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The goal of this Cookie Policy is to expose the techniques followed for the collection of informationusing cookies. The suggestions is equipped by users, via their device utilised when navigating this site,owned by Calzedonia SpA, with administrative headquarters in Via Monte Baldo n. 20 Dossobuono di VillafrancaVR, Italy hereinafter Calzedonia. The owner of this web site also is the Data Controller of non-public data gathered pursuant to EuropeanRegulation 679/2016 and every other applicable laws related to the coverage of personal data. This policy will be consulted together with the Calzedonia Privacy policy madeavailable on this site and of which it forms an essential component.

We use cookies in some areas of our website. Cookies are files that store suggestions on hard drives orbrowsers. They enable this site to monitor even if users have already visited the positioning, or enhanceunderstanding of which of the site pages are most visited as cookies show which pages are visited and forhow long. Through this information, we are capable of make the positioning meet our users’ necessities and facilitate theirnavigation of the positioning. For example, cookies allow us to be sure that assistance shown on our site on futurevisits responds to the users indicated personal tastes. We strive to notify our users that they canconfigure their browser to just accept or reject cookies, or to alert them to when a cookie has been sent.

Everybrowser is alternative, therefore it is essential that you verify how to switch your options to your specificbrowser. Calzedonia informs its users that after a site has been structured to use technical cookies,deactivating them could affect the capability of the positioning and hinder its performance. 20/it/cookies. htmlCalzedonia also informs users that they use cookies apart from technical cookies, known asprofiling cookies, these basically, can always be deactivated by the user with out ideal to any reducedfunctionality of the website. Calzedonia wishes to inform its users in detail, in regards to the kinds of cookies used, the intention and the style inwhich cookies are configured for users.

Calzedonia’s policy of use of cookies mainly includes:non systematic and generalised use, limited solely to actual circumstances and functions;the assortment of users’ knowledgeable consent where essential, through an informative banner, publishedon the web site page, shown to the user upon first access and the cookie policy being madepermanently accessible in the web site itself. Cookies can be divided into two macro categories: “technical” cookies and “profiling” cookies. Additionally,cookies can be prominent between Calzedonia cookies and third party cookies. By continuing toread our policy, it is possible to keep in mind the different sorts of cookies used by Calzedonia. Technical cookiesTechnical cookies are used for the only aim of transmitting a communique, over an electroniccommunications community, or as strictly necessary, to supply a carrier requested by the user.

They are not used by Calzedonia for other functions and may be divided into looking or sessioncookies, which assure normal navigation and use of the web site allowing, for example,authentification to access restricted areas of the web site; analytics cookies, akin to technicalcookies when used at once to collect tips, in combination form, on the choice of users and how theyvisit the site. Functionality cookies allow the user to browse in line with a sequence of selectedcriteria for example, language which will get better the carrier supplied by Calzedonia to its users. For example, when a user has visited a page on one of the most Calzedonia sites, customised it and wants it tobe shown in a similar way next time, Calzedonia can ensure this capability by using a cookie. There is no need to request the users’ prior consent for the setting up of those cookies. Profiling cookiesProfiling cookies are aimed toward developing user profiles and are used by Calzedonia so as to sendadvertising messages that correspond with the personal tastes expressed by the user during their web shopping.

This implies that we also use them to limit the collection of times the user views a particular advertisement. ForCalzedonia it means speaking more simply and in order for the user to receive advertising thatcorresponds to their preferences. Whilst the user browses websites owned by Calzedonia, the profilingcookies, also called promotional or targeting cookies, enable Calzedonia to ascertain that the user islooking at Calzedonia adverts and to show them promotional content material that may be of interest based onwhat has formerly been visited. Due to the possible invasiveness that this sort of cookie can have on users’ privacy, prior trained userconsent is essential and the Calzedonia policy conforms to this preventive compliance for the use ofcookies. Promotional cookies, which can also be permanent, can be not just from Calzedonia referred to as first partycookies but also from 0,33 party:First Party Cookies These are cookies managed without delay by Calzedonia as the owner of the site, for these cookiesconfiguration and means deactivation directions are offered directly by us. Third Party CookiesThese are cookies managed by a third party aside from Calzedonia.

