Google Webmaster Tools Review

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Subscriber Stats is an interesting area that’s lacking true stats. What it does is look at the feeds on your online page and tells you what number of people in Google Reader, Orkut or iGoogle are subscribed to these feeds. It’s cool since you can easily see if persons are subscribed to category or remark feeds. What’s missing is that it’s not tied into FeedBurner so it doesn’t report those stats.

So if you use FeedBurner, your subscribers in Google Webmaster Tools will look really low. It also doesn’t count anything but Google houses numbers. So it’s not a true dimension of all subscriber stats. I knew most of what you had in there but I didn’t see the new item which smacks of Craigslist. They have a Google Base list which is an directory on your enterprise.

I just created a catalogue for my company which apparently stays there for 30 days. Now if Google puts this form of AD up in front of many faces it may be very interesting. I mean I got my self up on page 1 for a couple of key word phrases that I think are crucial and this could be just an additional. Now if I could work out how to buy my way into Google’s yellow pay for section at the end of pages then I would be buzzing right along. Oh!I’m not any variety of SEO guy.

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