Catalogs are: Benefits and differences with e-catalog

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Catalogs are: Benefits and differences with e-catalog

Catalogs are Benefits and differences with e catalog

Catalog is one of the terms that are quite famous and applied by business people and marketers or marketers. Catalogs are used as one way to market products or services.

But along with the development of the times, many people need their needs with only from home or workplace. So they can shop anywhere and anytime. Therefore the catalog begins to transform into e-catalog.

Well on this occasion, let’s get more about the catalog, benefit and the difference with e-catalog.

Understanding of catalog is

Several years or decades ago, arguably almost all companies compete with each other to make an interesting catalog in order to promote products or services.

Catalogs are printed with various shapes and sizes, such as ordinary sheets or magazines. But, the use of this catalog unfortunately sometimes cannot be on target.

So, catalogs are a list of goods and services that are usually traded by a company to buyers, end users or other companies, which shape can vary, such as cards, books, sheets or digital which are often called e-catalogs.

At first, the catalog was made as a promotional tool, which was used to be disseminated to the community widely, that the store or catalog issuing company sells or provides services such as illustrated or written.

Then, then it is also used to notify the community that the brand or the company is holding a promo or discount.

Submission of this catalog can be done in two ways. First, placed in the storefront, the second was distributed on the streets. However, the distribution of catalogs in this way often becomes less on target. So, the use of a manual catalog slowly began to be abandoned by business people.

Because it becomes not a target, the costs incurred to make catalogs sometimes become not comparable to the feedback obtained by the company. So, the costs incurred to make the catalog become free.

What’s more, the catalog must also continue to print again, because the catalog has its expiration date.

Therefore, website developers and business people decided to make e-catalogs. The goal is of course to reduce costs, because they don’t have to print, so it can be a little more profitable.

Today, the use of e-catalog is increasingly used by businesses or marketers because they are considered to have a better level of effectiveness than ordinary catalogs.

Understanding e-catalog is

E-catalog is a system of information from a catalog that contains a whole list of products or services, brands, types, prices, complete specifications, and also the number of goods or services provided by the company or the brand maker of e-catalog that can be accessed digitally.

E-catalog itself does not have a expiration date like a manual catalog, because the company or e-catalog brand maker can change it anytime. So, it doesn’t have to be reprinted continuously like a manual catalog.

Type of e-catalog

E-catalog itself has various types based on the contents in it and who publishes it. To be used as a source of inspiration and also learning media, it’s good to know some types of e-catalog below.

1. National E-catalog

National E-catalogs or national electronic catalogs are catalogs designed and also managed by the procurement of government goods and services. Generally, electronic catalogs have content related to the procurement of goods and also assistance for state-owned facilities.

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2. Sectoral E-catalog

Sectoral e-catalog is a catalog that is compiled and designed by the Ministry of State. The scope of this e-catalog is smaller when compared to national e-catalogs.

Some examples of products and services provided include fishermen tools, plantation tools, agricultural tools, etc.

3. E-catalog area

E-catalog of regions is a catalog that provides goods or services to be able to reach a smaller scope. Those who compiled this e-catalog were local local governments that have been formed and appointed directly by the head of the local government.

The type of goods or services contained in regional e-catalogs are various items that can be standardized and also have repetitive properties.

4. Private e-catalog

Private e-catalogs are different from the three types of e-catalogs above, because these e-catalogs are divided into two e-catalog groups that can be tailored to the company’s target.

Both e-catalogs are consumer e-catalog and e-business catalogs. Both types of e-catalogs have the same understanding, namely a list of goods products or services compiled by companies or business entities digitally and have product information on goods or services in it.

So, what are the benefits of e-catalog for consumers or customers?

E-catalogs are made not only for the event of showing off the level of progress carried out by the company as a form of progress at this time.

Some business people choose to make e-catalogs because in it have a lot of benefits for the company and also for consumers or direct communities when compared to ordinary catalogs in general printed using paper.

Well, here are some benefits of e-catalog for society, consumers, or customers.

1. More Easily Accessible to Everyone

It is undeniable that the presence of e-catalogs can help customers save time to determine where they can decide to be able to buy goods and decide what items he wanted to buy.

By using only one device, they will get to see a lot of e-catalogs simultaneously from several stores or suppliers.

Habits of each consumer in comparing prices, it would be easier to take advantage of e-catalogs. So, they no longer have to trouble to ask or moved around from one place to another. This will save time, money and effort, such as the cost of fuel or the cost of the phone.

2. Always update more efficiently

If you pay attention deeper, the catalog that is still printed on paper will always have its own hereafter. That is, product photos, prices or promos that exist in the manual catalog only apply to a certain time. If you have passed this period, then of course the manual catalog can no longer be used.

But by utilizing e-catalogs, every person or consumer will continue to get the development of a product or service product. So, there will be no more calls for catalogs or expiration, because e-catalogs will always be updated every time the company wants a change.

Every person who accesses the e-catalog from the company, the e-catalog they see is the latest e-catalog issued by the store or company.

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3. More transparent and easy to obtain

Some cases in the buying and selling process have occurred that there are errors at prices that are not the same as those on the cashier. After this is processed, the cashier will always be a reason to defend himself, such as the reason “there is an error in the catalog”

As we have discussed earlier, e-catalogs will always be updated or updated by the company. For this reason, all information on the product of goods or services in it will be transparent.

It will also be very useful for minimizing foreign parties that interrupt or take their own advantage by selling more expensive goods or services for their own interests.

All information contained in the e-catalog has been through the approval process by various authorized parties in the company.

So, if later there are some cashiers who don’t want to provide products or services according to the information on the e-catalog, the consumer has the right to protest or take it to the green table.

With transparency like this, the consumer also no longer needs to bother in choosing suppliers, because in general in e-catalogs will be listed information in the form of special prices for many purchases in the amount or there is a wholesale price.

So, the consumer will find out the discounted price if they buy in a certain amount without the need to worry, confused, and call the company again to ask.

4. Effective to improve the performance of the procurement of goods

By using e-catalog, especially for a product procurement of goods and services, it will make it easier for consumers to get a price agreement, Termin payment time, etc.

In addition, e-catalogs will also be more effective because it can save more time and help accelerate the entire procurement process. That way, the productivity level will also increase. Consumers will also be faster in processing the product for resale.


So, we can conclude together that the catalog is a list of goods and services that are usually traded by a company to buyers, end users or other companies, where the shape can vary, such as cards, books, sheets or digital which are often called E-catalog.

However, along with the development of time and age, the catalog printed on paper is no longer effective because sometimes the process of spread becomes not on target. Therefore, the use of e-catalog is more often used at this time.

Companies or brands that make e-catalogs can be indicated that the company has the willingness to adapt to all changes in the times and changes in the need for consumers.

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