Benefits of Marketing Campaigns for Your Business Success

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Benefits of Marketing Campaigns for Your Business Success

Benefits of Marketing Campaigns for Your Business Success

When advertising a particular brand, product, or promotion, there are times when a marketer needs a program to attract the target audience. Besides, with the program, the message to be conveyed will also be more structured so that it can reach the target correctly. Therefore, if you are a marketer, you need a marketing campaign or a product marketing campaign.

A marketing campaign is a process of planning, implementing, measuring, and increasing some value for the product you are marketing. This activity aims to approach customers or potential customers. As a marketer, you must be able to adjust situations and opportunities that are unexpected or out of your control, marketing campaigns always involve planning conscious decision making.

There are at least two types of campaigns that can be implemented, namely print and online campaigns. Both of these are equally aimed at improving the image of a brand. The difference between the two lies only in the media used, namely print (banners, flyers, brochures) online (email, social media, websites).

Benefits of Marketing Campaigns

There are several main objectives for a campaign to be implemented. In addition to achieving the AIDA target (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action), a marketing campaign is also useful for fulfilling marketing funnels as below:


Brand or trademark is the main thing you need to create the image of the product that you will market. As a stage name, you should be able to make a brand name that is catchy and easy to remember. After that, a campaign is conducted to create brand awareness and recognition so that it can continue to brand loyalty.


When the brand is known and your website has received an increase in the number of visitors, don’t be happy just yet. You still have to be patient waiting for prospective customers to “explore” the products you offer. These are leads, namely visitors who intend to make a purchase. To be able to lead leads to the next stage, you must be able to provide what they need, including media that can attract leads, such as photos, articles, or video testimonials.

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Not a person, but the sales in question are your sales. Of the many leads that have successfully approached the product you offer, some of them will make a product purchase. Through marketing campaigns, both the number of leads and sales can increase. However, there are factors other than sales that you should pay attention to, which are the next points.


When your brand or product has reached the loyalty stage, it does not mean your challenges are reduced. Maintaining something becomes a tougher challenge, including maintaining customer loyalty. When your product meets the demands of the customer at the beginning, meaning that they already know the quality of the service and product that you provide, your job now is to find ways to keep these customers so they make a second, third, and so on purchase, while continuing to do marketing for other potential customers

How to Run a Marketing Campaign

1. Set the objectives and limits of the marketing campaign that will be implemented

What is the purpose of your campaign? Make specific targets and don’t be confused. Usually, the formula used to determine the target marketing campaign is “What will be achieved + How long the campaign will run”.

2. Determine the limits of success


This limit will be useful so that you are not too excessive in achieving a goal or target. This limit is usually based on data that has been obtained by the previous campaign. If you don’t have it, you can estimate your target and evaluate it so that the next campaign can be better.

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3. Set a campaign budget

The important thing that must not be forgotten is the budget or budget. Advertising on private TV when it will be more costly than advertising on regional TV or social media. Don’t always depend on free advertising or promotion strategies, if you want to get satisfying results, there is always a “price” to pay.

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4. Choose your marketing strategy to communicate with customers

Will you use workshops, competitions, magazines, YouTube advertisements, or social media? Some media might suit your target, but maybe other media are not effective to use. Therefore, you also have to determine what medium you can use to carry out marketing campaigns.

Marketing Campaigns for Your Business Success

5. Make a timeline and action plan

To create an effective and efficient campaign with a sufficient budget, you must make a time plan, such as the campaign period, ad volume, and campaign duration. Plan what you will do and determine the time. This can help you stay in the plan and ultimately can provide you with guidelines for future evaluation.

6. Execution and evaluation

After it is planned, don’t be afraid to execute your marketing campaign. Don’t be afraid of failure, and if you are stuck in the middle of the road, keep trying until your campaign is finished. Although the results are not perfect, at least you have tried, do not forget to do a detailed evaluation as possible so that the same error does not recur at the next opportunity.


In addition to the six ways above, you can also do some additional things, such as brainstorming with other members who interact directly with customers, because usually they better understand the nature of customers and know how to treat customers. Then build communication with customers who may not be reachable by salesmen. You can also do a competitor analysis so that you can do self-introspection and determine what strengths and weaknesses your product has.

If you decide to do an online campaign, you can use our service Froggy ads, we provide a new type of ad with a very cheap fee, for example, push notification ads. If the main media that you use is a website, don’t forget to make sure your website is safe and not error when visited by potential users so that your credibility does not decrease. Finally, make sure the data that you have gotten during the campaign has been stored in secure cloud storage so that your data is not lost when it will be used again.