For these cookies, Calzedoniarefers to configuration and means deactivation instructions as indicated at once by the thirdparty in question, by redirecting the user as an example via a link to the third party’s site,where configuration instructions are available. Finally, Calzedonia informs users that the various types of cookies can have a specific period:temporary or permanent. Cookies with brief duration, known as session cookies, are deleted and disappear from the devicewhen the user leaves the site and closes the navigation browser. Whilst permanent cookies are cookies that remain on the device even after the user has left thewebsite, until they’re deleted or until their expiry date is reached. In addition to session cookies,permanent ones also are used on the Calzedonia site for instance, to permit users to discover personal tastes theyhave set on the positioning on next visits e. g.

their wishlist. In the table below the user can decide no matter if each kind of cookie used on this site, is a short lived orpermanent cookie. The Web Push Notification carrier is active on our brand websites Calzedonia, Intimissimi, Tezenis, Signorvino,Falconeri, Atelier Emé. With your explicit consent, in the course of the course of navigation and in addition on sites other thanthose of our brands, you can accept notifications involving our products, services and business news. Thesenotifications, which are based on the arrangement of a completely unique ID with your browser, can be stopped at any time bychanging the settings in your browser.

In thanking you for having visited our websites, we take the opportunity to point out that access to the Calzedonia Group sites and the use of the services and contents covered therein, are actions regulated by these General Conditions for use hereinafter to be called “General Conditions”. A FAQ has been compiled to help you consultation of the page. We would kindly remind you that by getting access to our sites and/or by using even one of the crucial Services provided, you ascertain talents and recognition of the General Conditions as published in this page. If you are not accept these situations, we would kindly ask you to refrain from gaining access to and using the contents and the services offered on our sites forthwith. The images, images and all representations found on Calzedonia Websites merely have an illustrative value.

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Calzedonia normally implements measures aimed at guaranteeing that the photographs displayed on the Websites are true representations of original products and also implements every technological solution possible to minimize inaccuracies. That said; viewing diversifications are always feasible due to a variety of causes, even of a technical nature and infrequently linked to the technological characteristics of colour choice on your computing device. Subsequently, Calzedonia can’t be held guilty in case some picture representations of goods displayed on the Websites relating to the above technical reasons should appear not flawlessly relevant or corresponding. If you’re under 18 years of age which you could freely navigate our Websites. You are not permitted to use those Services that require registration or move of information or suggestions. Registration and use of the amenities available on Calzedonia websites is exactly for individuals over the age of 18.

No one under that age can register on the Websites nor use the services accessible therein, except in those cases where the minor has the consent of a parent or legal father or mother. In all cases where you could possibly use or access even one of the vital Services which require registration or the transfer of data and guidance as supplied through the Websites, you will need to be sure that you’re over 18 years of age and have the faculty to stipulate binding contracts. Calzedonia also uses cookies issued by third events. The Websites can comprise links to other sites which aren’t at once connected to Calzedonia. We would point out that these sites are on no account managed nor controlled by Calzedonia, which cannot be held chargeable for the contents and the regulations contained therein. The General Conditions are completely relevant to Calzedonia Websites and never to other sites which may be consulted by the user through use of the above mentioned links.

Calzedonia implements a policy of inspecting and selecting sent contents and pictures by putting off from its strategies, at its finished discretion, all those images which contravene the guidelines contained during this web page. In particular, users are asked to comply with the guidelines on sending illegal and/or abusive images and contents, which may infringe on the rights of others or which violate privacy laws, laws regarding highbrow or industrial belongings and other rights of third events. These come with cloth that’s considered to be pornographic and/or sexually express, slanderous, threatening, damaging, vulgar, obscene or in a different way reprehensible or offensive, according to the applicable legislation and the behavioural guidelines contained during this page. Calzedonia cooperates with the Public Authorities in all those cases where necessary data and/or suggestions is requested to apprehend those carrying out unlawful actions. Please Note that here’s a legal agreement between you “You” and Calzedonia S. p.

