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Need to promote your product, business or mobile app?
Gain absolute control and manage your campaigns easily with our self-serve platform for advertisers!
Thousands of affiliate marketers, mobile developers and online companies are already using to drive traffic, acquire leads and boost sales.

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Your Money Is Valuable

Tired of giving payments to traffic providers at your own risk, while everything is managed on their end? Our technology allows you to easily, and efficiently setup targeted ad campaigns relevant to your audience. Our user-friendly platform enables advertisers to optimize and target according to their campaign needs at the click of a button.

Control Your Ads

Whether you are targeting mobile friendly users or desktop, our platform will give you the reach to identify audiences globally while targeting websites relevant to your targeting needs. Our platform allows easy access to adjust bid rates, daily caps, and overall impression allocation conveniently at your budget.

Traffic You Can Trust

The FroggyAds team ensures you take full advantage of our fraud detection system. We have many pre-bid filters in place to ensure no bot traffic will see your ads.

Paying For Traffic Is Easy

Safe-fraud detection is something we care about not only for your traffic needs, but also the funds you send our way! We have convenient ways to pay through Credit Card, PayPal or Wire.

We would love to work with you.

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