2020 SEO Techniques and Trends You Should Know

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2020 SEO Techniques and Trends You Should Know

2020 SEO Techniques and Trends You Should Know

Do you want to know the development of SEO in 2020? What SEO strategies and techniques will be Trending in 2020? Check out the following SEO trends and techniques that will hit in 2020.

At the end of 2019, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) professionals from around the world were surprised by the launch of the latest algorithm from Google, named Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers or simply BERT. The BERT algorithm is one of the biggest updates Google has made in the last 5 years.

The following are 8 SEO Trends in 2020 and SEO Techniques 2020

Now it’s time to see what SEO will look like in 2020, what SEO strategies and techniques will help in dominating Google SERP and optimizing BERT.

1. BERT Algorithm and Optimization which is more User Focused

The most hits 2020 SEO trend is the launch of the latest algorithm from Google which is named BERT. The BERT algorithm cannot be denied that it will greatly affect the overall SEO technique, since the launch of the latest algorithm from Google, it has received so much attention from SEO professionals.

The BERT algorithm is claimed to be able to understand the uniqueness and relevance of the combination of words and sentence structure so that the search results generated by the Google search page will be more relevant and accurate.

The impact that is perhaps most felt with the launch of the latest algorithm from Google will certainly have a very large effect on search results on Google search engine pages.

The BERT Algorithm update makes querying search results better than before. The BERT algorithm does not aim to provide penalties like the previous Google Algorithm but rather to be able to understand, interpret the goals and requests of the user.

The presence of the BERT algorithm, makes users have more choices than before, therefore produce content that is following the wishes of your users and is no longer based solely on keyword research. In 2020 SEO Professionals who truly understand the intent and purpose of the BERT algorithm will move away from their desks to engage with customers, so they can find out what the audience wants.

2. Optimizing Quality Content

One thing that hasn’t changed from SEO is Content, Content has undeniably brought a lot of life into SEO. Creating relevant and quality content will be very good for starting SEO in 2020. For that, you need to learn how to write or hire people who know how to write. Before the launch of BERT, there was still a lot of content that shouldn’t have been ranked first on Google’s search page but the day will come when the best content will be the Champion.

Change your mindset to be able to produce the best content on your website. Besides, with a content approach, you can understand who your audience is and how to communicate with them.

2020 is a good time to look closely at the quality of your content and optimize your content more for users than for search engines. The key to staying successful in Google search in 2020 is the same as before – producing good content.

And as search engines increasingly adapt to understanding human language, content written for humans as users will always win.

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3. E-A-T and YMYL

Over the last few months, you may have seen the term E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) circulating everywhere, in blog posts, on forums, in communities on Facebook groups, or Youtube videos. The term E-A-T itself has become an important jargon in the last few months because the term E-A-T is a term that Google itself introduced along with the term YMYL (Your Money or Your Life).

Google not only provides correct and relevant information on search results but on certain types of searches, there are lots of potentials that can lead to fraud. Google wants to make sure that they recommend sites that feature Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness which stands for E-A-T. This is a way that Google uses to protect users from content that is of poor quality and could potentially harm its users.

Understanding who is responsible for a website is an important part of assessing EAT and in particular, the content on the YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) page must be made by an Author who has expertise and can be trusted with the content on that page and for writing on the blog means that the author is someone who has skills that match the content in the article. In 2020 the E-A-T and YMYL factors will be very important components to maximize your SEO strategy in 2020.

4. UX and Technical SEO

The 2020 SEO trend that professionals should focus on is UX (User Experience), there are various areas of optimization on UX that require a separate level of expertise. Every SEO Professional doesn’t have to be an expert in the UX field. However, they should have an understanding of the basic principles of UX on a website. UX optimization itself focuses more on the experience of visitors when visiting your website.

Does your site have a good, secure, and encrypted PageSpeed ​​using SSL (Secure Socket Layer), Responsive and Mobile Friendly? Do you have quality content that can make your users feel at home on your website for a long time? Is your site easy to navigate and has a good load speed? These are all elements that Google and other search engines consider in ranking your website, which is why UX is very important for optimizing SEO 2020 techniques.

Technical SEO and UX don’t seem to be related, UX focuses on what users want and several factors such as design, site speed, website security, and content, while Technical SEO is all about optimizing a website starting from the JS Framework, AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) ), PWA (Progressive Web Apps), Bots, Servers and Code. However, Technical SEO and UX have the same goal which is both about site speed and page speed.

5. Mobile SEO

Optimizing Mobile SEO is one of the 2020 SEO techniques, nowadays cellphones have become the premiere requirement for everyone, the development of increasingly sophisticated cellphone technology makes a person dependent and cannot be separated from his cellphone.

Currently, many things can be done via cellphones, from playing games, reading news, shopping online, finding a partner, ordering food, sending money to doing business, in today’s era where everything can easily be accessed via cellphones.

Nowadays, more and more searches on the internet are done via cellphones, websites that are not Mobile-Friendly have the potential to lose a lot of visitors if they don’t immediately optimize the site to make it more responsive and mobile-friendly.

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For that, improve your site so that it is easily displayed on mobile so that consumers will have a better user experience, this will have an impact on your site’s ranking on the Google SERP page. There are many ways to optimize your site to be more mobile-friendly, such as increasing page load, site structure, or adding AMP (accelerated mobile page) and PWA (progressive web apps).

6. Data Structure

Quality content will still be an important factor in SEO Techniques in 2020. However, algorithms still don’t fully understand the context, we still need to provide clues to search engines to better understand and provide results based on user preferences.

This means compiling a website data structure that can help search engines understand not only the content on the website pages, but also how each element relates to each other and relates to other elements and how each page relates to other pages. Creating structured data will make it easier for search engines to map your site and poorly implemented data structures on your website will also affect the search results for your website on search engine pages.

7. Entity Optimization and Knowledge Panel

The next SEO 2020 technique is an entity, now more and more are doing searches on the Internet that include entity elements in it such as address search, telephone number search, offline store search, office address search, delivery service search, search for people, and so on.

Google found a way to enter information related to entities in its search results, one of which is through Google My Business, you can optimize your entity by entering all the data users need to find your office phone number, shop address, or business address, all data associated with your entity Google will load on the Knowledge Panel on the Google search engine pages.

Local searches are the most in entity-based searches, for that you need to optimize Local SEO in 2020 so that your business and services are more easily found by users who need your services or business.

8. Brand and Link Building

Link Building has changed a lot in the last few years, this change has given birth to an era in which various marketing ideologies are integrated into SEO, in 2020 Link building that focuses on keywords is no longer a priority and has changed to Brand Building in building Awareness.

Branding by companies is believed to increase the company’s capabilities through a brand, the stronger consumer awareness of a brand, the more potential and quality of the brand will be increased.


SEO is a combination of science and art, art lies in creating and presenting content that can influence the decision of a user, whether to use our services and buy our products, while the science part deals with technical matters such as optimizing website pages and various technical matters. another.

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