A. and, if any, its subsidiaries and associates collectively, “Calzedonia,” “We” or “Us”, owner of the site tezenis. com. You should read carefully the following terms of use “TOU”. By accepting to have your photograph, and, at Calzedonia’s sole discretion your caption linked to such picture posted by Calzedonia, you agree to be bound by these TOU.


These TOU affect your legal rights and duties. If you don’t agree to be bound by all of these TOU, you aren’t accept to have your content material/contribution posted by Calzedonia on its digital platform. 1. Giving your approval even via true hashtag, You authorize Calzedonia S. p. A.

to speak and/or submit or diffuse of a contribution of theirs, of any form or nature and on any aid adding, without problem, images, photos, videos, sounds, music, texts, and works of any type, grants permanently, irrevocably, non completely, gratis and royalty, all and any rights of financial exploitation including the rights associated with Therefore, You expressly recognize that Calzedonia has the correct to use, re use, create by-product works, post, re submit, display, practice, transmit, demonstrate, keep in database and reproduce the Contribution, in whole or in part, in my opinion or together with other material, adding with out hassle, text, pictures, or images, in any medium even if now known or hereafter invented and for any and all applications, including but not limited to advertising, publicity, promotion, packaging, and trade, with out limit as to manner, frequency, or period of usage, it being understood that Calzedonia will have no duty to reveal the Contribution and You could have the correct to ask for your Contributions’ deletion, in every moment, by way of email message to the tackle: . Calzedonia reserves the proper to reveal your photograph with out your caption. 6. You accept that you will indemnify and/or defend at Calzedonia’s request Calzedonia and/or its entitled persons, and may hold it harmless from all costs, direct and indirect damage, expenses, losses, including legal and court fees primary to any claim and/or program and/or action that may be carried out at any place by third parties, including public professionals, administrative and state bodies, due to any dispute deriving from or crucial to the use of the contribution by Calzedonia and/or your entitled individuals and to the statements and guarantees given by You in these UGC TOU. Calzedonia S. p.

A. hereinafter known as “Calzedonia” or “Controller” wishes to let you know that D. Lgs 196/2003 “Code of Privacy” ensures that personal data are processed by respecting all Data Subjects’ rights, fundamental freedoms and dignity, particularly in regards to confidentiality, private identity, privacy and the right to private data coverage. Based on this Code, the processing of all personal data shall be transparent, conspicuous and lawful which will fully protect legal rights. Please read the following information that describes how and why we process personal data as we do. Data Provided VoluntarilyData Subjects supply private data on a voluntary basis.

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Should a refusal to deliver images or video occur, the Controller won’t disseminate or publish data to achieve its purpose for which it’s been amassed. The consent to disseminate and publish may be expressed by the Data Subject via id of a particular “hashtag” TEZENISOK. Calzedonia will send the Data Subject a particular message via an Instagram Post. Should consent exist, the Data Subject shall reply to Calzedonia’s post by writing the hashtag TEZENISOK. This hashtag will count as an expression of consent to the booklet and dissemination for the applications described in this document.

Data Subjects’ rightsData subjects are entitled at any time to obtain confirmation of the existence of personal data concerning themselves and be told of their contents and origin, verify their accuracy, or differently to request that such data be supplemented, updated or rectified Section 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003. The above Section also provides for the correct to request deletion, anonymity or blocking of any data it truly is processed in breach of the law, as well as to object in all cases, on reputable grounds, to processing of the information. All requests may be emailed to: Controller of Personal Data is Calzedonia S. p.

A. , based in Dossobuono di Villafranca, Via Monte Baldo 20, Italy. Below that you can find suggestions on how we treat the non-public data of users who browse our sites, given inpursuance to, and for the functions of art. 13 of the EU Regulation 2016/679. If you wish to have a morethorough knowing of the concepts we follow, in our website leadership and the protection of yourinformation, we advise you to check with the General Conditions of use of our websites. The following applies to domains and sub domains registered for every of the brands and groups belongingto the Calzedonia Group, akin to; CALZEDONIA, INTIMISSIMI, TEZENIS, FALCONERI, SIGNORVINO.

