we have discussed how to get money from travel blogs. It’s not easy because you need to invest a lot of time so that your blog is good and get a lot of traffic and a broad range of audience.

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