We tell you that this privacy policy is supplied just for the sites related to the domains and sub domainsregistered for every of the brands and organizations of the Calzedonia Group, and never other websites consulted bythe user via a link. To learn more about the privacy and processing of your personal data, select your area of attention,dependent on whether you’re a ordinary guest or a user of our web amenities via registration. Thesections of this remark referring to the Rights of the concerned party, Data Controller and DataProcessors and additional EU Transfer of Users’ Personal Data, apply to users of all websites belonging toCalzedonia Group. The data you supply us with is processed by employees explicitly designated by the Data Controller, accordingto the respective authorisation profiles assigned. The designated persons may carry out consultation, use,processing and evaluation operations, along with other acceptable processes, adding computerized searches, butonly in cases where this has been explicitly authorised.

The data can be processed using computerised, telematic and paper based tools and aid, in compliance withlegislation to guarantee the safety and confidentiality, as well as the accuracy, in updating and relevance ofdata concerning the stated applications. You yourself, may help us ensure that your data is often correct bycommunicating updates to . Calzedonia may collect and course of users’ private data once they access and visit Calzedonia’s sites bybrowsing in the pages, with out registration and without filling in or putting data in online forms. Calzedonia also uses cookies in some areas of the site. Cookies enable our sites to video display, forexample, no matter if users have already visited the site, offering an understanding of which of the pages are mostvisited.

For this a part of private data processing, we ask you to read the Cookie Policy which may be consulted inconjunction with the advice that Calzedonia provides during this observation. Additionally, on our sites you also can find social buttons/widgets, or “buttons” depicting the icons of socialnetworks e. g. , Facebook and Twitter and interactive social walls e. g. wall presenting photos from Instagramusing a hashtag which current content material from social networks.

These “buttons” allow users who are searching theCalzedonia sites, to arrive and have interaction at once with social networks via a “click” which acquires datarelating to your visit. Except for these cases, where you spontaneously click to share your searching data withthe chosen social networks, Calzedonia does not share any navigation suggestions or user data received throughits sites with social networks. Therefore, if you do not accept these termsfor browsing our sites, please do not access or use the content material and amenities provided through them. When you spontaneously send an e mail to one of the e mail addresses mentioned on our sites, we purchase thesender address, along with every other non-public data you can have entered in the message and attachments, in orderto meet your request. The e mail inboxes regarding the addresses shown on our sites aren’t personal.

Theybelong to the agency supplier and have the primary aim of enabling work activities to be performedeffectively within the Calzedonia Group companies. Which implies that messages forwarded to Calzedonia’s emailaccounts, can be viewed by all those authorised to access these inboxes. By sending an e mail to the e mailaddresses indicated on our sites, you declare that you’ve got read and accepted the processing circumstances contained in this policy. To access facilities and content material offered through our sites, you can be asked for private tips equivalent to;name, surname, residential address or domicile, e mail, date of birth, etc. With regards to Gift Cards, if you have obtained it as a gift, we may use your contact particulars, comparable to yourname and your e mail address, with the intention to be able to deliver the Gift Card and assure its use.

For thesepurposes, we let you know that your data is equipped by the buyer of the Gift Card to Calzedonia at the timeof buy. To make a purchase on our sites, you could be asked for extra advice. For instance, data concerning meansof charge, data for delivery products and billing. Providing such data is not obligatory, but essential so one can use the amenities requested, that’s why which you could findspecific suggestions on the processing of your personal data on the online pages dedicated to these facilities. On the internet forms used on our site, we never ask for data of a touchy nature e.

g. relating to racial andethnic origin, religious, philosophical, political beliefs, health status, sexuality, etc. or judicial dataregarding judicial data, or relating to the condition of defendant or suspect, etc. .